Dạng bài Tìm lỗi sai lớp 10

Bài 1:

Identify the error in each of the following sentences.

Câu 1: If you decide to take the space trip you will have to get ready a few month before the flight. 

A. to

B. will have

C. a

D. month

Mã ID : 57598

Câu 2: In 1964, a farmer claimed he saw an egg-shape object in one of his fields.

A.  claimed

B. saw

C. egg-shape object 

D. his fields

Mã ID : 57599

Câu 3: Many tourists enjoying Vietnamese festivals although they do not understand Vietnamese  culture very much. 

A. enjoying

B. although

C. do not understand 

D. culture 

Mã ID : 57600

Câu 4: The baby laughed happy as she  played with her   toys.

A. The

B. happy

C. played with

D.  toys

Mã ID : 57601

Câu 5: I met Dung,  who father is working  with my brother

A. met

B. who

C. is working

D. with

Mã ID : 57602

Bài 2:

Identify the underlined word/ phrase (A or B,C,D) that needs correcting to become an exact one. 

Câu 1: Are you interested between learning English? 

A. Are

B. interested

C. between

D. learning

Mã ID : 55570

Câu 2: My brother enjoys to go to the park on Summer evenings. 

A. enjoys 

B. to go

C. to

D. on Summer 

Mã ID : 55571

Câu 3: If it rain, I will stay at home and watch TV.

A. rain

B. will stay

C. at

D. watch

Mã ID : 55572

Câu 4: Florida, that is known to be the Sunshine State, attracts many tourists every year

A. that

B. to be

C. attracts

D. every

Mã ID : 55573

Câu 5: When the university suggested to raise the tuition again, the student senate protested vigorously.

A. When

B. the

C. to raise

D. vigorously

Mã ID : 55574

Bài 3:

Identify the underlined word/ phrase (A or B,C,D) that needs correcting to become an exact one. 

Câu 1: At the moment I am spending my weekend go to camping with my friends.  

A. At the moment

B. spending

C. go to

D. camping

Mã ID : 55514

Câu 2: My father asked me to pay much attention to English next year.

A. asked 

B. to pay

C. much attention 

D. next year

Mã ID : 55515

Câu 3: When she came to my house I  lied in bed listening to music.

A. When 

B. came to

C. lied in

D. listening to

Mã ID : 55516

Câu 4: I think I prefer country life more than city life.

A. I think

B. country life

C. more than

D. city life

Mã ID : 55517

Câu 5: Can you tell me what you have done at 8 o’clock last night ?

A. Can

B. tell me

C. have done

D. o’clock 

Mã ID : 55518

Bài 4:

Identify the underlined word/ phrase (A or B,C,D) that needs correcting to become an exact one. 

Câu 1: Hurry up! She’s cut herself. It bleeds quite badly

A. She’s

B. herself

C. bleeds

D. quite badly

Mã ID : 55424

Câu 2: The printed paper will get out from the output path on a minute.

A. The printed

B. get out

C. from the

D. on a minute

Mã ID : 55425

Câu 3: My computer doesn’t work. I think that it is broke.

A. computer

B. doesn’t 

C. think that

D. is broke

Mã ID : 55426

Câu 4: Everybody I know like to eat chocolate and ice-cream.       

A. I know

B. like to eat

C. chocolates

D. ice-cream

Mã ID : 55427

Câu 5: The teacher is telling the pupils what to use the new equipment.

A. The teacher

B. is telling

C. what to use

D. equipment

Mã ID : 55428

Bài 5:

Identify the underlined word/ phrase (A or B,C,D) that needs correcting to become an exact one. 

Câu 1: I haven’t got some money to buy that English book

A. haven’t got

B. some

C. to buy

D.  English book

Mã ID : 55349

Câu 2: If I am you, I would take a taxi to the airport.

A. If 

B. am

C. would take

D. to

Mã ID : 55350

Câu 3: Tam Dao is one of the mountainously areas of Vinh Phuc province.

A. is

B. mountainously 

C. areas

D. of

Mã ID : 55351

Câu 4: Thank you for looking up the children while I was out.

A. for 

B. looking up

C. the children

D. out

Mã ID : 55352

Câu 5:  The teacher said that she would attend the class meeting  following day.

A. said

B. would attend

C. class meeting

D.  following day

Mã ID : 55353

Bài 6:

Identify the underlined word/ phrase (A or B,C,D) that needs correcting to become exact one. 

Câu 1: I saw the men, the women and the cattle which went to the field.    

A. the men, the women

B. the cattle

C. which

D. went to

Mã ID : 55296

Câu 2: Look at the two dictionarys and you will see they are the same in some ways.        

A. dictionarys 

B. will see

C. the same

D. in some ways

Mã ID : 55297

Câu 3: There is no water in the house. If there is, we could cook dinner.     

A.  no water

B. there is

C. cook 

D. dinner

Mã ID : 55298

Câu 4: She did her test careful last week.      

A. did

B. test

C. careful

D. last week

Mã ID : 55299

Câu 5: Would you mind turn on the lights, please?  It’s too dark for me to read.

A. Would

B. turn on

C. too dark 

D. to read

Mã ID : 55300

Bài 7:

Identify the underlined word/ phrase (A or B,C,D) that needs correcting to become an exact one. 

Câu 1: My sister enjoys  read about wild animals and natural mysteries.       

A. enjoys

B.  read

C. wild animals 

D. natural

Mã ID : 55247

Câu 2: Mr. Thach who sing  English songs very well is my teacher of English.        

A. Mr. Thach

B. who

C. sing

D. English songs

Mã ID : 55248

Câu 3: My father asked us not to spending too much time playing computer games.

A. asked

B. not to spending 

C. much time

D. playing

Mã ID : 55249

Câu 4: Ba can play the piano better  more than his friends can.        

A. can play

B. better

C. more than 

D. can

Mã ID : 55250

Câu 5: We can save  nature resources by using solar energy.

A. save

B. nature resources

C. by using 

D. solar energy

Mã ID : 55251

Bài 8:

Identify the underlined word/ phrase (A or B,C,D) need correcting to become an exact one

Câu 1: The picture was painting by Michael last year.                                   

A. The

B.  was painting

C. by

D. last year

Mã ID : 55192

Câu 2: There’s the woman who she sold me the handbag.

A. There’s

B. woman

C. she 

D. me

Mã ID : 55193

Câu 3: Mr. Smith is going to buy a new Japanese car, doesn’t he?     

A. Mr. Smith

B. to buy

C. new Japanese

D. doesn’t he

Mã ID : 55194

Câu 4: I met a lot of interesting people while I was studying at Ho Chi Minh City

A.  met

B. interesting 

C. while

D. at

Mã ID : 55195

Câu 5: If I were you, I didn’t buy that expensive car.

A. If

B.  you

C. didn’t

D. expensive

Mã ID : 55196

Bài 9:

Each of the following sentences has a mistake. Find and correct it.

Câu 1: Roberto always likes (A) go (B) swimming (C) in the river (D) in summer.

A. always likes

B. go

C. swimming

D. in the river

Mã ID : 55140

Câu 2: He has (A) less (B) friends in his classes (C) now than he had (D) last year.

A. has

B. less

C.  in his classes

D. had

Mã ID : 55141

Câu 3: On (A) Sundays I just stay at home (B) because (C) I am usually very tiring (D).

A. On

B. at home 

C. because

D. very tiring 

Mã ID : 55142

Câu 4: We are (A) looking forward (B) to hear (C) from (D) you.

A. are

B. forward

C. hear

D. from

Mã ID : 55143

Câu 5: First of all (A), he asked me how (B) old was (C) I and where I came from (D).

A. First of all 

B. how 

C. was

D. where I came from

Mã ID : 55144

Bài 10:

Circle the letter of the incorrect underlined part in each sentence and correct it. 

Câu 1: His parents (A) didn't allow (B) him to go (C) out yesterday, didn’t (D) they? 

A. His parents

B. allow 

C. to go

D. didn’t 

Mã ID : 55028

Câu 2: My brother enjoys (A) to go (B) to the park on (C) summer evenings .

A. enjoys

B.  to go

C. on

D. evenings

Mã ID : 55029

Câu 3: My mother (A) is reading (B) a (C) interesting book now (D).

A. My mother

B. is reading 

C. a

D. now 

Mã ID : 55030

Câu 4: am (A) the boy which (B) is (C) wearing a white T-shirt (D).

A. am

B. which

C. is

D. T-shirt

Mã ID : 55031

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