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Dạng bài Đọc hiểu lớp 12

Oxfam and CARE get their money from____________

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions 


Many organisations are trying to find a solution to the problem of world hunger. Two of them are CARE and Oxfam. They both provide food to hungry people. However, they both believe that it is more important to help people produce their own food. Because of this belief, both organisations have programs to help people improve their lives.

CARE was organised in 1945 to help people after World War II. It distributed over 100 million food packages. Meanwhile, it was starting self-help programs. Today it has development programs in 37 countries.

CARE gives equipment and teaches people how to build water systems, roads, schools, houses, and health centers. It also teaches people how to increase production on their farms, how to reforest areas, and how to stirt small village industries. 

Doctors and nurses volunteer to go to villages. They provide health care for the people. They also teach people how to improve their health. They train people to provided simple medical care.

CARE also provides food for about 30 million people each year, most of whom are children. It gives special help when there is a flood, an earthquake, a drought, or a war. OXFAM

During World War II, a group of people in Oxford, England, organised Oxfam to send money to Greece. When the war was over, they continued to give money, food, and clothing to other countries in Europe.

In the 1960s Oxfam started working on long-term development in many countries. It wanted to attack the causes of hunger, poverty, and disease. It wanted to prevent problems instead of trying to solve them after they start. However, it continues to provided food to the hungry, sick, and homeless. Oxfam believe that all humans share one world with limited resources. Rich and poor countries depend on each other.

Where do Oxfam and CARE get their money? Ordinary people in developed countries give money, Oxfam also has small stores. They sell beautiful things that villagers in developing countries make. Oxfam and CARE receive millions of dollars every year.

Both organisations are international. They help people of any race, colour, or religion. They meet with the people to decide on programs together. CARE and Oxfam help provided the necessities of life to less-developed countries. 

Câu 14110: Oxfam and CARE get their money from____________

A. the government

B. other organisations

C. poor countries

D. ordinary people

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