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Complete the passage with a  suitable  preposition.

We have English lessons (1)                   Room 12. There are 24 tables for students and one desk for the teacher. (2)              the walls, there are a lots of posters of England. There’s a cupboard at the front of the room and (3)                    the cupboard, there is a TV and DVD player. Sometimes we watch films.  There are some bookshelves (4)                   the classroom. (5)                 the shelves, there are a lot of English books. Our books are (6)              the teacher’s desk. He wants to look at our homework. Our school bags are (7)              the floor, and there is some food (8)       the school bags. It’s now 5.30  pm. We are (9)   home, but our  teacher is  (10) _          school. He often stays late to prepare for tomorrow’s lessons.

Câu 192240: (1)

A. in

B. on

C. at

D. under

Câu hỏi : 192240
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