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Giỏ hàng của tôi

(38) ____

Choose the correct words or phrases that best complete the passage.

Dear Jane,

I'm sorry for not (31) ______ to you for two months. In my postcard sent to you when I was on vacation in July, I told you about a new friend of (32) ____, Lisa Moran, who lives near my uncle's farm in Napan Valley, California. You may be curious to know what she is (33) ______.

Well, Lisa is of our age - 17 - and not very tall or slim. In fact, she has (34) ______ rounded shoulders and a plump face. The best (35) ______ on Lisa's face are her green eyes and the two dimples on her checks. She (36) ______ lively with her hair cut short and dressed in (37) ______ clothes - jeans and a T-shirt. When I first met her at my cousin's birthday party, I was attracted by her (38) ______ and pleasingly direct manners. Curiously enough, Lisa has the same (39) ______ in music as you and I.

That's (40) ______ about Lisa for the moment. How have you been doing with your school work? Please write soon.

Best wishes

Ann Maxfield

Câu 204280: (38) ____

A. light-hearted

B. high-handed 

C. self-centered 

D. easy-going

Câu hỏi : 204280
  • Đáp án : D
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    Giải chi tiết:


    light-hearted: vô tư lự, khinh suất

    high-handed: cậy quyền cậy thế

    self-centered: tự phụ, cho mình là trung tâm

    easy-going: tính tình thoải mái

    => đáp án D

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