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Giỏ hàng của tôi

(32) ______

Choose the correct words or phrases that best complete the passage.

Dear Jane,

I'm sorry for not (31) ______ to you for two months. In my postcard sent to you when I was on vacation in July, I told you about a new friend of mine, Lisa Moran, who lives near my uncle's farm in Napan Valley, California. You may be curious to know what she is (32) ______.

Well, Lisa is of our age - 17 - and not very tall or slim. In fact, she has slightly rounded shoulders and a plump face. The best (33) ______ on Lisa's face are her green eyes and the two dimples on her checks. She looks lively with her hair cut short and dressed in (34) ______ clothes - jeans and a T-shirt. When I first met her at my cousin's birthday party, I was attracted by her easy-going and pleasingly direct manners. Curiously enough, Lisa has the same (35) ______ in music as you and I.

That's all about Lisa for the moment. How have you been doing with your school work? Please write soon.

Best wishes

Ann Maxfield

Câu 268477: (32) ______

A. looking    

B. like    

C. seen

D. similar

Câu hỏi : 268477

Phương pháp giải:

Kiến thức: Từ vựng, đọc hiểu

  • Đáp án : B
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    Giải chi tiết:

    Giải thích:

    looking (danh động từ): nhìn

    like (a): như nào, giống như nào

    seen (quá khứ II): nhìn

    similar (a): giống nhau

    “what sb is like”: trông ai đó như thế nào

    Đáp án:B

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