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Choose the word or phrases that beast fits the blank space in the following passage. 

The Korean education system basically consists of primary schools, ...(26)..... schools, high schools, and colleges or universities, with graduate courses leading to Ph.D.degrees. ......(27)...... education  is compulsory for children aged six to eleven. The basic primary school curriculum is generally divided into eight ......(28)...... : the Korean language, social studies, science, ......(29)...... , ethics, physical education, music and fine arts. Students in secondary schools are required to take a number of additional subjects, such as English, and can take electives, such as technical or vocational courses. Afterwards, students can ......(30)...... between general education and vocational high schools. In general, high school tends to be strict, as college and university admission is very competitive. 

Câu 275794: (27)  

A. Primary

B. High

C. College

D. University

Câu hỏi : 275794

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    Primary school: trường tiểu học

    .......(27)...... education is compulsory for children aged six to eleven.

    Tạm dịch: Giáo dục tiểu học là bắt buộc đối với trẻ từ 6 đến 11 tuổi.

    Đáp án:A

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