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Task 3. Read the following passages and mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 11 to 15.

It is true that keeping fit will benefit a person’s health in many ways. It has become clear in recent years, that a large number of people are doing less and less exercise and this is now causing many serious illnesses, putting a strain on doctors and hospitals. However, some experts believe that too much exercise can do just as much (11) ____. Although it is true that moderate exercise such as walking can be very beneficial to a person’s health, it is not the only one factor (12)               keeps us healthy. Diet is also extremely important and I would argue that it is probably even more important than exercise, although the ideal is for both of these factors to work together. It seems to me that many people are unwilling to put in the effort required to become fitter. (13)                     , too much exercise can also cause problems. So people are urged to take   moderate exercise and eat moderately healthily rather than embarking on extreme diets and training. In too many instances, ultra–fit people have had heart attacks or dropped down dead. In all, governments need to find ways of (14)           people to take responsibility for their own health. People need to realize that eating healthy food does not have to cost  a (15)                    , nor is it difficult to prepare healthy meals themselves. People need to be better educated about their health.

Câu 353969: (14)

A. motivating              

B. motivational            

C. motivate                  

D. motivation

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