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(28) ______ 

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks from 26 to 30.

Mobile phones: a benefit or social nuisance?

       Few people under 30 will be able to imagine a time before the existence of mobile phones. Neither will they be (26) ______ of the harmful effect that many people predicted text language would have on young people's language skills.

       Interestingly, linguists nowadays believe that expressing oneself clearly in texts is evidence of a good background in grammar and sentence structure. Mobile phones are credited with encouraging people to communicate more. They can also provide reassurance to people (27) ______ are alone in dangerous situations. Some people use mobile phones as a kind of barrier to unwelcome social contact; texting can signal your unavailability to (28) ______ people in the same way that wearing sunglasses and headphones does.

       Some issues with mobile phones are still controversial. Talking loudly on the phone while on public transport is thought to be rude and (29) ______ by many people in the UK. (30) ______, a significant minority of people still do it, despite the sighing and other obvious signs of disapproval from their fellow passengers.

(Adapted from “Advanced Expert" by Jan Bell and Roger Gower)

Câu 405152: (28) ______ 

A. other   

B. another       

C. every          

D. one

Câu hỏi : 405152

Phương pháp giải:

Kiến thức: Từ vựng

  • Đáp án : A
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    Giải chi tiết:

    other + N số nhiều: những … khác                                      

    another + N số ít: (thêm) 1 cái nữa

    every + N số ít: mỗi …                                                         

    one + N số ít: một …

    Sau chỗ trống là “people” (những người) => dùng “other”

    … texting can signal your unavailability to (28) other people in the same way that wearing sunglasses and headphones does.

    Tạm dịch: … nhắn tin có thể báo hiệu sự không có mặt của bạn với người khác giống như cách đeo kính râm và tai nghe làm.

    Chọn A.

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