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Dạng bài Điền từ vào đoạn văn lớp 12

Read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C, or D) best fits each space.


A surprising number of popular spectator sports, for example football or baseball, (14)___ in Europe or the USA in the nineteenth century. This did not happen (15)___. It was the result of changes in the (16)___ people lived in those places at that time. Until then more people lived in the country than in towns. They worked in small groups and had no (17)___ time off. All these changed with the growth of factories and industry in the nineteenth century, first in Europe and (18)___ in the USA. For the first time most people began to live in towns, and they (19)___ themselves with regular free time. They had more leisure time than (20)___ before. This resulted (21)___ the need for organized entertainment. Suitable games developed or were invented, typically team games, in which the crowd could (22)___ sides and become involved. This gave people some of the entertainment they needed in their free time. The (23)___ explosion in TV, with the introduction of satellite and cable channels, has caused an increase in demand for sports as entertainment.

Câu 50707:

A. steady

B. square

C. regular

D. normal

Câu hỏi : 50707
  • Đáp án : C
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    Giải chi tiết:

    Đáp án C: “had no regular time off” means “regularly had no time off” (không có thời gian nghỉ ngơi thường xuyên); steady = developing gradually (dần dần, đều đều); “square” doesn’t make sense in this sentence; normal = typical, usual, ordinary (thông thường, bình thường)

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