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Dạng bài Đọc hiểu lớp 12

What is the diameter of the average cloud droplet ?

Read the following passage, and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

What makes it rain ? Rain falls from clouds for the same reason anything falls to earth. The Earth’s gravity pulls it. But every cloud is made of water droplets or ice crystals. Why doesn’t rain or snow fall constantly from all clouds ? The droplets or ice crystals in clouds are exceedingly small. The effect of gravity on them is minute. Air currents move and lift droplets so that the net downward displacement is zero, even though the droplets are in constant motion .

Droplets and ice crystals behave somewhat like dust in the air made visible in a shaft of sunlight. To the casual observer, dust seems to act in a totally random fashion, moving about  chaotically without fixed direction. But in fact dust participles are much larger than water droplets and they finally fall. The cloud droplet of average size is only  1/2500  inch in diameter. It is so small that it would take sixteen hours to fall half a mile in perfectly still air, and it does not fall out of moving air at all. Only when the droplet grows to a diameter of 1/125 inch or larger can it fall from the cloud. The average  raindrop contains a million times as much water as a tiny cloud droplet. The growth of  a cloud droplet to a size large enough to fall out is the cause of rain and other forms of precipitation. This important growth process is coalescence”.

Câu 56089: What is the diameter of the average cloud droplet ?

A.  1/125 inch       

B. One million of an inch

C. 1/ 2500 inch      

D. 1/16 inch

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    Sentence: "The cloud droplet of average size is only  1/2500  inch in diameter."

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