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Dạng bài Điền từ vào câu lớp 12

Bài 16:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part, or has a close meaning to the original one

Câu 1: There is a huge amount of …….............…associated with children’s TV shows nowadays.  

A. produce

B. manufacturing

C. merchandising

D. sales 

Câu 2: The replacement of shops such as the groceries’ and chemist’s by cafes…………..the housewives with insufficient facilities for shopping.

A. leave

B. have left

C. has left  

D. to have left

Câu 3: On the second thought, I believe I will go with you to the theater.

A. Upon reflection

B. After discussing with my wife

C. For this time only

D. For the second time

Câu 4: I have English classes …………day - on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

A. all other

B. each other

C. every other

D. this and the other

Câu 5: ……… needed, the water basin will need to be dammed

A. Hydroelectric power should

B. when hydroelectric power

C. Hydroelectric power

D. Should hydroelectric power

Câu 6: It’s essential that every student …………the exam before attending the course.

A. pass 

B. passes

C. would pass

D. passed 

Câu 7: All………….is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life.

A. what is needed

B. for our needs

C. the thing needed

D. that is needed

Câu 8: I decided to go to the library as soon as I…………….

A. finish what I did

B. would finish what I did 

C. finished what I did

D. finished what I was doing 

Câu 9: Deborah is going to take extra lessons to…….......….what she missed while she was away.

A. catch up on

B. cut down on

C. put up with

D. take up with

Câu 10: ……………… the street yesterday was very friendly.

A. The mounted police, who I saw

B. The mounted police I saw whom

C. Who is the mounted police I saw

D. The mounted police whom I saw

Câu 11: …………so aggressive, we’d get on much better

A. She was not

B. Had she not

C. Weren’t she 

D. If she weren’t

Câu 12: “ Please speak up a bit more, Jason. You’re hardly loud enough to be heard from the back”, the teacher said.

A. visible 

B. audible 

C. edible 

D. eligible

Câu 13: Please cut my hair …………….the style in this magazine.

A. the same length as

B. the same length like

C. the same long like

D. the same long as

Câu 14: Issues from price, place, promotion, and product are………….of marketing strategies planning, despite growing calls to expand the range of issues in today’s more complex world.

A. these that are among the most conventional concerns

B. among the most conventional concerns

C. they are among the most conventional concerns

D. those are among the most conventional concerns

Câu 15: ………….in the atmosphere is the temperature falling below freezing

A. Frost is produced

B. Frost produces   

C. What produces frost

D. What is frost produced 

Câu 16: Half of the children were away from school last week because of…………..of influenza.

A. a break- out

B. a breakthrough

C. an outburst

D. an outbreak

Câu 17: She was ………………she could not say anything

A. so surprised at the news that

B. such surprised at the news that

C. so surprised of the news that

D. so that surprised for the news

Câu 18: Jane: Thank you for a lovely evening. Barbara: ………………………………

A. You are welcome

B. Have a good day

C. Thanks

D. Cheer!

Câu 19: He said that the plane had already left and that I…………………an hour earlier.

A. must have arrived

B. had to arrive

C. should have arrived   

D. was supposed to arrive 

Câu 20: So little………….about mathematics that the lecture was completely beyond me.

A. I have known

B. I knew 

C. do I know         

D. did I know  

Câu 21: A: ……………………………………. B: Oh, thank you. I just got it yesterday.

A. When have you got this beautiful dress?

B. You’ve just bought this beautiful dress, haven’t you?

C. How a beautiful dress you’re wearing!

D. That’s a beautiful dress you have on!

Câu 22: A washing machine of this type will certainly………….normal domestic use.

A. stand up for

B. come up with

C. get on to

D. take down with    

Câu 23: Ancient Egyptians mummified their dead through the use of chemicals, ………….ancient Peruvians did through natural processes.

A. because 

B. whereas

C. even though

D. whether or not

Câu 24: I studied English for four years in high school. ……………had trouble talking with people when I was traveling in the US.

A. Therefore, I

B. Otherwise, I

C. Although I

D. However, I

Câu 25: Carbon dioxide may be absorbed by trees or water bodies, or it may stay in the atmosphere when…………. , while it is only in the atmosphere that chlorofluorocarbons find their home.

A. by releasing emissions from cars

B. released from car emissions

C. cars that release emissions

D. emissions are released by cars

Câu 26: There seems to be a large …............……. between the number of people employed in service industries, and those employed in the primary sectors.

A. discriminate

B. discretion

C. discrepancy

D. distinguish

Câu 27: British and Australian people share the same language, but in other respects they are as different as ………..

A. cats and dogs

B. chalk and cheese

C. salt and pepper

D. here and there

Câu 28: A: This grammar test is the hardest one we’ve ever had this semester! B: …………………but I think it’s quite easy. 

A. I couldn’t agree more

B. I understand what you’re saying.

C. You’re right

D. I don’t see in that way

Câu 29: It’s a formal occasion so we’ll have to…….….to the nines- no jeans and pullovers this time!

A. hitch up

B. put on   

C. wear in  

D. get dressed up

Câu 30: Much of the funding has come from international ................agencies.

A. relief

B. aid

C. support

D. help

Bài 17:

Choose the word phrase that best complete each sentence. 

Câu 1: Everyone can join our club, _______age and sex.

A. in place of  

B.  regardless of  

C.  in case of

D. not mention

Câu 2: The total cost to renovate the building was $13.75 million, ____ double the original estimate.  

A. mostly  

B. most all  

C.  the most 

D.  almost

Câu 3: He went _________ a bad cold just before Christmas.

A. in for   

B. over  

C. through

D. down with

Câu 4: ________ wait for no man.

A. Tide and fire 

B. Time and tide       

C.  Time and fire   

D.  Tide and time

Câu 5: -"Do you have a minute, Dr Keith?" - "________"

A. Sorry, I haven't got it here.   

B. Good, I hope so.

C. Sure. What's the problem?   

D. Well. I'm not sure when.

Câu 6: I saw him hiding something in a_______ bag.

A. small plastic black 

B. black small plastic

C.  small black plastic 

D. plastic small black

Câu 7: _____ calculations have shown that the earth’s resources may run out before the end of the next century.  

A.  Crude 

B. Blunt     

C.  Rude       

D. Raw

Câu 8: The book says that the revolution was_____ off by the assassination of the state governor.  

A. launched   

B. cropped    

C. triggered 

D. prompted

Câu 9: Jane had a problem with her finances, so we talked _____and no wit's fine.

A.  over     

B.  it over      

C. over it 

D. over and over

Câu 10: Governments should __________ international laws against terrorism.

A. bring up     

B. bring in

C. bring about

D. bring back

Câu 11: Beneath the streets of a modern city _____ of walls, columns, cables, pipes, and tunnels required to satisfy the needs of its inhabitants.  

A. the existing network  

B. exists the network

C. the network’s existence     

D. where exists

Câu 12: I usually buy my clothes_____. It’s cheaper than going to the dress maker.

A.  on the house  

B. off the peg  

C.  in public   

D. on the shelf

Câu 13: We put his rude manner __________ ignorance of our British customs.

A. up to    

B.  down to      

C. off at   

D. up with

Câu 14: If I were you, I would regard their offer with considerable _____, because it seems too good to be true.

A.  reservation    

B. disbelief       

C. suspicion 

D. doubt

Câu 15: She lifted the phone receiver, __________ slightly.

A. her hands trembling    

B. her hands were trembling

C. her hands trembled      

D. with her hands trembling

Câu 16: He suddenly saw Sue _____the room. He pushed his way_____ the crowd of people to get to her.  

A.  across/through 

B. over/through

C. over/along

D.  across/across

Câu 17: I would sooner you __________ the office phone for personal purpose.

A. shouldn’t have used 

B. shouldn’t use  

C.  not to use  

D. didn’t use

Câu 18: – “Ooh! Shakespeare in Love” on Channel Four!‟ - “ __________ !‟

A. Go and watch it     

B.  It’s all right

C. But I want to see it   

D.  But it’s football’s time

Câu 19: Is it necessary that I _____  here tomorrow?

A. am being   

B. were     

C. be

D. would be

Câu 20: I walked away as calmly as I could . _______ , they would have thought I was a thief.  

A.  If so   

B. Or else 

C.  In case 

D. Owing to

Câu 21: "Your parents must be proud of your result at school". - "_______"

A.  Sorry to hear that.     

B.  I am glad you like it.

C. Thanks. It's certainly encouraging.

D.  Of course

Câu 22: In most _____ developed countries, up to 50% of _____ population enters higher education at some time in their lives.  

A. Ø / Ø  

B. the / Ø   

C. Ø / the  

D. the / a

Câu 23: Linda: "It's been a tough couple of months, but I think the worst is behind us now." Jill: " _______. "

A.  Good!      

B.  Good luck!         

C.  Good morning. 

D.  Goodness me!

Câu 24: _____ her fiction describes women in unhappy marriages.

A. Many of  

B. large number of 

C. Much of     

D.  A great variety of

Câu 25: What made Peter __________ his family and his job? Where did he go and why?

A. walk away on  

B. leave out at 

C. go off on

D. walk out on

Câu 26: Everyone knows about pollution problems, but not many people have _____ any solutions.  

A. come up with    

B. thought over    

C. got round to

D.  looked into

Câu 27: _______ after the World War II, the United Nations has been actively carrying out its convention to stop wars and bring peace to nations worldwide.  

A. Having been established 

B.  Being found

C. To be established   

D. Established

Câu 28: _______________ William Shakespeare is the most widely known.

A. With all writers in English   

B. All writers in English

C. All of the writers in English   

D. Of all writers in English

Câu 29: Ann's encouraging words gave me _______ to undertake the demanding task once again.  

A.  an incentive  

B. a resolution   

C. a point

D. a  target

Câu 30: After the flash flood, all the drains were overflowing _______storm water.

A.  with      

B. by 

C. from  

D. for

Bài 18:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1: The ________customers thanked the salesperson for the good service. 

A. satisfy 

B. satisfactory  

C. satisfied  

D. satisfying 

Câu 2: The workers have gone on strike. _________ , all production has ceased.

A. So that 

B. Therefore 

C. Because

D. Now that

Câu 3: When exactly did the war  _________between the two countries?

A. go off

B. set in 

C. break out 

D. call off 

Câu 4: I’ll never _________the King of pop music for the first time.

A. forget meet 

B. forget met

C. forget to meet

D. forget meeting

Câu 5: Many women find it hard to _________both a job and a family.

A. catch up with 

B. deal with 

C. cope with

D. keep up with 

Câu 6: Lan:  “It works! Thanks for your help!”                     Mai: “______________”

A. Hey, that’s what friends are for.

B. Ok. Just be careful!

C. Really? I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.

D. You’re right.

Câu 7: He was sent to an island_________ only by birds. 

A. lived 

B. resided 

C. occupying

D. inhabited 

Câu 8: You must remember not to  _________ from the point when you write an essay. 

A. go astray 

B. wander

C. diverge 

D. go off

Câu 9: I have never seen  _________ festival in my life. 

A. so spectacular a 

B. a so spectacular   

C. a such spectacular

D. such spectacular

Câu 10: The views that the London Eye affords across London make it all________.

A. impossible     

B. worthwhile  

C. praiseworthy  

D. exclusive

Câu 11: J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books really set young children _________.

A. aside

B. on fire 

C. under fire 

D. to excitement 

Câu 12:  ________with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountains do not seem high at all. 

A. Compare them

B. If you compare 

C. When compared  

D. A comparison

Câu 13: At the center of the Earth’s solar system_________. 

A. the Sun lies

B. is where the Sun lies 

C. does the Sun lie  

D. lies the Sun 

Câu 14: The movie was really ________but was still pleasurable. 

A. amusing   

B. terrified  

C. scary 

D. interesting 

Câu 15: They’ve just taken on 200 people, _________the number that was taken on last year. 

A. twice bigger as 

B. twice as many as 

C. as twice as

D. bigger two times than 

Câu 16: ________it with my own eyes, I would have never believed it. 

A. Unless I had not seen 

B. Provided I had seen

C. If I had seem      

D. Had I not seen 

Câu 17: Have I told you about _________ the government is dealing? 

A. the problem with which  

B. the problem with that 

C. the problem 

D. the problem that 

Câu 18: The weather is going to change soon; I feel it in my_________. 

A. body  

B. legs 

C. skin 

D. bones 

Câu 19: Poor management brought the company to _________of collapse.

A. the edge

B. the foot

C. the brink

D. the ring

Câu 20: Peter: “I’m having some friends over for lunch this Saturday. Would you like to join us?” Mary: “_________________”

A. Can I take a rain check?  

B. Come on. It’s your turn.

C. Thanks, but I mustn’t.

D. As a matter of fact, I do

Câu 21: This time next month we won’t be at work; we _________the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside.

A. will be enjoying 

B. will have enjoyed 

C. will enjoy 

D. are enjoying

Câu 22: Maria Sharapova became the first Russian ________a Wimbledon singles title. 

A. which won

B. that was winning

C. who wins 

D. to win

Câu 23: This is ________you have ever made. 

A. a more silly mistake than

B. the silliest mistake 

C. the most silliest mistake  

D. a sillier mistake than 

Câu 24: Not much happened yet, _________? 

A. did they  

B. didn’t it 

C. did it

D. didn’t they 

Câu 25: A small fish needs camouflage to hide itself _________its enemies cannot find it. 

A. therefore

B. so that 

C. due to

D. because

Bài 19:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1: We saw Peter in Scotland , although we __________ .

A. hadn’t expected  

B. didn’t expect to

C. didn’t expect 

D. weren’t expecting

Câu 2: It was such a __________  experience that he had nightmares about it for months.

A. replaceable     

B. brilliant 

C.  terrifying     

D. noisy

Câu 3: A few political extremists __________  the crowd to attack the police.

A. agitated    

B. incited   

C.  stirred

D. animated

Câu 4: Lan: “ How come you didn’t tell me that you would quit the job?” Hoa : “__________”

A. I would love to .Thank you.

B. Because I am so bored with it.

C.  I found the job so demanding.

D. Because I knew you would make a fuss about it.

Câu 5: Athletes need to have a higher __________  of protein and vitamins in order to stay healthy.  

A. intake      

B. increase   

C. infection  

D. protection

Câu 6: The waiter : “ How would you like your meal , sir ? All courses at one time or __________?”  

A. in time   

B. all at once

C. one at a time    

D. on time

Câu 7: I met __________  yesterday.

A. a tall young blonde Italian lady. 

B.  a young tall blonde Italian lady.

C. a tall blonde young Italian lady.       

D.  a blonde young tall Italian lady.

Câu 8: It is essential that Alice __________  Tom of the meeting tomorrow.

A. will remind   

B. must remind

C. remind    

D. reminds

Câu 9: Ann was not __________  to think that the test was too difficult.

A. who   

B. the one who 

C. the only one

D. among the people

Câu 10: She never says a word. She’s __________ .

A. as noiseless as a dog.             

B. as quiet as a mouse.

C. as slight as a cat.

D. as small as a mouse.

Câu 11: David was trying to __________  another cyclist when he crashed.

A.  overcharge  

B. overcome  

C. overpass    

D.  overtake

Câu 12: The bad weather caused serious damage to the crop. If only it __________ warmer.

A. has been       

B.  had been          

C. was

D. were

Câu 13: Tom:  “You didn’t pay attention to what I said.”                                           Mary : “__________”

A. That’s understandable. I am speaking too fast.

B. That sounds terrific. Thank you.

C. Why should I when I don’t know what you are talking about.

D. That’s right. Thank you.

Câu 14: __________ down to dinner than the telephone rang.

A. No sooner I sat    

B. No sooner had I sat  

C. Hardly had I sat 

D. Scarcely I sat

Câu 15: My supervisor is angry with me. I didn’t do all the work that I __________  last week.  

A. must have done    

B. should have done

C. can have done       

D. may have done

Câu 16: I asked the witness to move the lorry, __________ he drove into my car.

A. nevertheless  

B. notwithstanding        

C. inasmuch  as   

D.  whereupon

Câu 17: He promised her a loan , but disappointingly he __________  on his word.

A. turned over  

B. stood off     

C.  went back           

D. sat down

Câu 18: Hard work is __________  success, even though you are intelligent.

A. fundamental to

B. urgent to  

C. important with    

D. basic

Câu 19: Many argue that the world will never make the switch to cleaner forms of energy __________ easily obtainable oil sources remain.  

A. suppose that 

B. providing that  

C. unless      

D. as long as

Câu 20: __________  saying was so important that I asked everyone to stop talking and listen.  

A. The woman was     

B. That the woman was

C. What was the woman   

D. What the woman was

Câu 21: __________, she didn’t mention that she was moving house.

A. Oddly enough   

B. Luckily

C. Unfortunately         

D. Surprisingly

Câu 22: John , along with his mother and some friends, __________  to a party tonight.

A. is going  

B.  was going  

C. goes

D. are going

Câu 23: Mary : “ You look great in the new dress.” Alice: “__________”

A. That’s fine. Thank you.      

B. You are very welcome.

C. Of course  not. You bet.      

D. Yours is lovely too.

Câu 24: Hoa : “__________” Hung : “It was the least  I could do.”

A. Thank you very much for helping me yesterday.

B. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight ?

C. I’m sorry  I didn’t mean to make you sad.

D. Let’s go out for a drink.

Câu 25: The ship ran __________ on the beach near the harbor.

A. afloat      

B. adrift        

C. aback  

D. aground

Bài 20:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1: In Roman numerals, ____________symbols for numeric values.

A. letters are the alphabet’s 

B. letters of the alphabet are

C. which uses letters of the alphabet 

D. in which letters of the alphabet are

Câu 2: _______received law degrees as today.

A. Never so many women have 

B. Never have so many women

C. The women aren’t ever 

D. Women who have never

Câu 3: George would certainly have attended the meeting _______.

A. if he didn’t get a flat tire 

B. if the flat tire didn’t happen

C. had he not had a flat tire 

D. had the tire not flatten itself

Câu 4: While the language barrier was once an obstacle to trade,______

A. the technical case is now no more 

B. the case doesn’t longer exist

C. which is no longer the case 

D. the technical hurdle is now the case

Câu 5: New sources of energy are constantly being looked for ______

A. although fossil fuels continue to dwindle 

B. as fossil fuels continue to dwindle

C. so that we continue to reduce fossil fuels 

D. fossil fuels continuing to dwindle

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