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Dạng bài Điền từ vào câu lớp 12

Bài 31:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions

Câu 1: The bus conductor told him to get off  because he couldn't pay the _____ .

A. fare   

B. journey  

C.  bill

D.  travel

Câu 2: John: “Do you think that we should use public transportation to protect our environment?” Laura: “___________________ ”.

A. Yes, it's an absurd idea  

B. There's no doubt about it

C. Of course not. You bet  

D. Well, that's very surprising

Câu 3: A few animals sometimes fool their enemies _______ to be dead.

A. have been appearing   

B. to be appearing

C. to appear               

D. by appearing

Câu 4: His brother refuses to even listen to anyone else's point of view. He is very_______.  

A. open – minded 

B.  kind – hearted   

C. narrow- minded

D. absent - minded

Câu 5: We bought some _______.

A.  German lovely old glasses    

B. German old lovely glasses

C. lovely old German glasses  

D.  old lovely German glasses

Câu 6: If you had taken my advice, you _______ in such difficulties now.

A. wouldn't have been    

B. hadn't been

C. wouldn't be   

D. won't be

Câu 7: Sophia: “Oh, no!  I left my book at home. Can I share yours? ” Scott:    “_______ ”

A. Yes, I do too  

B. No, thanks       

C. No, not at all 

D. Yes, sure

Câu 8: To solve this problem, it is advisable _______ .

A. a drastic measure to be adopted    

B. that to adopt a drastic measure

C. that a drastic measure be adopted         

D. that a drastic measure is adopted

Câu 9: Her parents gave her everything she asked for. She's a completedly __________ child.  

A. wounded

B.  spoilt  

C. damaged    

D. destroyed

Câu 10: Laura: "What a lovely hat you have!"Maria: "_______  "

A. Of course not, it's not costly.

B.  I think so.  

C. No problem.          

D. Thank you. A present from my father.

Câu 11: We _________ today and I got into trouble because I hadn't done it.

A.  had checked our homework     

B. had our homework checked

C. were checked our homework   

D. have our homework checking

Câu 12: -“Do you like the weather here?”       -“I wish it __________________”

A. doesn’t rain  

B. didn’t rain  

C. won’t rain 

D. hadn’t rained  

Câu 13: Just keep working on him; he'll come_______________the idea sooner or later.

A. down with

B.  up for    

C. up with     

D. round to

Câu 14: I'm afraid a rise in the salary is out of ________ just now.

A. sight  

B. control      

C. date      

D. question

Câu 15: A: Can I help you, madam? B: __________.

A. Yes, it’s in our summer sale.

B. It’s very cheap.

C. No, thanks. I’m just looking   

D. Right. It looks a bit small.

Câu 16: It turned out that we _________ rushed to the airport as the plane was delayed by several hours.  

A. hadn’t        

B. should have

C. mustn’t have     

D. needn’t have

Câu 17: Let’s go out for a walk, _________  ?

A. do we    

B.  don’t we     

C. won’t we 

D.  shall we

Câu 18: _________the weather forecast it will rain heavily later this morning.

A. On account of   

B.  Due to  

C. According to         

D. Because of

Câu 19: He earns _____ he used to last year.

A. twice as much as 

B. twice as many as  

C. as much twice as  

D.  as much as twice

Câu 20: Do you know the man ______ over there?

A.  to interview   

B. interviewing   

C.  interviewed  

D. interviews

Bài 32:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions

Câu 1: By this time next month, I __________ enough money to buy a new car.

A. will have saved    

B. have saved

C. had saved

D. will save

Câu 2: We haven’t _________ the final decision on the funding for scientific research yet.

A. come to 

B. reached         

C.  taken     

D.  Both A and B  

Câu 3: No one seems to care about that problem, _______ ?

A. does he     

B.  don't they   

C. do they

D. will they

Câu 4: - Jane: "Shall we go to the dancing hall tonight?".              - Mary: " ____________"

A. Yes, we shall.    

B. Yes, let's. 

C. Yes, please. 

D. Yes, we go.

Câu 5: Most of the teachers won't allow _______ in the classroom.

A. to be eaten  

B. to eat 

C. eat    

D. eating 

Câu 6: - David: "Would you like coffee or fruit-juice?". - John:  “_______”.

A.  I couldn't agree more     

B. No, I've no choice  

C.  I'd prefer coffee, please            

D. Yes, I'd like to

Câu 7: _______ quickly they ran, they just couldn't catch up with the van.

A. However  

B. So

C. Even    

D. Much 

Câu 8: As its sales have increased, that computer company is going to ________ more staff.  

A. take in   

B. take on    

C.  take over  

D. take up 

Câu 9: - Mrs Brown: "I'd like to try on these shoes, please". - Salesgirl: "____________________"

A. That's right, madam.   

B. I'd love to            

C. By all means, madam.            

D. Why not?

Câu 10: It's no wonder the children felt disappointed because first their parents promised to take them to Disneyland and then they _________ on their word.  

A. drew out

B. played down  

C.  went back        

D. came off   

Câu 11: You should  _______ your essay carefully before you handed it in.

A. have thought of 

B. have gone over 

C. have seen through

D.  have looked in  

Câu 12: Dr Smith gave me a very lovely ________ for spaghetti carbonara.

A.  recipe         

B. receipt       

C. prescription 

D.  description 

Câu 13: In no way _________ that people will be prevented from organising peaceful protests.  

A. this law means   

B. means this law 

C. doeas this law mean

D. this law does mean

Câu 14: The dental work made a profound change in her appearance.

A. provacative

B. proper   

C.  interesting  

D. thorough    

Câu 15: Your brother seldom goes to the library reading books, _______ ?

A. doesn't he        

B.  does he     

C.  isn't he     

D. is he

Câu 16: As the fire blazed, fire-fighters pleaded with _________ to keep out of the way.   

A. audiences     

B. onlookers   

C. crowds  

D.  groups 

Câu 17: - Mr Robert : “It was very kind of you to help me overcome the financial problem". - Mr Alex:  “____________ . What are friends for?”

A. Of course you do

B.  I'm fraid I can't 

C. Never mind  

D. What a pity        

Câu 18: Don't jump ___________ conclusions; we don't yet know all the relevant facts.

A. for      

B. into  

C. up  

D. to  

Câu 19: Hardly were ________ of the paintings at the gallery for sale.

A. any     

B. none  

C.  few   

D. some

Câu 20: The book ___________ she's most famous is Dance of Dinosaurs.

A. for that   

B. that    

C. for which  

D. Both A and C 

Câu 21: I was disappointed that the restaurant had _________ flowers on the table.

A. artificial        

B.  false 

C. untrue

D.  forged  

Câu 22: Do you think you could pass that novel ________ to me, please?

A. though   

B. on

C. through    

D. over 

Câu 23: He always did it well at school _________ having his early education disrupted by illness.  

A. in spite of    

B. on account of 

C. in addition to  

D. even though 

Câu 24: _______, all animals need oxygen, water, food and proper range of  weather.

A. Being survive   

B. To survive     

C. When surviving 

D. Surviving

Câu 25: Many of the habitats of birds and plants have been destroyed by man's pollution.    

A. nests     

B.  forests 

C. natural homes   

D. grounds  

Câu 26: The manager requested that all staff ________ present at the meeting.

A.  have been

B. be 

C. were  

D. are being 

Câu 27: Tom could  _________ in the garage when I came around, which would explain why he didn't hear the bell.  

A. have worked  

B. be working 

C. have been working

D. work 

Câu 28: Southeast Asia is a region of diverse cultures.

A. various        

B. adopted      

C.  respected     

D. similar

Câu 29: For a short while, I managed to catch ________ of the President entering the palace.  

A.  notice     

B. sight  

C.  vision   

D.  view 

Câu 30: __________ my colleagues has finished the report yet.

A. None of    

B. Not any of  

C. No

D. None

Bài 33:

Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentences. 

Câu 1: When a reader reads an interesting book slowly and carefully, he ____ it

A. reviews       

B. dips into

C. swallows   

D. chews and digests 

Câu 2: The goalkeeper can also be ejected for twenty seconds if a major foul is committed.  

A. excluded    

B. sprinted  

C. played

D. advanced

Câu 3: _______ is a game in which two teams hit a large ball with their hands backwards and forwards over a high net. If you allow the ball to touch the ground, the other team wins a point.  

A. Basket ball  

B. Water polo

C. Volleyball

D.  Badminton

Câu 4: ______ is a situation in which large numbers of people have little or no food, and many of them die.

A. Disaster     

B. Poverty   

C. Famine  

D. Flood.

Câu 5: He still behaves like a child. I wish he’d _______________ .

A. catch up      

B. grow up 

C. speak up         

D.  wait up

Câu 6: Wait for me. I don’t want to ___________.

A. keep up          

B. cool off       

C. fall behind 

D.  give in 

Câu 7: What a lovely baby! He certainly __________ his father.

A. look likes 

B. looks forward to

C. looks after 

D. takes after 

Câu 8: Jane has a computer.___________ , she doesn’t use it.

A. But

B. Therefore  

C. so  

D. However

Câu 9: "Let's go to the movie now." - "Oh, ________"

A.  Good idea  

B. I don't      

C.  Why's that?    

D.  I need it

Câu 10: He wasn't _____the job

A. experienced enough doing  

B. experienced to do enough

C. experienced enough to do    

D. enough experienced to do

Câu 11: The man __________________on the plane talked all the time.

A.  who I was sitting next      

B. that I was sitting next to

C. that I was sitting next to him  

D. who I was sitting next him

Câu 12: I wish you ______ to the theatre last night, but you didn't.

A. would come 

B. came  

C.  was coming                

D. had come

Câu 13: He went to the library ______.

A.  so as to borrow a book   

B.  so that to borrow a book

C. a book to borrowing a book   

D. in order that borrow

Câu 14: It is ______ to talk about a problem than to solve it.

A.  easiest

B. more easy  

C. easy      

D. easier

Câu 15: - "Happy birthday! This is a small present for you."

A. What a pity!   

B. How terrible!    

C. Have a good time!        

D. How beautiful it is! Thanks.

Câu 16: ________________, this disaster would not have happened.

A. Had you obeyed orders 

B. You obeyed orders 

C. Had you have obeyed orders      

D. You had obeyed orders

Câu 17: They asked me a lot of questions, __________I couldn't answer.

A. much of which   

B. both of them   

C. neither of which 

D. most of which

Câu 18: I like Tom and Ann. They are _______.

A.  such as nice people

B. such nice peoples   

C.  such a nice people      

D.  such nice people

Câu 19: His visit toNew Yorkseemed to get ______ because he was busy at work.

A.  more and more short      

B. shorter and shorter

C.  the shortest     

D. the shorter and shorter

Bài 34:

Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each sentence.

Câu 1: She had to hand in her notice ___ advance when she decided to leave the job.

A. with

B. from

C. in

D.  to

Câu 2: Team work or pair work is a good way to ___ student talking time. 

A. minimize

B. maximize

C.  rise

D. grow

Câu 3: The school arranges a ___ to Brighton every year. 

A.  trip

B. route 

C. passage

D. travel

Câu 4: Six novels a year, you say? He’s certainly a ___ writer. 

A. fruitful

B. fertile 

C. virile 

D. prolific

Câu 5: I’ll show you around the city when you ___ to visit me. 

A. are coming

B. come

C. will come

D. will be coming

Câu 6: She applied for training as a pilot, but they turned her ___ because of her poor eyesight. 

A. down 

B. up

C. over 

D. back

Câu 7: Time ___ time she was warned of the consequences of her actions. 

A. and 

B. after

C. until 

D.  in

Câu 8: In the high season, tourists ___ through the old town. 

A. swarm

B. swelter

C. swim 

D. swell

Câu 9: You all look tired. Let’s ___ a rest. 

A. have

B. get

C. take

D. Both A and C

Câu 10: The price of fruit has increased recently, ___ the price of vegetables has gone down. 

A. whereas 

B. whether 

C. when

D. otherwise

Câu 11: Had she worked harder last summer, she ___.

A. wouldn’t have been sacked

B. wouldn’t have sacked

C. wouldn’t sack

D. wouldn’t be sacked

Câu 12: He never expected his prophecy to be ___. 

A. achieved

B. accomplished

C. realized 

D. fulfilled

Câu 13: To get the correct answer, add this column of figures and then divide ___ twelve. 

A. of

B. with

C.  by 

D.  from

Câu 14: ___ the heavy rain, the ship couldn’t reach its destination on time. 

A.  Because of 

B.  But for

C. In case of 

D. In spite of

Câu 15: - It’s hard to get around because you don’t have a car. - Not since I got used to ___ the bus. 

A. to riding 

B.  to ride

C.  riding 

D.  ride

Câu 16: The girl you ___ yesterday is waiting for you at the gate. 

A.  told me

B.  tell 

C. told me about

D. told me about her

Câu 17: We had to ___ the room because the wallpaper was in terrible condition. 

A. renovate

B.  renew

C. decorate

D. mend

Câu 18: The quality of the phone signals has been improved through ___ developments in digital technologies. 

A. reluctant 

B. recent

C.  remaining

D. ready

Câu 19: Have I ___ to you how to use this new typewriter? 

A. answered

B. explained 

C. told

D. showed

Câu 20: Don’t worry. I have ___ tire at the back of my car.

A. another

B. other

C. others

D. the other

Câu 21: - Would you mind lending me your bike? - ___. 

A. Yes. Here it is 

B. Not at all

C. Great 

D. Yes, let’s

Câu 22: He ___ in me on the understanding that I wouldn’t tell anyone else. 

A. confided 

B. intimated

C. confessed 

D.  disclosed

Câu 23: Please come ___ and see us some time – you’re always welcome.

A. to

B. about 

C. round

D. away

Câu 24: She has to pass all her exams or ___ she would have no holiday. 

A. instead

B. else 

C.  therefore

D.  though

Câu 25: By the time you receive this letter, I ___ for Japan. 

A. will leave 

B. will have left 

C. would have left

D. have left

Bài 35:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part, or has a close meaning to the original one

Câu 1: It is very difficult to _______ the exact meaning of an idiom in a foreign language.               

A. convert

B. convey

C. exchange

D. transfer

Câu 2: Deborah is going to take extra lessons to _______ what she missed while she was away.  

A. catch up on

B. cut down on

C. put up with  

D. take up with

Câu 3: I have English classes _______ day – on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

A. all other

B.  each other

C. every other 

D. this and the other

Câu 4: She was _______ she could not say anything. 

A. so surprised at the news that

B. such surprised at the news that

C. so surprised of the news that 

D. so that surprised for the news

Câu 5: On the second thought, I believe I will go with you to the theater. 

A. Upon reflection

B.  After discussing with my wife

C. For this time only

D.  For the second time

Câu 6: _______ be needed, the water basin would need to be dammed.

A.  Hydroelectric power should

B. When hydroelectric power

C. Hydroelectric power

D.  Should hydroelectric power

Câu 7: There is a huge amount of _______ associated with children’s TV shows nowadays. 

A.  produce 

B. manufacturing 

C.  merchandising 

D. sales

Câu 8: It’s essential that every student _______ the exam before attending the course. 

A.  pass

B. passes 

C. would pass

D. passed

Câu 9: All _______ is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life. 

A. what is needed

B. for our needs 

C.  the thing needed

D. that is needed

Câu 10: I decided to go to the library as soon as I _______ . 

A. finish what I did

B. finished what I did

C.  would finish what I did

D. finished what I was doing

Câu 11: _______ in the street yesterday was very friendly. 

A. The mounted police, who I saw

B. The mounted police I saw whom 

C. Who is the mounted police I saw 

D. The mounted police whom I saw

Câu 12: “Please speak up a bit more, Jason. You’re hardly loud enough to be heard from the back”, the teacher said.

A. visible

B. audible

C. edible

D.  eligible

Câu 13: The replacement of shops such as the groceries’ and chemist’s by cafes _______ the housewives with insufficient facilities for shopping.

A. leave

B. have left

C. has left

D. to have left

Câu 14: Ancient Egyptians mummified their dead through the use of chemicals, _______ ancient Peruvians did through natural processes. 

A.  because 

B. whereas

C.  even though 

D. whether or not

Câu 15: Issues from price, place, promotion, and product are_______ of marketing strategies planning, despite growing calls to expand the range of issues in today’s more complex world. 

A.  these that are among the most conventional concerns

B. among the most conventional concerns 

C. they are among the most conventional concerns

D.  those are among the most conventional concerns

Câu 16: It’s a formal occasion so we’ll have to _______ to the nines- no jeans and pullovers this time! 

A. hitch up

B. put on

C. wear in

D. get dressed up

Câu 17: Please cut my hair _______ the style in this magazine. 

A. the same length as

B. the same length like 

C.  the same long like

D. the same long as

Câu 18: Half of the children were away from school last week because of _______ of influenza.

A. a break- out

B. a breakthrough

C. an outburst

D. an outbreak

Câu 19: Jane: Thank you for a lovely evening. Barbara: _______ 

A. You are welcome

B.  Have a good day

C.  Thanks

D. Cheer!

Câu 20: So little _______ about mathematics that the lecture was completely beyond me. 

A.  I have known

B. I knew 

C. do I know

D. did I know

Câu 21: _______ so aggressive, we’d get on much better. 

A. She was not 

B. Had she not

C. Weren’t she

D. If she weren’t

Câu 22: A: _______ B: Oh, thank you. I just got it yesterday.

A. When have you got this beautiful dress? 

B. You’ve just bought this beautiful dress, haven’t you? 

C. How a beautiful dress you’re wearing!

D. That’s a beautiful dress you have on!

Câu 23: A washing machine of this type will certainly _______ normal domestic use. 

A. stand up for

B. come up with 

C. get on to

D. take down with

Câu 24: I studied English for four years in high school. _______ had trouble talking with people when I was traveling in the US. 

A. Therefore, I

B. Otherwise, I

C. Although I

D. However, I

Câu 25: Carbon dioxide may be absorbed by trees or water bodies, or it may stay in the atmosphere when _______ while it is only in the atmosphere that chlorofluorocarbons find their home. 

A. by releasing emissions from cars

B. released from car emissions 

C. cars that release emissions 

D. emissions are released by cars

Câu 26: _______in the atmosphere is the temperature falling below freezing. 

A. Frost is produced 

B. Frost produces

C. What produces frost

D. What is frost produced

Câu 27: He said that the plane had already left and that I _______ an hour earlier. 

A.  must have arrived

B. had to arrive

C. should have arrived

D. was supposed to arrive

Câu 28: There seems to be a large _______ between the number of people employed in service industries, and those employed in the primary sectors. 

A. discriminate 

B. discretion

C. discrepancy

D. distinguish

Câu 29: British and Australian people share the same language, but in other respects they are as different as _______ . 

A.  cats and dogs

B.  salt and pepper

C. chalk and cheese

D. here and there

Câu 30: A: This grammar test is the hardest one we’ve ever had this semester! B: _______ but I think it’s quite easy. 

A.  I couldn’t agree more.

B. You’re right.

C.  I understand what you’re saying.

D.  I don’t see in that way.

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