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Dạng bài Điền từ vào câu lớp 12

Bài 1:

Choose the best answer that best completes each sentence. 

Câu 1: I rang him up to ask___________ he was doing at the moment. 

A.  how often 

B. whom      

C. what  

D. why 

Câu 2: He ________ stealing the purse. He said he wasn't there at that time. 

A. declined 

B. confirmed    

C. refused   

D. denied 

Câu 3: Gardeners transplant bushes and flowers by moving them from ________to another. 

A. one place  

B. a place  

C. places

D. single place 

Câu 4: A newborn baby can neither walk nor crawl. A newborn antelope,_______, can run within minutes of birth.

A. however 

B. otherwise 

C. nevertheless 

D. even though

Câu 5: Last night, _________nothing to watch on TV, we went out. 

A. there having 

B.  having had  

C. being   

D. there being

Câu 6: The cliffs are being constantly ________________by heavy seas. 

A. eroded 

B. worn 

C. eaten 

D. gulfed 

Câu 7: I’m not very _________of criticism, while my sister is good at taking it.

A. tolerant 

B. tolerable   

C. toleration  

D. tolerate 

Câu 8: English is understood more_________ than any other language. 

A. largely  

B. widely   

C.  broadly 

D. immensely 

Câu 9: Near the White House is_________ famous landmark called the Washington Monument.

A. another   

B. the other

C. a

D. other

Câu 10: As the manager cannot go to the reception, I am representing the company_____. 

A. on his account  

B. from his point of view 

C. for his part 

D. on his behalf

Câu 11: His illness made him_______ of concentration. 

A. incompetent

B. incapable

C. powerless  

D. unable 

Câu 12: Ask people what is happening to the world's population and they are likely to say it is______.

A. explosion

B. booming

C. bombing

D. blossoming 

Câu 13: If only I_____ that. I will regret it for the rest of my life. 

A. was not doing 

B. did not do        

C. had not done  

D. would not do

Câu 14: We are ________out of fuel reserves, so we have to learn to economize. 

A. running

B. finishing

C. exhausting

D. working

Câu 15: _____ weather! We can't go for a walk now. 

A. How a terrible

B. What terrible

C. What a terrible

D. How terrible 

Câu 16: It is said that this washing powder will_______ clothes. 

A. widen    

B.  enrich  

C. soften  

D. shorten 

Câu 17: There are few_______ sites inside the city. Most of them are in the countryside. 

A. history

B. historian   

C. historic

D. historical 

Câu 18: The instructions are rather __________. The children can hardly understand them. 

A. embarrassed 

B. embarrassing    

C. confusing 

D. confused

Câu 19: Five dollars _______ enough for me. I don't need much. 

A. is

B. were 

C. was  

D. are 

Câu 20: I hear they are going to________ the old cinema and build a supermarket. 

A. do away with

B. go down with 

C. cut down on   

D. get away with 

Bài 2:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1: Last year she earned _______ her brother.

A. twice as much as    

B. twice more than      

C. twice as many as

D. twice as more as

Câu 2: Little ______ he know how much suffering he has caused.

A. didn’t  

B. should  

C. won’t 

D. does

Câu 3: The politician tried to arouse the crowd, but most of them were ________ to his arguments.

A. closed      

B. indifferent    

C. careless

D. dead

Câu 4: Hint: Can you take the day off tomorrow? TMK: Well, I’ll have to get ____ from my boss.

A. permission    

B. licence 

C. allowance

D. permit

Câu 5: I do not believe that this preposterous scheme is _____ of our serious consideration.

A. worthy    

B. worth   

C. worthwhile

D. worthless

Câu 6: __________ the fifth largest among the nine planets that make up our solar system.

A. The Earth being      

B. The Earth is            

C. That the Earth is                 

D. Being the Earth

Câu 7: Hint: “I have passed all my examinations !” TMK: “_________”

A. My dear!                

B. Best wishes!           

C. Well done!

D. That’s very well!

Câu 8: Very often the chocolate inside is not as exciting as its ________.

A. coat 

B. paper  

C. cover

D. wrapper

Câu 9: I’ve been ______ advised not to say anything.

A. seriously    

B. greatly    

C. strongly 

D. significantly

Câu 10: Dr. Evans has _________ a valuable contribution to the life of the school.

A. done

B. created   

C. caused   

D. made

Câu 11: No matter _______, Mozart was an accomplished composer while still a child.

A. how it seems remarkable                            

B. how remarkable it seems

C. it seems remarkable how 

D. how seems it remarkable

Câu 12: You may borrow as many books as you like, provided you show them to ___ is at the desk.

A. whoever 

B. who   

C. whom      

D. which

Câu 13: It was difficult to guess what her ________ to the news would be.

A. feelings      

B. reaction 

C. capital  

D. opinion

Câu 14: ________ some countries have ruined their agriculture, squandering money on uneconomic factories, the Ivory Coast has stuck to what it is good at.

A. After    

B. During

C. When      

D. While

Câu 15: Tom:  “May I smoke?” Jerry: “________”

A. What suits you?   

B. You are free                       

C. Accommodate yourself!     

D. Go ahead!

Câu 16: _________ perhaps the most awe inspiring among the great structures of the world.

A. The Great Wall of China                            

B. The Great Wall of China is

C. That he Great Wall of China is                  

D. The Great Wall of China which is

Câu 17: We need ________ information before we can decide.

A. further   

B. farther    

C. far  

D. furthest

Câu 18: Sportsmen __________ their political differences on the sports field.

A. take part                 

B. put aside                 

C. take place                           

D. keep apart

Câu 19: _______ is to forget all about it.

A. At best you can do 

B. The best thing you can do 

C. What best you can do 

D. You can do the best

Câu 20: Tom: “Can I borrow your umbrella for a day?” TMK: “___________”

A. With pleasure         

B. Ready   

C. Welcome 

D. Yes, I can

Câu 21:  ________ long thought to have no bones, small amounts of bone were recently found at the bases of the teeth in some species.

A. Although sharks were  

B. Despite sharks being    

C. In spite of sharks are  

D. Nevertheless, sharks

Câu 22: Such a judge _________ retire from his job before the retirement age.

A. as well as                

B. may as well             

C. so as to                               

D. as much as

Câu 23: Hint: “I’ve got a new grammar book.” TMK: “____________”

A. What its price?       

B. How many cost?    

C. How much was it?             

D. How much you paid?

Câu 24: When she __________ her mistake, she apologized.

A. realized        

B. realize   

C. was realizing                       

D. has realized

Câu 25: _______ daily promotes physical as well as emotional well-being in people of all ages.

A. Having exercised   

B. Those who exercise      

C. For exercising               

D. Exercising

Câu 26: As it was very hot in summer, sales of bottles of water went _______ the roof.

A. through    

B. to   

C. above     

D. over

Câu 27: If only he _______ accept some help with the work instead of trying to do it alone!

A. will

B. would      

C. may 

D. were

Bài 3:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions

Câu 1: The instruction from the train traffic control was not consistent with the train drivers,   _ __ _ _ _ _

A. so that the drivers made an error and crashed

B. as a result, the drivers made an error and crashed

C. therefore the drivers made it crash

D. resulting from the drivers crashing the plane

Câu 2: If my sister had left the car key,   _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A. I will pick her up the airport.                             

B. I would pick her up at the airport.

C. I would have picked her up at the airport.       

D. please pick her up the airport.

Câu 3: Not until the manager got the right solution to the problem_ _ _ _ _ _ _

A. we must try by ourselves

B. must we try by ourselves

C. have we to try by ourselves.                              

D. we must try for ourselves

Câu 4: The economists in the world highly appreciate the economic situation of the U.S _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A. pumping millions of dollars by the president.

B. where is pumped millions of dollars by the president.

C. being pumped millions of dollars by the president.

D. which is pumped millions of dollars by the president.

Câu 5: With the open – door policy, the jobs are increasing more and more and we  __ _ _ _.

A. are getting out of poverty                                  

B. are getting away the poverty

C. are getting rid of poverty                                   

D. are getting over poverty

Bài 4:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following 

Câu 1: “What a new nice style of hair you have it cut!”           “ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ”

A. Yes, please                                              

B. It’s from Italy

C. Thank you                                               

D. No, I think it’s suitable for me.

Câu 2: “You’d better help your mother do the household chores.”           “ _ _ _ _ _ __ ”

A. I’d love to             

B. Thank for your advice   

C. It’s rubbish                       

D. I have no clue.

Câu 3: “Could you tell me how to get to the nearest post office?”   “ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ”                   

A. sorry, for this inconvenience              

B. I have no clue

C. not at all                                                   

D. sorry, I’m the new comer here

Câu 4: “More coffee, sir?”          “ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ”

A. No, thanks                                                

B. Yes, do it yourself

C. All right, self-service                              

D. Make yourself at home

Câu 5: “May I come in?”        “_______”

A. Yes, no problem 

B. Feel free                           

C. You’re welcome              

D. Sorry, let’s wait.

Câu 6: Tom “Sorry, I don’t know where the nearest post office is.” Stranger:   “ _ _ _ __ _ _ ”

A. Thank you            

B. Thank you anyway          

C. Not at all                           

D. Don’ t  mention  it

Câu 7: “What do you think of this shirt?”     “ _ _ _ _ _ _ _”

A. It fits you              

B. Nonsense

C. It’s up to you                    

D. No money

Câu 8: “What do you want me to cook for your dinner?             “ __ _ _ __ _ ”

A. Yes, give up         

B. Yeah, your meal is great    

C. It’s up to you               

D. Let me go

Câu 9: As the patient was still too weak the surgeon postpones the operation. The word postpone is the nearest meaning with:

A. put in                     

B. put on                                

C. put off                               

D. put over

Câu 10: John _ _ _ _ _ _ _ this task yesterday morning, but I did it for him. He owes me a  thank-you.

A. must have completed                              

B. should have completed

C. could have completed                            

D. may have completed

Câu 11: It _ _ _ _ _ _ _  a long time since we were  apart, I did not recognize her.

A. is

B. has been                            

C. was  

D. had been

Câu 12: _ _ __ _ _ _ had my teacher arrived than he gave us exercises

A. Hardly   

B. Not until                            

C. When  

D. No sooner

Câu 13: Actually, I not only read the stories about princes or princesses in the great castles  in the school library_______ in the public library.

A. or    

B. whether   

C. but also                             

D. either

Câu 14: _ _ __ _ _ _ furniture needs supplying for the schools in the whole country will slow down the process of the reform of education.

A. Few 

B. A few                                 

C. Little

D. That little

Câu 15: It was not _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Micheal Jackson’s death people around the world understood his contribution in music.

A. since 

B. when 

C. until  

D. result

Câu 16: Although David was _ _ _ _ _ _ after a day’s work in the office, he tried to help his wife the household chores.

A. exhaustion 

B. exhausted 

C. exhausting   

D. exhaustive

Câu 17: _ _ __ _ _ _ studying in faculty of Love and Happiness in Japan for 5 years, he wrote the books of how to live and to be lived.

A. After had been   

B. After he has                       

C. Having been                     

D. Before he had been

Câu 18: If you are a typewriter, you will be accustomed to Microsoft word, this program  allows you to save your _______ with many types.

A. files    

B. documents 

C. documentaries 

D. documentary files

Câu 19: Juliet, remember shammed death when Romeo appears, _ _ __ _ _ _?

A. didn’t she             

B. doesn’t he                         

C. do you                               

D. will you

Câu 20: Although they are poor and hard, they are _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to their children’s success.

A. content   

B. proud     

C. satisfied 

D. boastful

Câu 21: In 1879, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , Alice Freeman Palmer became head of the history department at Wellesley College.

A. twenty-four years                                    

B. at the age of twenty-four

C. age twenty-four                                       

D. of twenty-four years

Câu 22: The United States spends more money on the economic crisis _ _ _ _ _ __ country in the world.

A. other 

B. other than 

C. than any other

D. while other

Câu 23: Geysers have often been compared to volcanoes _ _ _ _ _ _ _ they both emit hot from below the Earth’s surface.

A. due to                    

B. because

C. in spite of                          

D. regardless of

Câu 24: "Bless you.”     “ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ”

A. You’re welcome   

B. Sorry  

C. Thank you                        

D. That’s all right

Câu 25: Vladimir Putin said that he loved his wife and two daughters as well as his dog, _ _ _ _ _ __ also a female, so much.

A. which was             

B. that were   

C. all of whom were             

D. which were

Bài 5:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1: Why do you say the project should be changed even more? Personally, I cannot see the __________of introducing so many alternations.

A. ground     

B. reason      

C. point    

D. clue

Câu 2: - Mrs. Brown:  Taxi! Taxi!                               - Taxi driver: ______

A. It’s my duty to drive you.                                

B. Where to, Madam?

C. Fancy meeting you here.                                 

D. Where are you?

Câu 3: The military government was determined to ______all opposition.

A. put through               

B. put out                       

C. put down                  

D. put in

Câu 4: The tiny bells on the Christmas tree were ______ in the draught.

A. clanging      

B. tinkling      

C. gurgling    

D. ringing

Câu 5: Top fashion models often spend hundreds of pounds______.

A. getting straightened their teeth                       

B. having got their teeth straightened

C. getting their teeth straightened                       

D. straightening their teeth

Câu 6: ______, Edison didn’t have much schooling and he was taught by his mother.

A. When was a boy       

B. A boy was when       

C. Was a boy                 

D. When a boy

Câu 7: Only if these conditions are fulfilled ______to the next stage.

A. can the application proceed                             

B. the application can proceed

C. the application proceed                                   

D. do the application proceed

Câu 8: Mach numbers describe the velocity of airplanes ______ over the speed of sound.

A. have moved              

B. move  

C. moving

D. moved

Câu 9: Auroras are created when the sun’s particles are caught in ______.

A. field the earth’s magnetic                                

B. the field magnetic earth

C. the earth’s magnetic fields                              

D. the magnetic field earth

Câu 10: (After a party at Mary’s house). Bill: ______ Mary: Thanks for your compliment. Good night!

A. You are a good cooker. Good night!              

B. You are a good cook. Good night!

C. Long time no see. Good night!                       

D. Many happy returns. Good night!

Câu 11: It is ______ that so many young people leave school without qualifications.

A. regretted          

B. regrettable        

C. regretful           

D. to regret

Câu 12: Sumerians were the first to invent cuneiform, ______.

A. was system of writing                                   

B. for a system of witting

C. a system of writing                                          

D. which a system of writing

Câu 13: After the seventh month of pregnancy, ______ a good chance of survival.

A. there is a premature baby                                 

B. a premature baby has

C. does a premature baby have                            

D. it has premature baby

Câu 14: Migratory patterns in births ______ term of seasonal changes.

A. in usually be explained                                    

B. can be explained usually in

C. can usually be explained in                              

D. can be explained in usually

Câu 15: I am afraid that if I started running, the man would ______ me

A. take on                      

B. take after                   

C. take up                      

D. take apart

Câu 16: Mary lost one of her running shoes, but won the race despite this ______

A. disaster  

B. feat    

C. awkwardness 

D. handicap

Câu 17: - “Where’s Polly?”                - She ______.

A. in her room is studying                                    

B. has in her room studying

C. studies in her  room                                         

D. is in her room studying

Câu 18: Veronica broke the school rules so many times that the headmistress finally had no alternative but to ______ her.

A. eject 

B. expel    

C. export  

D. deport

Câu 19: ______ your precious help, I wouldn’t have certainly overcome most of the practical difficulties

A. If not                         

B. Provided   

C. Unless 

D. Without

Câu 20: I’ve applied for several jobs. I don’t want to ______.

A. be a good egg                                                  

B. have an egg on my face

C. kill the goose that lay the golden eggs            

D. put all my eggs in one basket

Câu 21: Everyone is surprised to know that the Korean Vice-prime Minister resigned and he _____ all responsibility for what had happened in the Sewol ferry.

A. captured

B. bore     

C. maintained   

D. solved

Câu 22: - Bill:  ‘I was hoping to get a ticket for Saturday.’     - Bull: ‘­______’

A. You’ll be lucky

B. Lucky to you

C. Lucky you!                

D. Good luck

Câu 23: We must adopt firm policy on punctuality. We can’t have people ______ late all the time.

A. arriving   

B. arrive     

C.  to arrive     

D. to have arrived

Câu 24: Fortunately, several of his colleagues had ______ in his downfall.

A. every hand                

B. their hands                

C. a hand                       

D. both hands

Câu 25: ______ the French army was defeated at the battle of Dien Bien Phu came a complete surprise to all over the world.

A. Why   

B. Which

C. What 

D. That 

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