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Dạng bài Điền từ vào đoạn văn lớp 10

Bài 1:

Read the following passage and fill in each gap with one suitable word

Câu 1: (1)______

A. his wife

B. wife

C. his

D. Jack

Câu hỏi : 31667

Câu 2: (2)_____

A. owns

B. has

C. need

D. buys

Câu hỏi : 31668

Câu 3: (3)_______

A. coming

B. are

C. have come

D. comed

Câu hỏi : 31669

Câu 4: (4)_______

A. speaks

B. tells

C. says

D. talks

Câu hỏi : 31670

Câu 5: (5)______

A. have

B. have had

C. are having

D. had

Câu hỏi : 31671

Câu 6: (6)______

A. on

B. of

C. by

D. in

Câu hỏi : 31672

Câu 7: (7)______

A. have visited

B. visit

C. are visting

D. visited

Câu hỏi : 31673

Câu 8: (8)______

A. go

B. work

C. travel

D. do

Câu hỏi : 31674

Câu 9: (9)____

A. buy

B. need

C. have

D. own

Câu hỏi : 31675

Câu 10: (10)______

A. and

B. or

C. but

D. so

Câu hỏi : 31676

Bài 2:

Read the following letter from someone who is doing a language course in France then choose the best word to fill in the gap by circling its corresponding letter A, B, C, or D. 

Dear Mum and Dad,This is just a quick letter to let you know that I’m fine. We’re all working quite hard because the exams are only a few weeks away, but our teacher (1) _____he thinks we'll do well. (My landlady’s not so sure - she keeps (2)___ me I should stop (3) so much TV and do a bit more reading!

Anyway, we had a wonderful time at half-term. I went off to Paris for (4)__ days with some of the others from the school, and we went on a guided (5) of the city. We saw most of the famous (6) like the Louvre, where they have an amazing (7) of paintings, and the Eiffel Tower. Then, we went down to the South of France (8) train. It was so fast - the whole (9)____ was only about four hours. We spent (10) ___time in Nice and in Cannes as well, and we all really enjoyed it. On our last day, we went to a small island (11)__ the Ile des Pelerines, and we saw the castle where they used to keep the “Man in the Iron Mask". All in all, we had a great time and (12)____ weather was really good as well. The only thing I felt (13)_____ about was that we didn’t have enough time to (14)__ to go swimming - maybe next time. Anyway, I must go now as l’ve got to (l5)___a bit of homework for tomorrow.

Love, Janie

Câu 1: (1)______

A. says

B. tells

C. speaks

D. talks

Câu hỏi : 31651

Câu 2: (2)______

A. saying

B. telling

C. speaking

D. talking

Câu hỏi : 31652

Câu 3: (3)________

A. watch

B. watched

C. to watch

D. watching

Câu hỏi : 31653

Câu 4: (4)_______

A.  a little

B. little

C. a few

D. few

Câu hỏi : 31654

Câu 5: (5)_______

A. trip

B. visit

C. tour

D. excursion

Câu hỏi : 31655

Câu 6: (6)_______

A. shows

B. sights

C. views

D. looks

Câu hỏi : 31656

Câu 7: (7)_____

A. set

B. group

C. gallery

D. collection

Câu hỏi : 31657

Câu 8: (8)_____

A. in

B. by

C. with

D. on

Câu hỏi : 31658

Câu 9: (9)_____

A. voyage

B. travel

C. drive

D. journey

Câu hỏi : 31659

Câu 10: (10)____

A. a little

B. little

C. a few

D. few

Câu hỏi : 31660

Câu 11: (11)______

A.  spoken

B. said

C. called

D. told

Câu hỏi : 31661

Câu 12: (12)______

A.  any

B. a

C. the

D. those

Câu hỏi : 31662

Câu 13: (13)______

A. sorry

B. apologetic

C. displeased

D. regretful

Câu hỏi : 31663

Câu 14: (14)______

A. spend

B. waste

C. spare

D. take

Câu hỏi : 31664

Câu 15: (15)_____

A.  make

B. do

C. solve

D. see

Câu hỏi : 31665

Bài 3:

Give the correct form of words in the brackets.

There is one particular feeling which I find difficult to express. When I am (1-ANGER)____ about something, I say nothing. Once, for example, after I had bought a very (2-EXPENSE) ______jacket, I met a friend in a café who said that the jacket didn’t fit me very (3-GOOD)____ . I was very (4-ANNOY)_____ but I said nothing. I didn’t feel like continuing our (5-CONSERSE)_____. My friend noticed my (6-SILENT)___ and asked me what was wrong. I couldn’t tell him the (7-TRUE) _____. I began to feel rather (8- EMBARRASS)_____ and left without giving him an (9-EXPLAIN) _____Later I felt rather (10-SHAME) ____of my behavior.

Câu 1: (1-ANGER)____

A. angering

B. angry

C. angrily

D. angried

Câu hỏi : 31640

Câu 2: (2-EXPENSE) ______

A. expensive

B. expend

C. expenditure

D. expensed

Câu hỏi : 31641

Câu 3: (3-GOOD)____

A. gooly

B. better

C. well

D. best

Câu hỏi : 31642

Câu 4: (4-ANNOY)_____

A. annoyance

B. annoying

C. annoyed

D. annoyingly

Câu hỏi : 31643

Câu 5: (5-CONSERSE)_____.

A. converting

B. conversation

C. converser

D. conversant

Câu hỏi : 31644

Câu 6: (6-SILENT)___

A. silently

B. silence

C. silenter

D. silene

Câu hỏi : 31645

Câu 7:  (7-TRUE) _____.

A. trueful

B. truth

C. trueless

D. trust

Câu hỏi : 31646

Câu 8: (8- EMBARRASS)_____

A. embarrassing

B. embarrassed

C. embrasseble

D. ambarrassance

Câu hỏi : 31647

Câu 9: (9-EXPLAIN) _____

A. explaination

B. explaining

C. explaining

D. explainment

Câu hỏi : 31648

Câu 10: (10-SHAME) ____

A. shameful

B. shaming

C. shamed

D. ashamed

Câu hỏi : 31649

Bài 4:

In each numbered blank with a suitable word.

An increasing (1).........of people are now going on (2) Egypt. The population of Egypt is about 50 million and the (3) EL Qahira (Cairo), a busy city of just under 9 million people. Although the climate is hot and dry, (4)..........of the country is desert, the average temperature (5)..........October to March is not too high. The most (6).........sights are the pyramids at Giza. However, it’s also pleasant to visit A1exandria,Port Said and several (7)..........places and do as much (8) possible. A (9) Luxor is very interesting, and there are frequent (10).. . ...there from Rario.

Câu 1: (1)........

A. number

B. amount

C. quantity

D. quality

Câu hỏi : 31543

Câu 2: (2).............

A. trip

B. holiday

C. business

D. travel

Câu hỏi : 31544

Câu 3: (3)..........

A. city

B. capital

C. town

D. district

Câu hỏi : 31545

Câu 4: (4)........

A. almost

B. more

C. most

D. all

Câu hỏi : 31546

Câu 5: (5)...........

A. to

B. from

C. by

D. with

Câu hỏi : 31547

Câu 6: (6)........

A. interesting

B. attention

C. popular

D. famous

Câu hỏi : 31548

Câu 7: (7)..........

A. one

B. others

C. other

D. another

Câu hỏi : 31549

Câu 8: (8)...........

A. sightseeing

B. view

C. site

D. scenery

Câu hỏi : 31550

Câu 9: (9)..........

A. business

B. trip

C. holiday

D. travel

Câu hỏi : 31551

Câu 10: (10).........

A. tours

B. flights

C. trips

D. plans

Câu hỏi : 31552

Bài 5:

Điền một từ thích hợp vào mỗi chỗ trống cho đoạn văn sau.

The world’s oceans are so vast that they (71)____ cope with the present level of pollution. However, little is known about the long-term effects of (72)______slow poisoning. The most serious problem of modem time is (73)_____ man is destroying the earth's natural resources and transforming huge areas (74)_____ wasteland. As a result, it is becoming extremely difficult to grow enough (75)____ feed the world’s rapidly increasing population. A way of protecting all the wildlife on the earth must also be found (76)____ many species are in danger of disappearing completely (77)______ the surface of the earth. The dangers, (78)___, are not confined solely to the land and the sea.The smoke in the atmosphere, for example, is increasing so (79)____that the amount of sunlight has reduced in many cities. Man’s (80)_____ environment is being changed in a serious way.

Câu 1: _______(71)

A. can

B. could

C. would

D. must

Câu hỏi : 30994

Câu 2: ______(72)

A. so

B. such

C. too

D. very

Câu hỏi : 30995

Câu 3: ______(73)

A. which

B. to

C. that

D. the

Câu hỏi : 30996

Câu 4: _______(74)

A. out

B. into

C. by

D. at

Câu hỏi : 30997

Câu 5: _______(75)

A. at

B. with

C. by

D. to

Câu hỏi : 30998

Câu 6: _____(76)

A. same

B. as

C. like

D. to

Câu hỏi : 30999

Câu 7: _______(77)

A. in

B. by

C. to

D. from

Câu hỏi : 31000

Câu 8: _______(88)

A. however

B. whenever

C. whatever

D. wherever

Câu hỏi : 31001

Câu 9: _____(89)

A. many

B. much

C. more

D. little

Câu hỏi : 31002

Câu 10: _______(80)

A. both

B. total

C. whole

D. all

Câu hỏi : 31003

Bài 6:

Hãy cho dạng đúng của các từ trong ngoặc

These days it is____ (31. possible) to open a newspaper without reading about the damage we are doing to the environment. The earth is being _____(32. threat) and the future looks bad. What can each of us do? We cannot clean up _____(33. pollute) rivers and seas overnight. Nor can we stop the ______(34. appear) of plants and animals but we can stop adding to the problem while ____(35. science) search for answers, and laws are passed in nature’s ____(36. defend)

It may not be easy to change your lifestyle completely but some steps are easy to take: cut down the amount of ____(37. drive) you do, use as little plastic as possible. It is also easy to save energy, which also reduces____ ( bills. We must all make a _____(39. person) decision to work for the future of our planet if we want to _____(40. sure) a better world for our grandchildren.

Câu 1: ____ (31. possible)

A. impossible

B. possibility

C. possibly

D. impossibly

Câu hỏi : 30949

Câu 2: _____(32. threat)

A. threaten

B. threatened

C. threatening

D. threateningly

Câu hỏi : 30950

Câu 3: _____(33. pollute)

A. pollution

B. polluted

C. polluting

D. pollutant

Câu hỏi : 30951

Câu 4: ______(34. appear)

A. appearing

B. appearsable

C. appearance

D. disappearance

Câu hỏi : 30952

Câu 5: ____(35. science)

A. scienctists

B. scientific

C. scienter

D. scientism

Câu hỏi : 30953

Câu 6: ____(36. defend)

A. defencelessness

B. defence

C. defending

D. defenced

Câu hỏi : 30954

Câu 7: ____(37. drive)

A. driver

B. driving

C. driven

D. drivable

Câu hỏi : 30955

Câu 8: ___ (

A. housekeeping

B. household

C. houseless

D. householder

Câu hỏi : 30956

Câu 9: _____(39. person)

A. personable

B. personal

C. personer

D. personage

Câu hỏi : 30957

Câu 10: _____(40. sure)

A. sureness

B. surely

C. ensure

D. surety

Câu hỏi : 30958

Bài 7:

Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only ONE word in each space.

As soon as my father had booked his flight to Cairo he had a (0) funny feeling, a kind of foreboding. It was not his first business trip to Cairo but it was certainly his _____(1) eventful. To begin with, his_____ (2) was delayed for two hours due to mechanical failure and when it finally arrived, the plane door wouldn’t open. When he got his suitcase from the baggage area it had_____ (3) torn down one side, and then the first taxi he took ran _____(4) of petrol. Feeling a little annoyed, he caught another taxi and made it ______(5) his usual hotel.

At the reception he was told that his reservation could not be found and there was no chance of finding a _____(6) for him as they were fully booked, so he had to settle ______(7) another hotel. When he finally got to his room, the lights ____(8) off as he walked in. By now he was very upset. He called Mr.Fekesh, wanting to have a _____(9) with him about their meeting and they told him he had had to leave on urgent business. Hurriedly, my father went back to the _______(10) and caught the first flight home just hoping the plane wouldn’t crash on the way back.

Câu 1: _____(1)

A. most

B. more

C. much

D. few

Câu hỏi : 30861

Câu 2: _____(2)

A. business

B. flight

C. work

D. trip

Câu hỏi : 30862

Câu 3: ______(3)

A. to be

B. be

C. been

D. been being

Câu hỏi : 30863

Câu 4: ______(4)

A. out

B. on

C. off

D. in

Câu hỏi : 30864

Câu 5: ______(5)

A. by

B. along

C. with

D. to

Câu hỏi : 30865

Câu 6: _____(6)

A. key

B. ticket

C. room

D. suitcase

Câu hỏi : 30866

Câu 7: _____(7)

A. by

B. for

C. on

D. in

Câu hỏi : 30867

Câu 8: _____(8)

A. went

B. going

C. to go

D. have gone

Câu hỏi : 30868

Câu 9: _____(9)

A. voice

B. word

C. mouth

D. language

Câu hỏi : 30869

Câu 10: ______(10)

A. plane

B. airport

C. home

D. company

Câu hỏi : 30870

Bài 8:

Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

Soon after the call, Sherlock Holmes_____ (1) to the address he had been given. He looked at the house_____ (2) every detail; the garden, the driveway, the main entrance. The main entrance was still locked and there were no footprints on the ground so the murderer_____ (3) have entered the house from there. However, one of the top windows was half open and the tall tree right next to it was easy to climb so he_____ (4) have come in this way. Holmes went near one of the ground floor windows and peered inside. It was obvious that whoever had broken into the house had no intention of_____ (5) anything. Priceless vases and paintings were still in place but someone had moved the furniture. Why? It was then he_____ (6) that opening on the wooden floor. He ____(7) to see anything else. He swung round to the police inspector behind him. “This_____ (8) has been solved” he announced.

Câu 1: _______(1)

A.  arrived

B. reached

C. called

D. got

Câu hỏi : 30831

Câu 2: _______(2)

A. examining

B. looking

C. testing

D. prosecuting

Câu hỏi : 30832

Câu 3: ______(3)

A.  could

B. couldn’t

C. needn’t

D. mustn’t

Câu hỏi : 30833

Câu 4: ______(4)

A.  should

B. must

C. need

D. had

Câu hỏi : 30834

Câu 5: _______(5)

A. robbing

B. picking

C. committing

D. stealing

Câu hỏi : 30835

Câu 6: ______(6)

A. noticed

B. noted

C. remarked

D. pointed

Câu hỏi : 30836

Câu 7: ______(7)

A.  needn’t

B. needn’t have

C. didn’t need

D. couldn’t

Câu hỏi : 30837

Câu 8: ______(8)

A.  incident

B. case

C. event

D. occasion

Câu hỏi : 30838

Bài 9:

Complete the following passage with an appropriate form of the word in BLOCK CAPITAL. (0) has been done as an example.

The Acongagua is a challenge to any mountaineer, yet it is (0- APPEAL) appealing to amateurs and professionals alike. Bolivia welcomes anyone whose _____(1- INTEND) it is to test their stamina and______ (2-STRONG) making the arduous journey to the summit of  this beautiful mountain._____ (3-APPARENT) , this four-day trek can prove more of a challenge than first expected.

The initial stretch seems ____(4- EFFORT) , a gentle stroll through the lush valleys of the Andes, where the climbers can enjoy the stunning_____ (5- REFLECT) of the Acongagua in the lake. However, it soon becomes______ (6- SIGNIFY) challenging for even the fittest of mountaineers. Many have to be treated for______ (7- EXHAUST) or altitude sickness in their attempt to reach the summit.

____(8- INCREASE) though. more and more climbers are making it to the top. The secret? To be cautious and take a much slower pace.

Câu 1: _______ (1- INTEND)

A. intended

B. intension

C. intention

D. intenting

Câu hỏi : 30817

Câu 2: _____(2-STRONG)

A. strength

B. strengthen

C. strenthening

D. strongly

Câu hỏi : 30818

Câu 3: ______(3-APPARENT)

A. apparently

B. apparentness

C. apparented

D. apparition

Câu hỏi : 30819

Câu 4: _______(4- EFFORT)

A. effortful

B. effortive

C. effortless

D. efforting

Câu hỏi : 30820

Câu 5: _______(5- REFLECT)

A. reflecting

B. reflection

C. reflectivity

D. reflectance

Câu hỏi : 30821

Câu 6: ______(6- SIGNIFY)

A. significant

B. insignificant

C. insignificantly

D. significantly

Câu hỏi : 30822

Câu 7: _______(7- EXHAUST)

A. exhausted

B. exhausting

C. exhaustion

D. exhaustivity

Câu hỏi : 30823

Câu 8: _______(8- INCREASE)

A. increasing

B. increasingly

C. increased

D. increasable

Câu hỏi : 30824

Bài 10:

Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word.

In Britain there is a holiday now which people call Mother’s Day. In the old days many girls from working-class _______(1) in towns and cities and from farmers’ families in the country worked in rich houses. They had to do all the______ (2) and their working day was usually very long, they often______ (3) on Sundays, too. Once a year, it was usually______ (4) Sunday in March, they could visit their mothers. They went home on that day and_______ (5) presents for their mothers and for ______(6) members of their families. They could stay at home only one day, and then they went_____ (7) to their work. People call that day Mothering Day ______(8) Mothering Sunday.Later workers at the factories and girls_______ (9) worked in the houses of rich families received one free day a week, and Mothering Day became Mother’s Day. It is______ (10) last Sunday in March.

Câu 1: ______(1)

A. families

B. homes

C. houses

D. roofs

Câu hỏi : 30255

Câu 2: ______(2)

A. homework

B. task

C. housework

D. work

Câu hỏi : 30256

Câu 3: _______(3)

A. worked

B. work

C. have worked

D. had worked

Câu hỏi : 30257

Câu 4: ______(4)

A. a

B. one

C. the

D. \varnothing

Câu hỏi : 30258

Câu 5: ______(5)

A. brought

B. bring

C. had brought

D. have brought

Câu hỏi : 30259

Câu 6: _______(6)

A. another

B. others

C. other

D. ones

Câu hỏi : 30260

Câu 7: _____(7)

A. back

B. to

C. by

D. with

Câu hỏi : 30261

Câu 8: _______(8)

A. and

B. or

C. but

D. so

Câu hỏi : 30262

Câu 9: _______(9)

A. which

B. whose

C. whom

D. who

Câu hỏi : 30263

Câu 10: _______(10)

A. a

B. an

C. the

D. \varnothing

Câu hỏi : 30264

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