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Dạng bài Điền từ vào đoạn văn lớp 12

Bài 21:

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct  answer to each of the following questions from 1 to 10.


Living in a modern society, we cannot (1) ______ the acts of crime that take place everyday. Criminal activity ranges from stealing to the more serious crimes of kidnapping and murder.

Just recently, a hunt was on for two men who robbed an off-licence in broad daylight. The shop owner tried to call the police, but he received a severe blow to the back of his head, which left him unconscious. It appears that the two (2) ________ had planned everything very well, since they (3) _________ getting caught. They were seen getting on their motorbike holding guns by two policemen in a patrol car. who started (4) _________ them. (5) ________ the robbers managed to get away through the back streets. All exits from the city were closed (6) ________ immediately. Even the airport was put on alert and flights were delayed, as strict security measures were (7) ________ and all passengers were asked to give proof of their identity. Many people considered this a nuisance and were shocked by these tactics. So, they put the (8) ___________ for the situation on the police and (9) ________ them of incompetence. In the end, the police (10) _________ responsibility for the setbacks.

Câu 1: ________(01)

A. neglect  

B. forget   

C. omit          

D. ignore

Câu 2: ________(02)

A. criminals   

B. pickpockets

C. convicts

D. burglars         

Câu 3: ________(03)

A. stopped 

B. escaped     

C. avoided 

D. prevented  

Câu 4: ________(04)

A. hunting   

B. chasing  

C. arresting          

D. following 

Câu 5: ________(05)

A. However   

B. Despite     

C. Therefore       

D. Although 

Câu 6: ________(06)

A. away 

B.  down      

C. off  

D. up

Câu 7: ________(07)

A. followed   

B. taken

C. put   

D. made  

Câu 8: ________(08)

A. blame 

B. fault  

C. accusation

D. cause            

Câu 9: ________(09)

A. charged  

B.  convicted

C. accused

D. blamed       

Câu 10: ________(10)

A. recognised       

B. got

C. received    

D. took  

Bài 22:

Read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C, or D) best fits each space.


A surprising number of popular spectator sports, for example football or baseball, (14)___ in Europe or the USA in the nineteenth century. This did not happen (15)___. It was the result of changes in the (16)___ people lived in those places at that time. Until then more people lived in the country than in towns. They worked in small groups and had no (17)___ time off. All these changed with the growth of factories and industry in the nineteenth century, first in Europe and (18)___ in the USA. For the first time most people began to live in towns, and they (19)___ themselves with regular free time. They had more leisure time than (20)___ before. This resulted (21)___ the need for organized entertainment. Suitable games developed or were invented, typically team games, in which the crowd could (22)___ sides and become involved. This gave people some of the entertainment they needed in their free time. The (23)___ explosion in TV, with the introduction of satellite and cable channels, has caused an increase in demand for sports as entertainment.

Câu 1:

A. started

B.  stemmed

C.  came

D. appeared

Câu 2:

A. by surprise

B. by chance

C. with accident

D. with chance

Câu 3:

A. manner

B.  style

C. method

D. way

Câu 4:

A. steady

B. square

C. regular

D. normal

Câu 5:

A. next

B. then

C. second

D. lately

Câu 6:

A. found

B. realized

C. presented

D. noticed

Câu 7:

A. just

B. having

C. ever

D. previously

Câu 8:

A. from

B. by

C. with

D. in

Câu 9:

A. choose

B. take

C.  select

D. decide

Câu 10:

A. recent

B. late

C. lately

D. latest

Bài 23:

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase for each of the blanks from 46 – 55


In Britain, the average young person now spends more money on games each year than on going to the cinema or renting videos. But is this……..46……a bad thing? For years, newspaper reports have been ………47…..that children who spend too much time playing computer games become unsociable, bad- tempered, even violent as a……..48…… But new research, ………49……out in both Europe and the USA, suggests that the opposite may be true.

Indeed, playing some of the more complicated games may help people of all ages to improve certain skills. Researchers claim that this is because the games………50……the brain work harder in certain ways, like……..51……sounds and movements quickly and identifying what they are. The fact that people play the games repeatedly……..52……..that they get a lot of practice in these skills which are therefore likely to become highly developed.

Social skills may benefit, too. Researchers in Chicago think that fans of first- person shooter games……53…… “Counterstrike” are better than non-players when it comes to building trust and co-operation, and that this……..54……them to make good friendships and become strong members of  their communities. So rather than……..55…….up computer games, perhaps young people need to spend more time on them?

Câu 1: ________(46)

A. necessarily

B. certainly

C. fully

D. nearly

Câu 2: ________(47)

A. speaking

B. . informing

C. telling

D. saying

Câu 3: ________(48)

A. product

B. result

C. reason

D. conclusion

Câu 4: ________(49)

A. worked

B. thought

C. turned

D. carried

Câu 5: ________(50)

A. make

B. force

C. push

D. keep

Câu 6: ________(51)

A. realizing

B. noticing

C. imagining

D. solving

Câu 7: ________(52)

A. means

B. asks

C. brings

D. causes

Câu 8: ________(53)

A. in order to

B. such as

C. due to

D. as well as

Câu 9: ________(54)

A. supports

B. helps

C. shows

D. serves

Câu 10: ________(55)

A. giving

B. ending

C. taking

D. stopping

Bài 24:

Read the passage and choose the best answer:

Clean freshwater resources are essential for drinking, bathing, cooking, irrigation, industry, and for plant and animal (36)_______. Unfortunately, the global supply of freshwater is (37)_______ unevenly. Chronic water shortages (38)_______ in most of Africa and drought is common over much of the globe. The (39)_______ of most freshwater supplies - groundwater (water located below the soil surface), reservoirs, and rivers - are under severe and (40)_______ environmental stress because of overuse, water pollution, and ecosystem degradation. Over 95 percent of urban sewage in (41)_______ countries is (42)_______ untreated into surface waters such as rivers and harbors.

About 65 percent of the global freshwater supply is used in (43)_______ and 25 percent is used in industry. Freshwater (44)_______ therefore requires a reduction in wasteful practices like (45)_______. irrigation, reforms in agriculture and industry, and strict pollution controls worldwide.

Câu 1: _______(36)

A. survive                      

B. survived                        

C. surviving                       

D. survival

Câu 2: _____(37)

A. delivered                           

B. distributed                    

C. provided                       

D. given

Câu 3: _____(38)

A. exist  

B. lie  

C. show         

D. stay

Câu 4: ______(39)

A. resources          

B. springs                           

C. sources                          

D. starting

Câu 5: ______(40)

A. increasing

B. growing    

C. climbing   

D. ascending

Câu 6: _____(41)

A. growing        

B. miserable

C. poverty     

D. developing

Câu 7: ________(42)

A. recharged      

B. discharged           

C. charged    

D. discharging

Câu 8: ______(43)

A.  farming                            

B. planting                         

C. agriculture      

D. growing

Câu 9: _______(44)

A. reservation 

B. conservation       

C. preservation        

D. retention

Câu 10: _____(45)

A. ineffective        

B. illogical                         

C. irrational                       

D. inefficient

Bài 25:

Read the passage and choose the best answer:

Within the last century the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (26)_______dramatically, largely (27)_______people burn vast amounts of fossil fuels, coal and petroleum and its derivatives. Average global temperature also has increased - by about 0.6 Celsius degree within (28)_______ past century.

Atmospheric scientists (29)_______found that at least half of that temperature increase (30)_______attributed to human activity. They predict that (31)_______dramatic action is taken, global temperature will continue (32)_______by between 1o C and 3.5o C (between 1.8° and 6.3° F) over the next century. Although (33)_______increase may not seem like a great difference, during The Last Ice Age the global temperature (34)_______only 2.2 Celsius degrees cooler than it (35)_______presently.

Câu 1: ______(26)

A. has risen     

B. rose           

C. has raised

D. raised

Câu 2: _______(27)

A. because of  

B. although   

C. despite      

D. because

Câu 3: _______(28)

A.  a                                        

B. some                              

C. the                                  

D. any

Câu 4: ______(29)

A. had                                  

B. have                               

C. are                                  

D. ought to

Câu 5: ______(30)

A. should be      

B. is being

C. had been

D. can be

Câu 6: _____(31)

A. unless         

B. if    

C. provided  

D. as long as

Câu 7: _____(32)

A. be rising                     

B. to rise                    

C. to be risen

D. to be rising

Câu 8: ______(33)

A. so much               

B. so                                   

C. such an

D. such

Câu 9: ______(34)

A. had been                 

B. has been                                              

C. is

D. was

Câu 10: ______(35)

A. is       

B. has been 

C. was            

D. will be

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