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Bài 61:

Finish the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first one ( 2.5 points )

Câu hỏi số 1:

His parents made him study for his exams. 

Câu hỏi: 40810

Câu hỏi số 2:

We’d better buy a new cooker.

Câu hỏi: 40811

Câu hỏi số 3:

I lent my car to that man.

Câu hỏi: 40812

Câu hỏi số 4:

Let’s invite the Browns to the party on Sunday.

Câu hỏi: 40813

Câu hỏi số 5:

Everyone heard about the accident before I did.

Câu hỏi: 40814

Bài 62:


Câu hỏi số 1:

It is believed that the man escaped in a stolen car.

Câu hỏi: 40054

Câu hỏi số 2:

They spent a lot of money on food and clothes.

Câu hỏi: 40055

Câu hỏi số 3:

The thieves wore gloves so as to avoid leaving any fingerprints.

Câu hỏi: 40056

Câu hỏi số 4:

“ Don’t forget to phone the police,” she said.

Câu hỏi: 40057

Câu hỏi số 5:

The coffee was too hot for me to drink.

Câu hỏi: 40058

Bài 63:

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one.

Câu hỏi số 1:

The girl is very friendly. She lived next door to us.

Câu hỏi: 38949

Câu hỏi số 2:

“What is your name?” Mr. Brown asked me.

Câu hỏi: 38950

Câu hỏi số 3:

Learning English is very necessary.

Câu hỏi: 38951

Câu hỏi số 4:

Although his leg was broken, he managed to get out of  the car.

Câu hỏi: 38952

Câu hỏi số 5:

If someone doesn’t put the coal in, the fire will go out.

Câu hỏi: 38953

Bài 64:

Complete each of the following sentences, using the words given. (0,4)

Câu hỏi số 1:

You / mind /if I / borrow / car / ?

Câu hỏi: 38669

Câu hỏi số 2:

Tom / always / going / home / late / so / mother / be/ angry / .

Câu hỏi: 38670

Câu hỏi số 3:

It / be/ necessary / you/ practice English / every day.

Câu hỏi: 38671

Câu hỏi số 4:

Compost / can / made / household / garden waste / .

Câu hỏi: 38672

Câu hỏi số 5:

Flight 710 / Chicago / take off / ten / minutes / .

Câu hỏi: 38673

Bài 65:

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one. (0,4)

Câu hỏi số 1:

People say that they bought this shop last year.           

Câu hỏi: 38504

Câu hỏi số 2:

"How much do you think it will cost?" he said to me.   

Câu hỏi: 38505

Câu hỏi số 3:

Mr.Brown's team has lost the game.He looks very sad. 

Câu hỏi: 38506

Câu hỏi số 4:

Do you know the man who sat next to me at Nam’s birthday party last night?

Câu hỏi: 38507

Câu hỏi số 5:

It takes Minh 2 hours to do his homework every day.

Câu hỏi: 38508

Câu hỏi số 6:

We were late for school because of the heavy rain.

Câu hỏi: 38509

Câu hỏi số 7:

My mother used to make us clean the house. 

Câu hỏi: 38510

Câu hỏi số 8:

"I'm working in a restaurant, and don't care much for it."she said

Câu hỏi: 38511

Câu hỏi số 9:

It’s two years since I last spoke to her.            

Câu hỏi: 38512

Câu hỏi số 10:

Going swimming in the river in the summer is interesting.

Câu hỏi: 38513

Bài 66:

Write a sentence with if ... for each situation. Use a type 2 conditional.

Câu hỏi số 1:

I'm often tired in the morning because I go to bed late.

Câu hỏi: 38365

Câu hỏi số 2:

We haven't got a calculator, so we can't work this out quicker.

Câu hỏi: 38366

Câu hỏi số 3:

Nick can't find the way because he hasn't got a map.

Câu hỏi: 38367

Câu hỏi số 4:

David has so many accidents because he's so clumsy.

Câu hỏi: 38368

Câu hỏi số 5:

I don't write to my friends because I'm so busy.

Câu hỏi: 38369

Bài 67:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaningto the original sentence

Câu hỏi số 1:

'Don't be so disappointed Jane. You can take the driving test again,' said Helen.

Câu hỏi: 36744

Câu hỏi số 2:

It’s hard to concentrate when you are tired.

Câu hỏi: 36745

Câu hỏi số 3:

The bag was so heavy that she couldn’t carry it upstairs.

Câu hỏi: 36746

Câu hỏi số 4:

They say that the visitors were killed by terrorists.

Câu hỏi: 36747

Câu hỏi số 5:

She had only just begun to speak when people started interrupting.

Câu hỏi: 36748

Câu hỏi số 6:

Why don't you get your hair cut, Gavin?" said Adam.

Câu hỏi: 36749

Câu hỏi số 7:

Although he was very tired, he agreed to help me with my homework.

Câu hỏi: 36750

Câu hỏi số 8:

Susan is more attractive than her sister.

Câu hỏi: 36751

Câu hỏi số 9:

Jenny is so creative that we all can rely on her for original ideas.

Câu hỏi: 36752

Câu hỏi số 10:

We couldn’t have managed our business successfully without my father’s money.

Câu hỏi: 36753

Bài 68:

Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) that is the same meaning with the bold sentence.

Câu hỏi số 1:

What a pity! You aren't here with us now.

Câu hỏi: 36010

Câu hỏi số 2:

I want to get the house painted before winter.

Câu hỏi: 36011

Câu hỏi số 3:

My father allowed me to use his car.

Câu hỏi: 36012

Câu hỏi số 4:

Would you please open the door?

Câu hỏi: 36013

Câu hỏi số 5:

I tried to eat the cake, but it was too sweet.

Câu hỏi: 36014

Bài 69:

Rewrite the following sentences beginning with the given words so that the meaning stays the same.

Câu hỏi số 1:

“I am going to travel to Hue City next Saturday.” said the man.

Câu hỏi: 31685

Câu hỏi số 2:

“I didn’t attack anybody!” said the man.

Câu hỏi: 31686

Câu hỏi số 3:

 We do not have enough money so we can’t buy that house.

Câu hỏi: 31687

Câu hỏi số 4:

I haven’t decided to continue my study in a foreign country.

Câu hỏi: 31688

Câu hỏi số 5:

In spite of the rain, the match continued until the last minute.

Câu hỏi: 31689

Câu hỏi số 6:

There were so many people on the train that I couldn’t get a seat.

Câu hỏi: 31690

Câu hỏi số 7:

" Would you like to go out for a drink with me tonight?" he told me.

Câu hỏi: 31691

Câu hỏi số 8:

I’m really sorry I didn’t invite her to the party.

Câu hỏi: 31692

Câu hỏi số 9:

Linda gave me that present on my 20th birthday.

Câu hỏi: 31693

Câu hỏi số 10:

They couldn’t move any further because of the thick fog.

Câu hỏi: 31694

Bài 70:

Rewrite the following sentences so that the meanings stay the same as the ones given.

Câu hỏi số 1:

 If you saw a UFO, what would you do?

Câu hỏi: 31576

Câu hỏi số 2:

 I can’t sing beautifully, so I can’t join them now.

Câu hỏi: 31577

Câu hỏi số 3:

 She couldn’t come to class because of her illness.

Câu hỏi: 31578

Câu hỏi số 4:

 He got down to writing the letter as soon as he returned from his walk.

Câu hỏi: 31579

Câu hỏi số 5:

I have never read such a romantic story.

Câu hỏi: 31580

Câu hỏi số 6:

Even though I admire his courage, I think he is foolish.

Câu hỏi: 31581

Câu hỏi số 7:

The sea was so rough that the ferry couldn’t sail.

Câu hỏi: 31582

Câu hỏi số 8:

Their chances of success are small

Câu hỏi: 31583

Câu hỏi số 9:

Keeping calm is the secret of passing your driving test.

Câu hỏi: 31584

Câu hỏi số 10:

The train journey from London to Bristol takes two hours.

Câu hỏi: 31585

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