Circle the word whose underlined part is differently pronounced from the others


Câu 1:

A. harassment

B. statement

C. paperwork

D. vacating

Câu hỏi : 29284

Câu 2:

A. account

B. adjourn

C. announcement

D. voucher

Câu hỏi : 29285

Câu 3:

A. pension

B. compensate

C. security

D. secretary

Câu hỏi : 29286

Câu 4:

A. pins

B. ringbinders

C. files

D. stamps

Câu hỏi : 29287

Câu 5:

A. technology

B. puncher

C. pitching

D. dispatch

Câu hỏi : 29288

Câu 6:

A. vision

B. mission

C. fusion

D. confusion

Câu hỏi : 29289

Câu 7:

A. headache

B. stomach

C. moustache

D. chemist

Câu hỏi : 29290

Câu 8:

A. danced

B. lived

C. aririved

D. loved

Câu hỏi : 29291

Câu 9:

A. germ

B. gas

C. gain

D. goods

Câu hỏi : 29292

Câu 10:

A. faith

B. failure

C. fainted

D. fairly

Câu hỏi : 29293

Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. Circle A, B, C or D.

Câu 11: The weather has turned_____.

A. coldy and windily

B. coldly and windy

C. cold and windy

D. cold and windily

Câu hỏi : 29319

Câu 12: Nobody is ready,_______?

A. is he

B. isn’t he

C. are they

D. aren’t they

Câu hỏi : 29320

Câu 13: He was pleased to have the _______to hear such a fine musician play his favorite piece of music.

A. occasion

B. possibility

C. opportunity

D. fate

Câu hỏi : 29321

Câu 14: _______I had met him twice before, I didn’t recognize him.

A. Although

B. However

C. If

D. But

Câu hỏi : 29322

Câu 15: I wish you’d stop chatting and _____with some work.

A. get down

B. get on

C. come on

D. come back

Câu hỏi : 29323

Câu 16: He won 35 200.000, _____ he gave his parents.

A. half of which

B. half of that

C. half of them

D. half of it

Câu hỏi : 29324

Câu 17: The bus company has ______ the fare by 50%.

A. raised

B. arisen

C. rose

D. risen

Câu hỏi : 29325

Câu 18:  It’s time you_____ back to your work.

A. go

B. went

C. have gone

D. shall go

Câu hỏi : 29326

Câu 19: There was no_____  in waiting longer than half an hour so we left.

A. good

B. point

C. worth

D. use

Câu hỏi : 29327

Câu 20: If we built more hospitals, we could ____better care of people.

A. get

B. do

C. give

D. take

Câu hỏi : 29328

Câu 21: Twenty-five dollars ______too much to pay for that shirt.

A. is

B. are

C. were

D. been

Câu hỏi : 29329

Câu 22: The kidnappers have been caught, and the child is no longer ______ danger.

A. on

B. in

C. at

D. of

Câu hỏi : 29330

Câu 23: Jim’s parents wouldn't _____ him go to the demonstration.

A. agree

B. allow

C. permit

D. let

Câu hỏi : 29331

Câu 24: Tony always goes to work ______ his car.

A. on

B. by

C. in

D. with

Câu hỏi : 29332

Câu 25: Hoa is very good at ______ English.

A. speak

B. to speak

C. speaking

D. speaks

Câu hỏi : 29333

Choose the best word or phrase with the same meaning as the underlined part. Circle A, B, C or D.

Câu 26: What would happen if the water resources were made dirty?

A.  run out

B. restricted

C. polluted

D. destroyed

Câu hỏi : 29352

Câu 27: Most people who live in apartments are urban dwellers.

A. of a village

B. of a city

C. wealthy

D. famous

Câu hỏi : 29353

Câu 28: He was proud of his son’s accomplishment.

A. first attempt

B. endurance

C. determination

D. achievement

Câu hỏi : 29354

Câu 29: They extended the road for ten more miles.

A. lengthened

B. repaired

C. planned

D. constructed

Câu hỏi : 29355

Câu 30: It is risky to climb to the top of that tree.

A. unusual

B. normal

C. dangerous

D. brave

Câu hỏi : 29356

Each of these sentences contains 1 mistake. Find and correct them.

Câu 31: The police is now investigating the robbery that took place in our neighborhood last night.

A. is

B. robbery

C. took

D. in

Câu hỏi : 29364

Câu 32: There was a slight disagreement between committee members of the Club, regarding their trip next month.

A. slight

B. between

C. regarding

D. next month

Câu hỏi : 29365

Câu 33: My pen has very few ink in it; so could you give me some?

A. very

B. few

C. so

D. some

Câu hỏi : 29366

Câu 34: Either William or his brother have to do this.

A. either

B. or

C. have

D. to do

Câu hỏi : 29367

Câu 35: It is hoped that the develop countries will be less selfish in their economic policies and help the poorer nations.

A. develop

B. less

C. economic

D. poorer

Câu hỏi : 29368

Give the correct form of the words in bold in the same line. Write your answers on the numbered blanks.

Câu 36: My teacher ______me to take this exam. (courage)

A. encourage

B. disencouraged

C. encourages

D. encouraged

Câu hỏi : 29383

Câu 37: He has the ______to become a professional football player. (able)

A. abled

B. ability

C. abilities

D. unable

Câu hỏi : 29384

Câu 38: Give me something to drink please! I'm dying of_____ (thirsty)

A. thirst

B. thirstily

C. thirstying

D. thirsteen

Câu hỏi : 29385

Câu 39: We try to bring our work to ______(satisfy)

A. satisfation

B. satisfied

C. satisfying

D. satisfactory

Câu hỏi : 29386

Câu 40: The________ of the question was requested. (repeat)

A. repeatable

B. repetition

C. reapeating

D. repeater

Câu hỏi : 29387

Câu 41: The teacher checks for regular_____ (attend)

A. attendances

B. attendance

C. attending

D. attenders

Câu hỏi : 29388

Câu 42: The roads are rough in ______areas, so it's hard to travel by car. (mountain)

A. mountainous

B. mountainside

C. mountainy

D. mountaintop

Câu hỏi : 29389

Câu 43: The people whose houses are to be demolishes when the new road is rebuild will be _______outside the city. (house)

A. housing

B. houseful

C. household

D. housed

Câu hỏi : 29390

Câu 44:  My mother wants me to have this photograph _____(large)

A. enlargement

B. largely

C. enlarged

D. enlarging

Câu hỏi : 29391

Câu 45: Who is the_____ of this wonderful work of art? (create)

A. creative

B. creator

C. creation

D. creating

Câu hỏi : 29392

Supply the correct tenses of the VERBS in bracket in either active or passive voice

Every ten minutes, one species of animal, plant, or insect ______(1. die) out for ever. If nothing is done about it, one million species that are alive today ______(2. become) extinct twenty years from now.

Fortunately, somebody is trying to do something about it. In 1961, the World Wildlife Fund _____(3.found) - a small group of people who ______(4. want) to raise money to save animals and plants from extinction. Today, the World Wildlife Fund is a large international organization. It _____(5. raise) over 35 million pounds for conservation projects, and has given support to National Parks in six continents. It _______(6. help) 30 mammals and birds - including the tiger to survive. Perhaps this is not much, but it is a start.

If more people_____ (7. give) more money - and if more governments wake up to what ______(8. happen) - perhaps the World Wildlife Fund____ (9. be) able to help us avoid the disaster that ______(10. threaten) the natural world, and all of us with it.

Câu 46: ______(1. die)

A. dies

B. died

C. is died

D. have died

Câu hỏi : 29413

Câu 47: ______(2. become)

A. become

B. will have become

C. are becoming

D. have become

Câu hỏi : 29414

Câu 48: _____(3.found)

A. founded

B. has been founded

C. was founded

D. founding

Câu hỏi : 29415

Câu 49: ______(4. want)

A. had wanted

B. have wanted

C. want

D. wanted

Câu hỏi : 29416

Câu 50: _____(5. raise)

A. raised

B. has raised

C. is raised

D. has been raising

Câu hỏi : 29417

Câu 51: ______(6. help)

A. helps

B. has helped

C. helped

D. to help

Câu hỏi : 29418

Câu 52: _____ (7. give)

A. giving

B. given

C. give

D. to give

Câu hỏi : 29419

Câu 53: ______(8. happen)

A. to happen

B. to be happened

C. is happening

D. happened

Câu hỏi : 29420

Câu 54: ___ (9. be)

A. will be

B. is

C. to be

D. being

Câu hỏi : 29421

Câu 55:  ______(10. threaten)

A. threatening

B. threatens

C. threaten

D. threatened

Câu hỏi : 29422

Choose the word that best fits each of the blanks in the following passage. Circle A, B, C or D to indicate your answers.

Are you one of the thousands of people who eagerly follow every new (1)_____ that appears? Or are you one of those who go to the shops and just buy (2)____ they can find in their size that (3)______ them? Or perhaps you order from a mail- order catalogue, and then have to send everything back because nothing fits?

Whatever kind of shopper you are, one thing is certain. Every one finds clothes important. (4)______ a recent survey, people spend more time (5)________ buying clothes or thinking about buying them, or looking at them in shop windows, than they do on most other products, apart from food. And the reason is obvious. Clothes are an important part of our appearance. At work, you may need to impress a customer. or persuade the boss that you know what you are doing, and clothes certainly help. Well dressed people, so they say, get on in the world. And as far as attracting the opposite sex is concerned, clothes also play a vital role. (6)_______a friend who has been wearing the same old jacket or the same old dress suddenly appears in the (7)_____ fashion, you can be sure that romance is in the air. And apart from work and romance, there are the (8)_____ of sport, music and leisure on the way we dress. So excuse me while I (9)_____ on my tracksuit and training shoes. I‘m just dashing off ( 10)__ some fast window-shopping.

Câu 56: ______(1)

A. appearance

B. fashion

C. uniform

D. dress

Câu hỏi : 29444

Câu 57: _____(2)

A. whatever

B. whoever

C. whichever

D. however

Câu hỏi : 29445

Câu 58: _______(3)

A. matches

B. suits

C. takes

D. couples

Câu hỏi : 29446

Câu 59: ______(4)

A.  On account of

B. Because of

C. According to

D. Due to

Câu hỏi : 29447

Câu 60: _______(5)

A. but

B. either

C. or

D. nor

Câu hỏi : 29448

Câu 61: _______(6)

A. If

B. Because

C. Although

D. Unless

Câu hỏi : 29449

Câu 62: _____(7)

A. last

B. minute

C. latest

D. complete

Câu hỏi : 29450

Câu 63: _______(8)

A. affects

B. benefits

C. conveniences

D. influences

Câu hỏi : 29451

Câu 64: _______(9)

A.  have

B. dress

C. wear

D. put

Câu hỏi : 29452

Câu 65: ______(10)

A.  in

B. for

C. to

D. toward

Câu hỏi : 29453

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. Circle A, B, C or D to indicate your answers.

The search for alternative sources of energy has led in various directions. Many communities are burning garbage and other biological waste products to produce electricity. Converting waste products to gases or oil is also an efficient way to dispose of waste.

Experimental work is being done to derive synthetic fuels from coal, oil shale and coal tats. But to date, the process has proven expensive. Other experiments are underway to harness power with giant windmills. Geothermal power, heart form earth, is also being tested.

Some experts expect utility companies to revive hydroelectric power derived form streams and rivers. Fifty years ago hydroelectric power provided one third of the electricity used in the United States, but today it supplies only four percent. The oceans are another potential source of energy. Scientists are studying ways to convert the energy of ocean currents, tides and waves to electricity. Experiments are also underway to make use of the temperature differences in ocean water to produce energy.

Câu 66: Which is the best title of the passage?

A. The Use of Water Productions for Energy.

B. The Search for Alternative Sources of Energy.

C. Efficient Ways of Disposing of Waste.

D. New Discoveries in Geothermal Power.

Câu hỏi : 29461

Câu 67: Fifty years ago one third of the electricity in the United States was provided by_____

A. wind

B. waste products

C. water

D. oil

Câu hỏi : 29462

Câu 68: In the second paragraph, the phrase “synthetic fuels" could best be replaced by which of the following?

A. Biological fuels

B. Low burning fuels

C. Fast burning fuels

D. Artificial made fuels

Câu hỏi : 29463

Câu 69: Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage as an alternative source of energy?

A. Electricity

B. Geothermal power

C. Synthetic Fuels

D. Burning of garbage

Câu hỏi : 29464

Câu 70: According to the author, the impracticality of using coal, oil shale and coal tars as sources of energy is due to_____

A. their being time consuming

B. their being money consuming

C. the scarcity of sources

D. the lack of technology

Câu hỏi : 29465

Read the following passage. Choose from the sentences below which best fits in each numbered gap (1-5). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Carnival is definitely not a spectator sport. lt’s very difficult to get carried away by the atmosphere unless (0)__(you are taking part yourself)___ and by that I mean wearing a disguise of some kind, even if it‘s nothing more than a mask or a funny hat. In fact, the number of people (1)_______is usually fairly small, so you will almost certainly be conspicuous out of fancy dress. You are bound to regret not having gone to a bit of trouble when (2)____ having the time of their lives. Ask a friend to lend you a costume if (3)____. You may even find that (4)_____ . If all else fails, you can always improvise with old streets and clothes, after all, you don’t have to look spectacular, elegant or beautiful, but you should try to enter into the spirit of the festivities if (5)_____

Câu 71: ______(1)

A. whom do not confuse to dress up

B. who do not bother to dress up

C. who does not bother to dress up

D. who does not worry to dress up

Câu hỏi : 29471

Câu 72: _____(2)

A. you see every body else

B. you see no one

C. you saw every body else

D. you see every body

Câu hỏi : 29472

Câu 73: _______(3)

A. you do not have one

B. you do not bring one

C. you do not do one

D. you do not own one

Câu hỏi : 29473

Câu 74: _______(4)

A. they are available in hire anywhere

B. they are available for hire anywhere

C. they are available for hire somewhere

D. they are inavailable for hire anywhere

Câu hỏi : 29474

Câu 75: _______(5)

A. you don't want to enjoy them

B. you like them

C. you want to hate them

D. you want to enjoy them

Câu hỏi : 29475

Fill in each numbered space with one suitable word.

I’d like to talk about some of the problems that students face_____ (1) they follow a course of study through the medium of English ______(2) English is not their mother tongue. The problems can be _____(3) into three broad categories: psychological, cultural and linguistic. The first two categories mainly affect those ____(4) come to study in Britain. I’ll comment only briefly on these two categories and then spend most of the time looking at linguistic difficulties apply to everyone. Some of the common psychological problems really involve fear of the unknown: for _____(5) , whether one’s academic studies will be too difficult. Looking at the cultural problems, we can see that some of them are of a very practical nature, e.g. arranging satisfactory accommodation. Others are less easy to define. ____(6) largest category seems to be linguistic. Let’s look at this ______(7) some detail. Most students, in their (8) countries, will have little opportunity to practice using____(9) . When foreign learners first have the opportunity to speak to an English-speaking person they may have a shock: they often have great _____(10) in understanding.

Câu 76: _____(1)

A. when

B. what

C. which

D. who

Câu hỏi : 29482

Câu 77: ______(2)

A. whether

B. if

C. provided

D. unless

Câu hỏi : 29483

Câu 78: ________(3)

A. dividing

B. divided

C. dividen

D. to devide

Câu hỏi : 29484

Câu 79: _____(4)

A. whom

B. whose

C. which

D. who

Câu hỏi : 29485

Câu 80: _______(5)

A. distance

B. example

C. regarding

D. instances

Câu hỏi : 29486

Câu 81: _______(6)

A. a

B. an

C. some

D. the

Câu hỏi : 29487

Câu 82: _____(7)

A. at

B. on

C. in

D. by

Câu hỏi : 29488

Câu 83: ______(8)

A. own

B. have

C. gain

D. obtain

Câu hỏi : 29489

Câu 84: _____(9)

A. country

B. English

C. language

D. opportunity

Câu hỏi : 29490

Câu 85: ______(10)

A. difficult

B. difficulty

C. difficulties

D. problem

Câu hỏi : 29491

Finish the second sentence in each pair in such a way that it means the same as the sentence before it.

Câu 86: He has never been on board a ship before.

A. This is first time he has ever been on board a ship

B. This is first time he has never been on board a ship

C. This is first time he was on board a ship

D. This is first time he had been on board a ship

Câu hỏi : 29493

Câu 87: David finds it easy to make friends.

A. David has no any difficulty to making friends

B. David has no difficulty in making friends

C. David has no difficult in making friends

D. David has no difficulty to make friends

Câu hỏi : 29494

Câu 88: Finish eating first, then you can watch TV.

A. You can watch TV and you have finished eating

B. You can't watch TV if you have finished eating

C. You can't watch TV until you have finished eating

D. Before watching TV, you have eaten

Câu hỏi : 29495

Câu 89: In spite of her tiredness, she managed to finish her work.

A. Although she was tired, she managed to finish her work

B. Despite she was tired, she managed to finish her work

C. Because she was tired, she managed to finish her work

D. Although she was tired, she had managed to finish her work

Câu hỏi : 29496

Câu 90: No messages have come for me, have they?

A. There have been no messages for me, haven't there?

B. There have been no messages for me, have there?

C. There has not been any messages for me, has there?

D. There has not been any messages for me, hasn't there?

Câu hỏi : 29497

Câu 91: When he drinks a lot, he gets very bad.

A. The more he drinks, the worse he gets badly

B. If he drinks more, the worse he gets

C. The more he drinks, the worse he gets

D. The much he drinks, the worse he gets

Câu hỏi : 29498

Câu 92: I regret not buying any tickets for the concert.

A. I wish I bought some tickets for the concerts

B. I wish I had bought some tickets for the concerts

C. I wish I have bought some tickets for the concerts

D. I wish I can bought some tickets for the concerts

Câu hỏi : 29499

Câu 93: My advice to you is to go to the doctor’s.

A. If I were you, I would go to the doctor's

B. I think you to go to the dentist

C. If I had been you, I would have gone to the doctor's

D. Unless I had been you, I would have gone to the doctor's

Câu hỏi : 29500

Câu 94: A doctor is taking his temperature

A. He is having his temperature taken by a doctor

B. He is having a doctor take his temperature taken by a doctor

C. He is a doctor taking his temperature taken by a doctor

D. He is having a doctor takeing his temperature taken by a doctor

Câu hỏi : 29501

Câu 95:  I was not familiar with that kind of computer.

A. It was a kind of computer which I had

B. It was a kind of computer, which I was not familiar with which I was not familiar

C. It was a kind of computer that I was not familiar with which I was not familiar

D. It was a kind of computer that I was not familiar

Câu hỏi : 29502

Write the second sentence in such a way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence. Use the word given in brackets and other words as necessary. Do not change the form of the given word. 

Câu 96: He drove so carelessly that he had an accident last month. (such)

A. He was so a careless driver he had an acident last month.

B. He was such a careless driver that he had an acident last month.

C. He was such a careful driver that he didn't have an acident last month.

D. He was such a carelful driver that he had an acident last month.

Câu hỏi : 29504

Câu 97: Dicken’s last novel was unfinished when he died. (without)

A. Dicken died without finishing his last novel

B. Dicken died without being finished his last novel

C. Dicken died without having finished his last novel

D. Dicken died without to finish his last novel

Câu hỏi : 29505

Câu 98: Mark is too young to see the horror film. (enough)

A. Mark isn't young enough to see the horror film

B. Mark isn't old enough to see the horror film

C. Mark isn't time enough to see the horror film

D. Mark isn't enough old to see the horror film

Câu hỏi : 29506

Câu 99: Everyone but Jane failed to produce the correct answer. (succeeded)

A. If only Jane successed in producing the correct answer.

B. Jane always successed in producing the correct answer.

C. Only Jane successed in producing the correct answer.

D. Only Jane successed on producing the correct answer.

Câu hỏi : 29507

Câu 100:  “How about going to the concert?” said John. (suggested)

A. John suggested we should go to the concert

B. John suggested why don't go to the concert

C. John suggested to go to the concert

D. John suggested going to the concert

Câu hỏi : 29508

Write meaningful sentences using suggested words.

Câu 101: train/ already leave/ before/ I/ get/ station

A. The train had already left before I had got to the stattion

B. The train had already left before I got to the stattion

C. The train already left before I got to the stattion

D. The train already left before I got to the stattion

Câu hỏi : 29510

Câu 102: what/ happen/ if/ there/ no plants/ earth?

A. what happened if there were no plants on earth?

B. what would happen if there were no plants on earth?

C. what be happening if there were no plants on earth?

D. what would happen if there was no plants on earth?

Câu hỏi : 29511

Câu 103: we/ now/ face/ problem/ overpopulation

A. we are now facing with the problem of overpopulation

B. we now face with the problem of overpopulation

C. we are now facing with the problem in overpopulation

D. we are now facing many the problem of overpopulation

Câu hỏi : 29512

Câu 104: if/ you/ not help/ I/ not meet/ my brother/ last month

A. If you didn't help me, I wouldn't meet my brother last monthe.

B. If you hadn't helped me, I wouldn't have met my brother last month.

C. If you had helped me, I wouldn't have met my brother last month.

D. unless you had helped me, I wouldn't have met my brother last month.

Câu hỏi : 29513

Câu 105: you/ never/ will/ regret/ do/such/ kind action

A. you will never regret done such a kind action

B. you will never regret to do such kind action

C. you will never regret to doing (such) a kind action

D. you will never regret doing (such) a kind action

Câu hỏi : 29514