Mark the letter A, B, C,or D on your answer sheet to indicate correct answer to each of the following questions .

Câu hỏi số 1:

There is a ________  of plant which is found only in this particular valley.

Câu hỏi số 2:

“Excuse me, can you tell me where I can catch a bus please?”

Câu hỏi số 3:

Helen is______ seafood, so she never tries these delicious dishes.

Câu hỏi số 4:

The child became_____ and started to twist his chair during the long movie.

Câu hỏi số 5:

She took a pullover____ it turned chilly in the evening.

Câu hỏi số 6:

The new system _____ a faster service.

Câu hỏi số 7:

Doing this exercise may ______ you to pass the exam.

Câu hỏi số 8:

Jane often remembered _______ to her mother before she became ill.

Câu hỏi số 9:

It’s getting dark. You____ decide quickly whether you want to go with us.

Câu hỏi số 10:

- "Want me to turn up the heater?” - " ______ "

Câu hỏi số 11:

At least half of the world’s population _______ more than one language.  

Câu hỏi số 12:

___________ you to be offered that job, would you have to move to another city?  

Câu hỏi số 13:

The police ________  out in the streets because they were expecting huge crowds for the festival.  

Câu hỏi số 14:

I hope you don’t mind____ you unexpectedly like this. I just happened to be passing.

Câu hỏi số 15:

Jonathan is training hard____ he will do well in next month’s marathon.

Câu hỏi số 16:

Of the three courses I did, this one is ________ interesting.

Câu hỏi số 17:

__________ you tickle me, I won’t tell you because it’s a secret.

Câu hỏi số 18:

Joanne: “You look nice in these blue jeans, Helen.” Helen: “_____ ”

Câu hỏi số 19:

Behavioural ecology_____ by the fact that animals are instinctive creatures.

Câu hỏi số 20:

It’s difficult to use ______  unless you understand the technology behind them.

Câu hỏi số 21:

If we all work hard, we _________ something useful.

Câu hỏi số 22:

Tom, “Have you decided when you’ll leave?” Jerry: “Not exactly, but I think the sooner, ______ ”

Câu hỏi số 23:

The research may make it possible for people to live for _______ of years.

Câu hỏi số 24:

Some cafes look for innovative ways to attract new business, _____offer their customers email service.  

Câu hỏi số 25:

I wouldn’t recommend _________ home alone at night.

Câu hỏi số 26:

There was a huge crowd____ the stadium _______  the game to start.

Câu hỏi số 27:

New Zealand was the first country _______  women the vote.

Câu hỏi số 28:

It was difficult at first, but she soon got _______ in a flat.

Câu hỏi số 29:

Emma: “There aren’t many people here yet, are there?” Jimmy: “_________ ”

Câu hỏi số 30:

If you want a ticket, I can get ________ for you.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction in each of the questions 

Câu hỏi số 31:

If someone feels faint, you should have him lied flat,keep his  head low, and make him breathe deeply.

Câu hỏi số 32:

Anne couldn't break her leg; she is always very careful.

Câu hỏi số 33:

 Multinational corporations are companies operate  in more than one country.

Câu hỏi số 34:

I was thinking of taking up gymnastics, but I wonder if there’s any point to spend so much money on club fees.

Câu hỏi số 35:

Do you remember  to try this kind of food somewhere else  before?

Mark the letter A, B, C,or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions.

Câu hỏi số 36:

Câu hỏi: 16895

Câu hỏi số 37:

Câu hỏi: 16896

Câu hỏi số 38:

Câu hỏi: 16897

Câu hỏi số 39:

Câu hỏi: 16898

Câu hỏi số 40:

Câu hỏi: 16899

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions .

Câu hỏi số 41:

I need to get off at some station but I can’t remember which one.

Câu hỏi số 42:

A new law may soon be passed to deal with the problem.

Câu hỏi số 43:

We moved to this house this time nine years ago.

Câu hỏi số 44:

You needn’t take the course if you don’t want to.

Câu hỏi số 45:

Does parking here cost anything?

Câu hỏi số 46:

I’m sure that Anne won’t be late.

Câu hỏi số 47:

We expected her to be here hours ago. Where is she?

Câu hỏi số 48:

I would prefer no to go out tonight.

Câu hỏi số 49:

I’m sure it isn’t the engine — it’s just been checked.

Câu hỏi số 50:

There is nothing new in the use of herbs and spices.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 51 to 60.

The Cult of Celebrity

Once children had ambitions to be doctors, explorers, sportsmen, artists or scientists. Now, taking their lead from TV, they just “want to be famous”.Fame is no longer a (51) ______ for gallant service or great, perhaps even selfless endeavour. It is an end in itself, and the sooner it can be (52) ______ the sooner the lonely bedroom mirror can be replaced by the TV camera and flash gun, the (53) ______ . Celebrity is the profession of the moment , a vain glorious (54) ______ which, like some 18th-century royal court, seems to exist largely so that the (55) ______ of us might watch and be imazed while its members live out their lives in public, like self-regarding members of some glittering soap opera.

Today, (56) ______ anyone can be famous. Never has fame (57) ______ more democratic, more ordinary, more achievable. No wonder it s a modern ambition. It’s easy to see why people crave celebrity, why generations reared on the instant fame offered by television want to step out of the limousine with the flashlights bouncing around them. (58) ______ doesn’t want to be the (59) ______ of attention at some time in their lives?

Modern celebrity, peopled by the largely vain and vacuous*, fills a need in our lives. It (60) ______ talks shows, sells goods and newspapers and rewards the famous for — well, being famous.

* vacuous (adj) tỏ ra thiếu suy nghĩ, kém thông minh

Câu hỏi số 51:

________ (51)

Câu hỏi số 52:

________ (52)

Câu hỏi số 53:

________ (53)

Câu hỏi số 54:

________ (54)

Câu hỏi số 55:

________ (55)

Câu hỏi số 56:

________ (56)

Câu hỏi số 57:

________ (57)

Câu hỏi số 58:

________ (58)

Câu hỏi số 59:

________ (59)

Câu hỏi số 60:

________ (60)

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C,or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions .

Health Tips for Travelers

Travel is fun and exciting, but not if you get sick. You may think, "Not me. I won't get sick on my vacation!" However, for many people, that is what happens. You do not want to spend your vacation sick in bed, of course. If you have heart trouble, you do not want to make it worse. What can you do to stay in good health? These are the three things to remember when you travel: relax, sleep, and eat well.

A vacation is supposed to be a time for relaxing, but tourists often forget that. There are so many places to visit: museums, churches, parks, and shops. You want to see as much as possible, of course, and so you spend most of your days on your feet. This is tiring. Your feet may start to hurt. You may get a headache or a backache. If this is the way you feel, you should take a rest. Do not ask your body to do too much. A tired body means a weak body, and a weak body gets sick easily. So sit down for a few hours in a nice spot. In good weather, look for a quiet park bench or an outdoor cafe. You can learn a lot by watching people while you rest.

Sleep is also important. If you want to stay healthy, you need to get enough sleep. That is not always easy when you are traveling. You may have a noisy hotel room or an uncomfortable bed. If you do, don't be afraid to change rooms or even hotels. If you are young, you may have other reasons for not sleeping. In many cities the nightlife is exciting. You may want to stay out late at night. Then you should plan to sleep during the day. That extra rest can make a big difference.

Finally, whatever age you are, you must eat well. That means eating the right kinds of foods. Your body needs fresh fruits and vegetables and some meat, milk, or fish. You also need to be careful about eating new foods. Try small amounts first to make sure they are okay for you. And of course, stay away from foods that are very rich.

Remember this: If you want to enjoy your vacation, take care of yourself. Give your body some rest. Get enough sleep and eat good, healthy food.

Câu hỏi số 61:

This article is about _________ .

Câu hỏi: 16930

Câu hỏi số 62:

A vacation is not fun if ______ .

Câu hỏi: 16931

Câu hỏi số 63:

According to the passage, sightseeing is _______ .

Câu hỏi: 16932

Câu hỏi số 64:

The word This in paragraph 2 refers to the action of _______ .

Câu hỏi: 16933

Câu hỏi số 65:

It's a good idea to_____ .

Câu hỏi: 16934

Câu hỏi số 66:

You can get sick more easily if you are _______ .

Câu hỏi: 16935

Câu hỏi số 67:

Your body needs sleep to ______ .

Câu hỏi: 16936

Câu hỏi số 68:

When you travel, your body needs  _________ .

Câu hỏi: 16937

Câu hỏi số 69:

For good health, you need _____ .

Câu hỏi: 16938

Câu hỏi số 70:

It can be inferred from the passage that tourists _______ .

Câu hỏi: 16939

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions .

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative identity disorder is a psychological condition in which a person's identity dissociates, or fragments, thereby creating distinct independent identities within one individual. Each separate personality can be distinct from the other personalities in a number of ways, including: posture, manner of moving, tone and pitch of voice, gestures, facial expressions, and use of language. A person suffering from dissociative identity disorder may have a large number of independent personalities or perhaps only two or three.

Two stories of actual women suffering from dissociative identity disorder have been extensively recounted in books and films that are fimiliar to the public. One of them is the story of a woman with 22 seprarate personalities known as Eve. In the 1950s, a book by Corbett Thiapen and  a motion picture starring Joanne Woodward, each of which was titled Three Faces of Eve, presented her story; the title referred to 3 faces. when the woman known as Eve actually experienced 22 different personalities, because only 3 of the personalities could exist at one time. Two decades later, Carolyn Sizemore, Eve's 22nd personality, wrote about her experiences in a book entitled I'm Eve. The second well-known story of a woman suffering from dissociative personality disorder is the story of Sybil, a woman whose 16 distinct personalities emerged over a period of 40 years. A book describing Sybil's experiences was written by Flora Rrela Schreiber MKi was published in 1973; a motion picture based on the book and starring Sally Field followed.

dissociative identity disorder:

Câu hỏi số 71:

It is NOT stated in paragraph 1 that someone suffering from dissociative identity disorder has  ________ .

Câu hỏi số 72:

It is indicated in paragraph 1 that distinct personalities can differ in all of the following ways EXCEPT ________ .

Câu hỏi số 73:

The word recounted in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to ________ .

Câu hỏi số 74:

The word them in paragraph 2 refers to _________.

Câu hỏi số 75:

It is indicated in paragraph 2 that it is NOT true tíiat Eve ________ .

Câu hỏi số 76:

 It is NOT stated in paragraph 2 that The Three Faces of Eve ________ .

Câu hỏi số 77:

All of the following are mentioned in paragraph 2 about Carolyn Sizemore EXCEPT that she _______ .

Câu hỏi số 78:

According to paragraph 2, it is NOT true that Sybil ________ . 

Câu hỏi số 79:

It is NOT indicated in paragraph 2 that the book describing Sybil's experiences _____ . 

Câu hỏi số 80:

Which of the following is true about Eve and Sybil?