Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions.

Câu hỏi số 1:

Câu hỏi số 2:

Câu hỏi số 3:

Câu hỏi số 4:

Câu hỏi số 5:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu hỏi số 6:

The word “Olympic” ________ from Olympian in Greece.

Câu hỏi số 7:

Prices____ considerably since this time last year.

Câu hỏi số 8:

By the year 2050, many people currently employed __________ their jobs.

Câu hỏi số 9:

_____  a famous personality has its advantages and its disadvantages.

Câu hỏi số 10:

 _____ he took off his dark glasses, I recognized him.

Câu hỏi số 11:

________ the weather forecast, it will rain heavily later this morning.

Câu hỏi số 12:

 “You'd better stop spending money, ______ you’ll end up in debt.”

Câu hỏi số 13:

 “Give her a telephone number to ring __________ she gets lost.”

Câu hỏi số 14:

There was a small room into ________ we all crowded.

Câu hỏi số 15:

Minh’s compositions are full of mistakes, but they are very __________  .

Câu hỏi số 16:

I find my boss difficult to work with - he is always __________ my idea.

Câu hỏi số 17:

Many modern refrigerators never need _______-_ .

Câu hỏi số 18:

Phil was sentenced to three years _________ for his part in the robbery.

Câu hỏi số 19:

Julia is being kept in an isolation ward because she is highly ____________ .

Câu hỏi số 20:

Don't put David in charge of arranging the theater trip; he’s too __________ .

Câu hỏi số 21:

The rhinoceros, whose numbers have dropped alarrningly recently, has been declared a(n) _________ species.  

Câu hỏi số 22:

Brighton is a famous __________ town on the South coast of England.

Câu hỏi số 23:

My friends have just moved to a new flat in the residential area on the _________ of Paris.  

Câu hỏi số 24:

My parents always_____ of my smoking. They even told me once it would stop me growing taller.

Câu hỏi số 25:

 “It’s not true. Hes ___________ a lot of nonsense!”

Câu hỏi số 26:

Don't believe a word Bob says. He’s a terrible __________ .

Câu hỏi số 27:

Many old people don’t like to change. They are very set in their _________ .

Câu hỏi số 28:

The old car is reliable; so far it hasn’t let me ________ .

Câu hỏi số 29:

The noise of the typewriter really _________ me off. I just couldn’t concentrate.

Câu hỏi số 30:

Many young people travel all over the world, and do all kinds of jobs before they ________ .

Câu hỏi số 31:

Tom: “Shall we go out tonight?” Jane: “ ____________ "

Câu hỏi số 32:

Nga: “I hear ‘The Golden Bridge’ is a very good Hoa: “ _____________ "

Câu hỏi số 33:

Minh: “What would you like to do at the weekend?” Phong: “ __________ "

Câu hỏi số 34:

Julia: “_____ ” Carol: “No, that's Helen’s.”

Câu hỏi số 35:

Mrs. Brovvn: “What is the matter with your son?” Mrs. Black: “__________ ”

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

Câu hỏi số 36:

The earth was flat, was believed by most people in the fifteenth century.

Câu hỏi số 37:

The stars are such far away that they can’t be seen without a telescope.

Câu hỏi số 38:

Nora hardly never misses an opportunity to play  in the tennis tournament.

Câu hỏi số 39:

The most coral islands develop from reefs that grow up aroand volcanic islands.

Câu hỏi số 40:

The examination will test your ability to understand spoken English, to read non-technical language, and writing correctly.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct tvord for each of the blanks.

If you are an environmentalist, plastic is a word you tend to say with a sneer or a snarl. It has become a symbol of our wasteful, throwaway society. But there seems little doubt it is here to stay, and the truth is, of course, that plastics have brought enormous (41) ________ , even environmental ones. It’s not really the plastics themselves that are the environmental evil - it’s the way society chooses to use and (42)________ them.

Almost all the 50 or so different kinds of modem plastic are made from oil, gas or coal - nonrenewable natural (43) ________ . We import well over three million tons of the stuff in Britain each year and,  sooner or later, most of it is thrown away. A high (44) ________ of our annual consumption is in the (45) ________ of packing, and this (46) ________ about seven per cent by weight, of our domestic refuse. Almost all of it could be recycled. but very little of it is, though the plastic recycling (47) ________ is growing fast.

The plastics themselves are extremely energy-rich - they have a higher calorific (48) ________ than coal and one method of “recovery” strongly (49) ________ by the plastic manufacturers is the (50) ________ of waste plastic into fuel.

Câu hỏi số 41:

Câu hỏi số 42:

Câu hỏi số 43:

Câu hỏi số 44:

Câu hỏi số 45:

Câu hỏi số 46:

Câu hỏi số 47:

Câu hỏi số 48:

Câu hỏi số 49:

Câu hỏi số 50:

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

Although speech is the most advanced form communication, there are many ways of communicating without using speech. Signals, signs, symbols, and gestures may be found in every known culture. The basic function of a signal is to impinge upon the environment in such a way that it attracts attention as, for example, the dots and dashes of a teleeraph circuit. Coded to refer to speech, the potential for communication is very great. Less adaptable to the confiscation of words, signs also contain meaning in and of themselves. A stop sign or a barber pole conveys meaning quickly and conveniently. Symbols are more difficult to describe than either signals or signs because of their intricate relationship with the receiver’s cultural perceptions. In some cultures, applauding in a theater provides performers with an auditory symbol of approval. Gestures sucli as waving and handshaking also communicate certain cultural messages.

Although signals, signs, symbols and gestures are very useful, they do have a major disadvantage. They usually do not allow ideas to be shared without the sender being directly adjacent to the receiver. As a result, means of communication intended to be used for long distances and extended periods are based upon speech. Radio, television and the telephone are only a few.

Câu hỏi số 51:

Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

Câu hỏi số 52:

What does the author say about speech?

Câu hỏi số 53:

According to the passage, what is a signal?

Câu hỏi số 54:

The phrase “impinge upon” in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to ________ .

Câu hỏi số 55:

The word “it” in paragraph 1 refers to _________ .

Câu hỏi số 56:

The word “potential" in paragraph 1 could be replaced by ________ .

Câu hỏi số 57:

The word “intricate” in paragraph 1 could be best replaced by  ________ .

Câu hỏi số 58:

Applauding was cited as an example of _________ .

Câu hỏi số 59:

Why were the telephone, radio, and TV invented?

Câu hỏi số 60:

It may be concluded from this passage that _____________ .

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct annswer to each of the questions.

Human memory, formerly believed to be rather inefficient, ỉs really more sophisticated than that of a computer. Researchers approaching the problem from a variety of viewpoints have all concluded that there is a great deal more stored in our minds than has been generally supposed. Dr. Wilder Pentleld, a Canadian neurosurgeon, proved that by stimulating their brains electrically, he could elicit the total recall of complex events in his subjects' lives. Even dreams and other minor events supposedly forgotten for many years suddenly emerged in detail.

The memory trace is the term for whatever forms the internal representation of the specific information about the event stored in the memory. Assumed to have been made by structural changes in the brain, the memory trace is not subject to direct observation but is rather a theoretical construct that is used to speculate about how information presented at a particular time can cause performance at a later time. Most theories include the strength of the memory trace as a variable in the degrees of learning, retention, and retrieval possible a memory. One theory is that the fantastic capacity for storage in the brain is the result of an almost unlimited combination of interconnections between brain cells, stimulated by patterns of activity. Repeated references to the same information support recall. Or, to say that another way, improved performance is the result of strengthening the chemical bonds in the memory.

Câu hỏi số 61:

With what topic is the passage mainly concerned?

Câu hỏi số 62:

The word “formerly” in paragraph 1 could be best replaced by ________ .

Câu hỏi số 63:

 The word “that” in paragraph 1 refers to ________ .

Câu hỏi số 64:

Compared with a computer, human memory is ___________  .

Câu hỏi số 65:

According to the passage, researchers have concluded that _________ .

Câu hỏi số 66:

The word “elicit” in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to ____________.

Câu hỏi số 67:

How did Penfield stimulate dreams and other minor events from the past?

Câu hỏi số 68:

The word “bonds” in the last sentence of the passage means  _________ .

Câu hỏi số 69:

According to the passage, the capacity for storage in the brain ___________ .

Câu hỏi số 70:

All of the following are true of memory trace EXCEPT that _________ .

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions.

Câu hỏi số 71:

He’s forgotten Paul’s phone number.

Câu hỏi số 72:

The repairs to my roof will be expensive.

Câu hỏi số 73:

I can’t find my shoes.

Câu hỏi số 74:

Boggs had committed a serious crime.

Câu hỏi số 75:

The meeting was put off because of pressure of time.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicaíe the correct option to complete each of the following sentences.

Câu hỏi số 76:

I didn’t see anyone but I felt as though _________ .

Câu hỏi số 77:

Don’t_____ ! They can be recycled.

Câu hỏi số 78:

___________ insist on a full refund.

Câu hỏi số 79:

 If I’m tired in evenings,_____ .

Câu hỏi số 80:

Can you see these letters first, please? The others __________.