Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions.

Câu hỏi số 1:

Câu hỏi số 2:

Câu hỏi số 3:

Câu hỏi số 4:

Câu hỏi số 5:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu hỏi số 6:

You looked tired. ________hard all day?

Câu hỏi: 23340

Câu hỏi số 7:

Thousands of antibiotics ______, but only about thirty are in common use today.

Câu hỏi: 23341

Câu hỏi số 8:

James didn’t come to see us as planned and he didn’t even phone us. He____about the appointment.

Câu hỏi: 23342

Câu hỏi số 9:

If Jack had tried hard the last season, ________

Câu hỏi: 23343

Câu hỏi số 10:

Ann was very surprised to find the door unlocked. She remembered______ it before she left.

Câu hỏi: 23344

Câu hỏi số 11:

 _______Ann by phone, James decided to email her.

Câu hỏi: 23345

Câu hỏi số 12:

“When will we meet: at 7:30 or 8:00?” “I don’t mind. ______is convenient for me."

Câu hỏi: 23346

Câu hỏi số 13:

Since our flight is at 10:00,____ tomorrow morning, we are leaving_____ at 7:00 because we have to be ____the airport two hours before the plane takes_____

Câu hỏi: 23347

Câu hỏi số 14:

Although they played very well, they didn’t win the match because they lack____

Câu hỏi: 23348

Câu hỏi số 15:

Although some people earn a lot of money, they are not _____with their lives.

Câu hỏi: 23349

Câu hỏi số 16:

The instructions must be followed exactly;_______

Câu hỏi: 23350

Câu hỏi số 17:

I’ve never seen ________ festival in my life.

Câu hỏi: 23351

Câu hỏi số 18:

The population of the Earth is increasing at a tremendous rate and _____ out of control.

Câu hỏi: 23352

Câu hỏi số 19:

_________Paul realize that he was on the wrong flight.

Câu hỏi: 23353

Câu hỏi số 20:

Children love playing in the mud,________

Câu hỏi: 23354

Câu hỏi số 21:

______ the breakthrough in genetics will lead to a cure for cancer.

Câu hỏi: 23355

Câu hỏi số 22:

In the early 16"‘ century, the geography of the globe still ______a mystery.

Câu hỏi: 23356

Câu hỏi số 23:

The kind-hearted woman______ all her life to helping the disabled and the poor.

Câu hỏi: 23357

Câu hỏi số 24:

The job they offer ________very interesting with a fashion house in the city centre.

Câu hỏi: 23358

Câu hỏi số 25:

 Lucy was late for school this morning because the alarm didn’t _______as usual.

Câu hỏi: 23359

Câu hỏi số 26:

Sometimes a postman_______ some terrible handwriting and didn’t know where the letter should go.

Câu hỏi: 23360

Câu hỏi số 27:

For the first time the young scientist was given the award ______her work with animals.

Câu hỏi: 23361

Câu hỏi số 28:

 I do wish you’d stop biting your nails, Tom. It really______

Câu hỏi: 23362

Câu hỏi số 29:

His flat looks so _______that it is difficult to believe he just had a party last night.

Câu hỏi: 23363

Câu hỏi số 30:

“Well, what shall we do today? Any ideas?” "________"

Câu hỏi: 23364

Câu hỏi số 31:

"Did you enjoy the movie last night?” "_______"

Câu hỏi: 23365

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrasethat is closest in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.

Câu hỏi số 32:

The tiny irrigation channels were everywhere, and along some of them the water was running.

Câu hỏi số 33:

The workforce is generally accepted to have the best conditions in Europe.

Câu hỏi số 34:

As children we were very close, but as we grew up we just drifted apart.

Câu hỏi số 35:

For a decade, that scientist has studied centenarians, looking for genes that contribute to longevity.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

Câu hỏi số 36:

My brother has a French elegant clock which he considers his property.

Câu hỏi số 37:

A majority students in this university are from overseas.

Câu hỏi số 38:

The new computer made easier for the students to finish the project.

Câu hỏi số 39:

Life expectancy has increased a great deal in spite of modern medicine and technology.

Câu hỏi số 40:

Some predictions by early science fiction writers about the future of electronic communication have turned to be extraordinarily accurate.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that best fits the blank space.

You can’t escape the Internet

Over the last few years, the use of the Internet has increased dramatically in French schools, ofiices and homes and this trend continues to grow. Who could have imagined, even in the last decade, that we would be able to ______(41) our friends, colleagues and clients around the world simply through the_____ (42) of a mouse and a modem? There is no doubt, like any invention, that the Internet can be used for good or bad but it is here to stay and has _______(43) the way we communicate. In the world of business, no corporation can be competitive unless it has ______(44) to the Internet. It has become essential to advertise your product and service in this way and an increasing number of companies are using this opportunity to reach a greater number of____ (45) consumers. Indeed, the bigger the website, _________(46) professional the company seems to be. Similarly in education, the opportunities that the Internet can______ (47) arevast. More and more students are_______ (48) on the Internet for their research; for instance, a physics undergraduate in Paris can download information from a university library in the States in minutes. From the latest research in scientific and linguistic fields to new theories in psychology and history; all this may be published on the world-wide web. What will be the future for the lnternet in France? It has been ______(49) that 60% of  homes and 50% of businesses will have access to the Internet within five years. Children, students and professionals will be able to ____(50) and explore the world as they have never done before.

Câu hỏi số 41:


Câu hỏi số 42:


Câu hỏi số 43:


Câu hỏi số 44:


Câu hỏi số 45:


Câu hỏi số 46:


Câu hỏi số 47:


Câu hỏi số 48:


Câu hỏi số 49:


Câu hỏi số 50:


Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

Leonardo de Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy. He was the illegitimate son of Set Piero, a Florentine notary and landlord, but lived on the estate and was treated as an illegitimate son.

In 1483, Leonardo de Vinci drew the first model of a helicopter. It did not look very much like our modern-day “copter", but the idea of what it could do was about the same. Leonardo was an artist and sculptor. He was very interested in motion and movement and tried to show it in his art. In order to show movement, he found it helpful to study the way things moved.

One subject he liked to study was birds and how they flew. He spent many hours watching the birds and examining the structure of their wings. He noticed how they cupped air with their wings and how the feathers helped hold the air. Through these studies, Leonardo began to understand how birds were able to fly.

Like many other men, Leonardo began to dream of the day when people would be able to fly. He designed a machine that used all the things he had learned about the flight, and thus became the first model of a helicopter.

Poor Leonardo had only one problem, however. He had no way to give the l necessary speed to his invention. You see, motors had not been invented and speed was an important part of the flying process. It would be another four hundred years before the engine was invented and another fifty years before it was put to the test in an airplane.

Leonardo’s dream of a helicopter finally came to pass in 1936. The Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and scientist, Leonardo died on May 2, I519, and was buried in the cloister of San Fiorentino in Amboise.

Câu hỏi số 51:

In what year was the first helicopter flown?

Câu hỏi số 52:

What two things did birds have that Leonardo de Vinci noticed help them to fly?

Câu hỏi số 53:

The following sentence would best complete which paragraph? “Since then people have ben living out Leonardo’s dream of flying.”

Câu hỏi số 54:

What was the main problem with Leonardo’s invention?

Câu hỏi số 55:

The word “problem" in paragraph 5 could best be replaced by the word_______

Câu hỏi số 56:

Which paragraph explains why Leonardo’s helicopter was not successful in his life time?

Câu hỏi số 57:

The word “they" in paragraph 3 refers to_____

Câu hỏi số 58:

The word “it” in paragraph 2 refers to_____

Câu hỏi số 59:

What is the author’s main point?

Câu hỏi số 60:

The word “illegitimate” in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to_______

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

Niagara Falls, one of the most famous North American natural wonders, has long been a popular tourist destination. Tourists today flock to see the two falls that actually constitute Niagara Falls: the 173-foot Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the Niagara River in the Canadian province of Ontario and the 182-foot-high American Falls on the US side of the river in the state of New York. Approximately 85 per cent of the water that goes over the falls actually goes over Horseshoe Falls, with the rest going over American Falls.

Most visitors come between April and October, and it is quite a popular activity to take a steamer out onto the river and right up to the base of the falls for a closer-up view. It is also possible to get a spectacular view of the falls from the strategic locations along the Niagara River. such as Prospect Point or Table Rock, or from one of the four observation towers which have heights up to 500 feet.

Tourists have been visiting Niagara Falls in large numbers since the 1800s; annually visitation now averages above ten million visitors per year. Because of concern that all these tourists would inadvertently destroy the natural beauty of the scenic wonder, the state of New York in I885 created Niagara Falls Park in order to protect the land surrounding American Falls. A year later Canada created Queen Victoria Park on the Canadian side of the Niagara, around Horseshoe Falls. With the area surrounding the falls under the jurisdiction of government agencies, appropriate steps could be taken to preserve the pristine beauty of the area.

Câu hỏi số 61:

What is the major point that the author is making in this passage?

Câu hỏi số 62:

 The word “flock” in the first paragraph could best be replaced by______

Câu hỏi số 63:

According to the passage, which of the following best describes Niagara Falls?

Câu hỏi số 64:

A "steamer" in the second paragraph is probably_______

Câu hỏi số 65:

 The expression “right up" in the second paragraph could best be replaced by____

Câu hỏi số 66:

The passage implies that tourists prefer to_______

Câu hỏi số 67:

According to the passage, why was Niagara Park created?

Câu hỏi số 68:

The word “jurisdiction” in the last paragraph is closest in meaning to______

Câu hỏi số 69:

 The word "pristine" in the last paragraph is closest in meaning to______

Câu hỏi số 70:

The paragraph following the passage most probably discusses____

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that isclosest in meaning to each of the following questions.

Câu hỏi số 71:

“No. I didn’t tell Jim our plan,” said Tom.

Câu hỏi số 72:

 His story was so funny that it made us all laugh.

Câu hỏi số 73:

It is possible that we won‘t have to take an entrance exam this year.

Câu hỏi số 74:

The newspaper reports that James was awarded the first prize.

Câu hỏi số 75:

The friends promised to stand by each other through thick and thin.

Câu hỏi số 76:

Mike should have listened to your advice.

Câu hỏi số 77:

The army don’t let anyone cross the border.

Câu hỏi số 78:

 I’ve always regretted not having learned English at school.

Câu hỏi số 79:

The only thing they didn’t steal was the television set.

Câu hỏi số 80:

This conference wouldn’t have been possible without your organization.