Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi lớp 9 môn Tiếng Anh năm 2009- Tuyên Quang

Thời gian thi : 90 phút - Số câu hỏi : 90 câu - Số lượt thi : 1134

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Một số câu hỏi trong đề thi

Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 


Monika Kovak is a tennis player. She is only 14 years old, but she ____(1.win) many tournaments in her life. She______ (2. start) playing tennis with her father when she was three years old. Two years ago, she _____(3. go) to America to a famous tennis school in California. Monika and her father_______ (4. travel) to many countries in the world. Last month, they _____(5. go) to a l tournament in Australia. Monika_____ (6. play) well, but she_____ (7. not win). She______ (8. not play) at Wimbledon yet, but she____ (9. hope) she______ (10. play)there next year.

Câu 1: ____(1.win)

Câu 2: ______ (2. start)

Câu 3: _____(3. go)

Câu 4: _______ (4. travel)

Câu 5: _____(5. go)

Câu 6: _____ (6. play)

Câu 7: _____ (7. not win).

Câu 8: _____ (8. not play)

Câu 9: ____ (9. hope)

Câu 10: _____ (10. play)

Choose the best answer by circling its corresponding letter A, B, C or D.

Câu 11: Faraday attended a lecture_____by a famous scientist.

Câu 12: We couldn’t help _______when he told us what had happened.

Câu 13: “ ____ bad weather we are having this summer!” said the woman.

Câu 14: I understand most of this, __________there are still one or two points I would like you to clear up for me.

Câu 15: Could you buy me a copy of the newspaper_______ your way to work?

Câu 16: The car was easy to recognize so it wasn’t______ difficult for the police to catch the thieves.

Câu 17: I was so tired that I ______asleep in the chair.

Câu 18: This is Mr. White_______ invention has helped hundreds of disabled people.

Câu 19: I need some help with the table. _______you lift the other end, please?

Câu 20: She used to____ her living by delivering vegetables to local hotels.

Câu 21: The Boing 747 is twice ____the Boing 707.

Câu 22: I am very grateful _____your help.

Câu 23: Tuyen Quang Province is well-known____ its historical and revolutionary sites.

Câu 24: They didn't _____to the station in time to catch the last train to Hue.

Câu 25: The bus won't stop_____ you ring the bell.

Câu 26: It's ages _____we said goodbye to our form teacher.

Câu 27: The boy insisted ____seeing the horror film last night.

Câu 28: I'm not interested_____ anything that happened ____ the very remote past.

Câu 29: The sun was very bright _____Paula put on her sunglasses.

Câu 30: ______ his denial, we knew that he was guilty.

Câu 31: Beside the roadside______

Câu 32: It was not _____1989 that he became a newspaper reporter.

Câu 33: It was _____a hot day that we decided to stay at home and watch television.

Câu 34: We couldn’t remember the name of the man____ we talked at the meeting yesterday.

Câu 35: We must make___ our mind about where to go out for our picnic.

Câu 36: Let's go out now, ______? The weather is so nice!

Câu 37: After a lot of difficulty, he____ to open the door.

Câu 38: At weekends, all the shops in my homeland are crowded ____shoppers.

Câu 39: “Would you like some more coffee?” - "_____"

Câu 40: She is a ___girl with_____

Give the correct form of words in the brackets.

There is one particular feeling which I find difficult to express. When I am (1-ANGER)____ about something, I say nothing. Once, for example, after I had bought a very (2-EXPENSE) ______jacket, I met a friend in a café who said that the jacket didn’t fit me very (3-GOOD)____ . I was very (4-ANNOY)_____ but I said nothing. I didn’t feel like continuing our (5-CONSERSE)_____. My friend noticed my (6-SILENT)___ and asked me what was wrong. I couldn’t tell him the (7-TRUE) _____. I began to feel rather (8- EMBARRASS)_____ and left without giving him an (9-EXPLAIN) _____Later I felt rather (10-SHAME) ____of my behavior.

Câu 41: (1-ANGER)____

Câu 42: (2-EXPENSE) ______

Câu 43: (3-GOOD)____

Câu 44: (4-ANNOY)_____

Câu 45: (5-CONSERSE)_____.

Câu 46: (6-SILENT)___

Câu 47:  (7-TRUE) _____.

Câu 48: (8- EMBARRASS)_____

Câu 49: (9-EXPLAIN) _____

Câu 50: (10-SHAME) ____

Read the following letter from someone who is doing a language course in France then choose the best word to fill in the gap by circling its corresponding letter A, B, C, or D. 

Dear Mum and Dad,This is just a quick letter to let you know that I’m fine. We’re all working quite hard because the exams are only a few weeks away, but our teacher (1) _____he thinks we'll do well. (My landlady’s not so sure - she keeps (2)___ me I should stop (3) so much TV and do a bit more reading!

Anyway, we had a wonderful time at half-term. I went off to Paris for (4)__ days with some of the others from the school, and we went on a guided (5) of the city. We saw most of the famous (6) like the Louvre, where they have an amazing (7) of paintings, and the Eiffel Tower. Then, we went down to the South of France (8) train. It was so fast - the whole (9)____ was only about four hours. We spent (10) ___time in Nice and in Cannes as well, and we all really enjoyed it. On our last day, we went to a small island (11)__ the Ile des Pelerines, and we saw the castle where they used to keep the “Man in the Iron Mask". All in all, we had a great time and (12)____ weather was really good as well. The only thing I felt (13)_____ about was that we didn’t have enough time to (14)__ to go swimming - maybe next time. Anyway, I must go now as l’ve got to (l5)___a bit of homework for tomorrow.

Love, Janie

Câu 51: (1)______

Câu 52: (2)______

Câu 53: (3)________

Câu 54: (4)_______

Câu 55: (5)_______

Câu 56: (6)_______

Câu 57: (7)_____

Câu 58: (8)_____

Câu 59: (9)_____

Câu 60: (10)____

Câu 61: (11)______

Câu 62: (12)______

Câu 63: (13)______

Câu 64: (14)______

Câu 65: (15)_____

Read the following passage and fill in each gap with one suitable word

Câu 66: (1)______

Câu 67: (2)_____

Câu 68: (3)_______

Câu 69: (4)_______

Câu 70: (5)______

Câu 71: (6)______

Câu 72: (7)______

Câu 73: (8)______

Câu 74: (9)____

Câu 75: (10)______

Read the following passage then choose the best answer by circling its corresponding A, B, C or D.

The thing I like most about living on a farm when I was small was the change of seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter - I could see them all come and go and each one was completely different. If I hadn't been born and raised in the country. I would have never been able to tell the difference - now in the city, you can buy summer flowers in winter and eat the same vegetables all the year round! Whereas, in the country, I could only eat things at certain times of the year - for example strawberries in June and turnips in winter. I lived my childhood with the seasons.

Also we made most of our food and would never eat frozen or tinned food. Everything was fresh - so it must be better than the type of food I am taking now in the city. City people may think people in the country miss a lot of good things about modem life, but in my opinion they miss a lot more than them - they miss real life.

Câu 76: What is the main idea of the passage?

Câu 77:  According to the author, the seasons on the farm were

Câu 78: What can be inferred from the passage about the experience of seasons in a year for the city people?

Câu 79: The word "them" in line 9 refers _______

Câu 80: According to the passage, all the followings are true EXCEPT that_____

Rewrite the following sentences beginning with the given words so that the meaning stays the same.

Câu 81: “I am going to travel to Hue City next Saturday.” said the man.

Câu 82: “I didn’t attack anybody!” said the man.

Câu 83:  We do not have enough money so we can’t buy that house.

Câu 84: I haven’t decided to continue my study in a foreign country.

Câu 85: In spite of the rain, the match continued until the last minute.

Câu 86: There were so many people on the train that I couldn’t get a seat.

Câu 87: " Would you like to go out for a drink with me tonight?" he told me.

Câu 88: I’m really sorry I didn’t invite her to the party.

Câu 89: Linda gave me that present on my 20th birthday.

Câu 90: They couldn’t move any further because of the thick fog.

Bạn có đủ giỏi để vượt qua

Xếp hạng Thành viên Đúng Làm Đạt Phút
1 Linh Minky 68 90 76% 14.3
2 Phong Lê 62 90 69% 27.27
3 Flasklee Đặng 22 44 50% 14.08
4 Tinh Xán 32 80 40% 10.58
5 vân teeny 10 25 40% 9.17
6 MAi Ảnh 54 90 60% 14.68
7 NGUYỄN THỊ KIM ÁNH 60 89 67% 24.98
8 Đăng Khoa 9 13 69% 4.22
9 Nguyễn Bảo Uyên 69 80 86% 15.88
10 Cao Ha Minh 56 90 62% 17.57
11 Đạt Nguyễn Tiến 60 90 67% 19.2
12 Lê Việt Dũng 55 90 61% 24.72
13 nguyen ngoc linh dan 3 5 60% 4.72
14 Đỗ Anh Tú 13 20 65% 3.82
15 Dương Thu Thủy 32 90 36% 9.48
16 Nguyệt Minh 46 90 51% 25.45
17 NhatHaa 9 50 18% 32.37
18 Khánh Ly 45 79 57% 20.43
19 Ling Ring 53 80 66% 21.55
20 Trai's Đểu Xì Tin's 43 90 48% 9.32
21 Vũ Diệp Lâm Nhi 12 25 48% 7.08
22 Kurashina Asuka 28 89 31% 13.13
23 Jerry Đạt 0 0 0% 0.58
24 Crystal Love 49 65 75% 10.28
25 Dương Thu Thủy 10 27 37% 5.27
26 Linh Chi 15 23 65% 4.28
27 Mùa Đông Hoa Đá 45 81 56% 39.47
28 Vi Nguyễn Ngọc Phương 47 66 71% 12.4
29 nguyễn thu Hà 69 90 77% 14.87
30 Hiền Lương 14 41 34% 28.6
31 An Thu 30 53 57% 12.92
32 Cao Văn Minh 2031 79 90 88% 5.07

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