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Một số câu hỏi trong đề thi

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions.

Câu 1:

Câu 2:

Câu 3:

Câu 4:

Câu 5:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 6:

She ____________  on her computer for more than two hours when she decided to stop for a rest.

Câu 7:

It’s nice I am now in London again. This is the second time I  _______ there.

Câu 8:

Realizing he got lost, he started to______ help.

Câu 9:

I____________ my mom by cooking dinner for her.

Câu 10:

He told everyone that he had flu, but in fact, he had just  a cold.

Câu 11:

“If we can’t afford a car, we’ll just have to____ one.”

Câu 12:

______________ has she behaved like that before.

Câu 13:

A good essay must ___________  contain enough interesting ideas and specific examples but also have good organization.

Câu 14:

“You should stop working too hard______ you'll get sick.”

Câu 15:

Although he was_________ , he agreed to play tennis with me.

Câu 16:

In order to avoid boredom, the most important thing is to keep oneself _______ .

Câu 17:

Create a new___________ and put all your files into it.

Câu 18:

She was finding it difficult to stay_____ during the meeting.

Câu 19:

He carried a(n)____________ driving license.

Câu 20:

As the drug took__________ , the patient became quieter.

Câu 21:

You!re very quiet today. What have you got on your  _____ ?

Câu 22:

Instead of doing their own painting and papering, they hired a firm of ____________ decorators.


Câu 23:

- “More coffee? Anybody?”

- "_______ "

Câu 24:

— “Do you like the weather here?”

—“I wish it_____ "

Câu 25:

- “Oh. I’m really sorry!”

-“_________ ”

Câu 26:

They made the fried chicken by mixing_______ flour with water, then flouring the chicken.

Câu 27:

You_____________ the washing-up. I could have done it for you.

Câu 28:

______________ of the shop, my friend came in.

Câu 29:

“Never say that again,_________ ?”

Câu 30:

Widespread forest destruction______ in this particular area.

Câu 31:

____________ anything suspicious arise, please let me know at once.

Câu 32:

In some countries, on moral _________  that education should not be taxed, there is no tax on books.


Câu 33:

Students are often advised to look at the first and last_____ of a book before attempting to read it in detail.


Câu 34:

He traveled__________ for 20 years and then he decided to return home.

Câu 35:

I_______________ several musicians around that time.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the blanks from 36 to 45.


Statesmen define a family as “a group of individuals having a common dwelling and related by blood, adoption or marriage, (36) _____ includes common-law relationships.” Most people are born into one of these groups and (37) _____ live their lives as a family in such a group.

Although the definition of a family may not change, (38) _____ relationship of people to each other within the family group changes as society changes. More and more wives are (39) _____ paying jobs, and, as a result. the roles of husband, wife and children are changing. Today, men expect to (40) _____ for pay for about 40 years of their lives, and, in today’s marriages (41)  _____ which both spouses have paying jobs, women can expect to work for about 30 to 35 years of their lives. This means that men must learn to do their share of family tasks such as caring for the children and daily (42)  _____ chores. Children, too, especially adolescents, have to 43) _____ with the members of their family in sharing household tasks.

The widespread acceptance of contraception has meant that having (44) _____ is a matter of choice, not an automatic result of marriage. Marriage itself has become a choice. As alternatives (45) _____ common-law relationships and single-parent families have become socially acceptable, women will become more independent.

Câu 36: _____(36)

Câu 37: _____(37)

Câu 38: _____(38)

Câu 39: _____(39)

Câu 40: _____(40)

Câu 41: _____(41)

Câu 42: _____(42)

Câu 43: _____(43)

Câu 44:


Câu 45: _____(45)

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions .

Since water is the basis of life, composing the greater part of the tissues of all living things, the crucial problem of desert animals is to survive in a world where sources of flowing water are rare. And since man’s inexorable necessity is to absorb large quantities of water at frequent intervals, he can scarcely comprehend that many creatures of the desert pass their entire lives without a single drop.

Uncompromising as it is, the desert has not eliminated life but only those forms unable to withstand its desiccating effects. No moist-skinned, water-loving animals can exist there. Few large animals are found. The giants of the North American desert are the deer, the coyote, and the bobcat. Since desert country is open, it holds more swift-footed running and leaping creatures than the tangled forest. Its population is largely nocturnal, silent, filled with reticence, and ruled by stealth. Yet they are not emaciated.

Having adapted to their austere environment, they are as healthy as animals anywhere else in the world. The secret of their adjustmenl lies in the combination of behavior and physiology. None could survive if, like mad dogs and Englishmen, they went out in the midday sun, many would die in a matter of minutes. So most of them pass the burning hours asleep in cool, humid burrows underneath the ground, emerging to hunt only by night. The surface of the sun-baked desert averages around 150 degrees, but 18 inches down the temperature is only 60 degrees.

Câu 46:

The title for this passage could be_______ .

Câu 47:

The word “tissues” in the passage mostly means_____ .


Câu 48:

Man can hardly understand why many animals live their whole life in the desert, as   _____ .

Câu 49:

The phrase “those forms’" in the passage refers to all of the following EXCEPT___ .


Câu 50:

According to the passage, creatures in the desert___ .

Câu 51:

The author mentions all the following as examples of the behavior of desert aniinals EXCEPT_______ .


Câu 52:

 The word “emaciated” in the passage mostly means ______ .

Câu 53:

According to the passage, one characteristic of animals living in the desert is that  _____ .

Câu 54:

The word “burrows” in the passage mostly means ______ .

Câu 55:

We can infer from the passage that_____ .

Read the following  passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each  of the questions .

Psychologists have debated a long time about whether a child's upbringing can give it the ability to do outstandingly well. Some think that it is impossible to develop genius and say that it is simply something a person is born with. Others, however, argue that the potential for great achievement can be developed. The truth lies somewhere between these two extremes.

It seems very obvious that being born with the right qualities from gifted parents will increase a child’s ability to do well. However, this ability will be fully realized only with the right upbringing and opportunities. As one psychologist says, ‘To have a fast car, you need both a good engine and fuel.”

Scientists have recently assessed intelligence, achievement, and ability in 50 sets of identical twins that were separated shortly after birth and brought up by different parents. They found that achievement was based on intelligence. and later influenced by the child’s environment.

One case involving very intelligent twins was quoted. One of the twins received a normal upbringing. and performed well. The other twin, however, was brought up by extremely supportive parents and given every possible opportunity to develop its abilities. That twin, though starting out with the same degree of intelligence as the other, performed even better.

This case reflects the general principle of intelligence and ability. The rnore favorable the environment, the more a child’s intelligence and ability are developed. However, there is no link between intelligence and the socioeconomic level of a child’s family. In other words, it does not matter how poor or how rich a family is, as this does not affect intelligence.

Gifted people cannot be created by supportive parents, but they can be developed by them. One professor of music said that outstanding musicians usually started two or three years earlier than ordinary performers. often because their parents had recognized their ability. These musicians then needed at least ten years’ hard work and training in order to reach the level they were capable of attaining.

People who want to have very gifted children are given the following advice:

•   Marry an intelligent person.

•  Allow children to follow their own interests rather than the interests of the parents.

•   Start a child's education early but avoid pushing the child too hard.

•   Encourage children to play; for example, playing with musical instruments is essential for a child who wants to become an outstanding musician.

Câu 56:

The upbringing of highly intelligent children requires ______ .


Câu 57:

The word “others" used in the first paragraph refers to _______  .

Câu 58:

When scientists studied intelligence and ability in twins, they found that  ___ .

Câu 59:

 Scientists chose twins for their study because ____ . 

Câu 60:

How were great musicians different from ordinary musicians in their development?

Câu 61:

The writer advises that gifted children should be allowed to follow ______ .

Câu 62:

When encouraging their gifted childrcn, parents should avoid _____ .

Câu 63:

The remark: “To have a fast car, you need both a good engine and fuel” in the passage means that in order to become a genius___________ .


Câu 64:

The word “favorable" in the passage mostly means___ .

Câu 65: All of the following statements are true EXCEPT _______ . 

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.

Câu 66: If you have no cash, you can charge this dinner of your credit card.

Câu 67: She had to leave because she didn't see eyes to eyes with her boss.

Câu 68: Do you know that there is a high rate in interest on this loan?

Câu 69:

Students suppose to read all the questions carefully and find out the answers to them.

Câu 70:

With the development of the Internet and the World WideWeb, businessmen do not hardly have as much traveling as they used to.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 71:

After seeing the movie “Pride and Prejudice",____ .

Câu 72:

It is essential  _________ . 

Câu 73:

The instructions from air traffic control were not fully explicit, and ____ .

Câu 74:

Recent evidence makes it possible for the investigators to conclude that  ____ .

Câu 75:

In bacteria and other organisms,_______ .

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct and natural combination of each pair of the sentences given.

Câu 76:

He felt very tired. However, he was determined to continue to climb up the mountain.


Câu 77:

The Prime Minister set up a committee of financial experts. They were to help him discuss and formulate new policies.


Câu 78:

Some economists argue that new technology causes unemployment. Others feel that it allows more jobs to be created.


Câu 79:

One student failed because he completely ignored thc instructions on the paper. The instructions appeared at the top of every page.


Câu 80:

Bạn có đủ giỏi để vượt qua

Xếp hạng Thành viên Đúng Làm Đạt Phút
1 Hong Ha 66 79 84% 58.07
2 nhannguyen 62 79 78% 20.55
3 buivan 56 79 71% 64.63
4 nguyễn anh thư 39 55 71% 14.63
5 Tran Ngoc Qui Apples 43 79 54% 9.27
6 dang thi xuan nhan 26 49 53% 26.85
7 lê vũ 5 11 45% 7.02
8 Phuong Linh Tran Thi 23 78 29% 35.2
9 Hà Trân 54 79 68% 59.07
10 Tien Phong 33 59 56% 24.35
11 Lan Tran 25 29 86% 15.08
12 Nguyễn Yến Hạnh 37 59 63% 53.28
13 Nguyễn Hồng Hải 52 71 73% 75.4
14 Vũ Thị Hiếu Kiên 43 58 74% 91.9
15 Quỳnh Như 55 78 71% 45.17
16 Bùi Thảo Minh 3 5 60% 1.25
17 Trần Thùy Dung 30 50 60% 48.73
18 Trịnh Hoàng Minh 26 34 76% 25.13
19 Thái Linh 59 78 76% 13.78

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