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Một số câu hỏi trong đề thi

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

Câu 1: There can be no doubt that recent statements______ the company's true financial position were misleading.

Câu 2: An analysis of customer information shows that we should develop products that_____ a wider cross-section of the community. 

Câu 3: The company's art_______ will be sold at a special auction.

Câu 4: We are all aware of our secretary's________ plan.

Câu 5: Before choosing a job, you should take into consideratios several_______ including the supply and demand for professionals in any particular field. 

Câu 6: Please ensure that all outstanding debts are cleared within days of________ of this notification, otherwise legal action will follow.

Câu 7: Investor interest in Telco Mines is at its________point ever due to rumours of recent discoveries of precious metals.

Câu 8: Safety inspectors have brought to our attention the______ condition of safety equipment, such as helmets and first-aid kits. 

Câu 9: The security needs of the Research Department are not_______ with those of the cafeteria.

Câu 10: A company spokesman announced that the factory would not be_______ after all.

Câu 11: She has made great contribution to our company through______ wide knowledge and practical, down-to-earth approach.

Câu 12: The lunch menu today consists of a choice of_____ chicken or pork served with a salad or vegetables.

Câu 13: A committee of senior managers had designed a new interest rate schedule that it believes will_____ many new investors.

Câu 14: The_________of the most recent customer satisfaction survey are generally positive.

Câu 15: - "Let me give you a lift home."  - "____________________"

Câu 16: - "__________________" - "Try some sleeping pills." 

Câu 17: Investors should realistically_________ the potential of any startup before investing their hard-earner funds.

Câu 18: Employees wishing to_________professional seminars will continue to receive their pay during the time they are absent.

Câu 19: If_________ has found a wallet containing cash and valuable papers, could that person please had it in to the security desk.

Câu 20: The Business Advisory Council has been specially designed for those in_________ of advice about setting up new businesses.

Câu 21: Payment of telephone orders is________ within 7 working days of the receipt of the goods and invoice.

Câu 22: The organizing committee has not yet set a(n)________ date for the seminar, but it will be some time in the first week of November. 

Câu 23: The new head of marketing has been criticized for being too________to please the managers.

Câu 24: The main_________ of completing a postgraduate business qualification is that it allows you to make valuable contracts in related fields.

Câu 25: All female employees are advised to be________ when leaving the building after-hours due to a recent spate of attacks.

Câu 26: At the last meeting, many enquiries were made________ the proposed shift in the company's mission statement.

Câu 27: A wide range of issues was__________ at the meeting last night. 

Câu 28: Answering mobile phone calls while you are at a work meeting can destroy the________ of the meeting.

Câu 29: Entry to the seminar is restricted to those who have received a personal from the general manager. 

Câu 30: __________recent changes in government small business regulations, we will be holding a series of practical workshops to assist owners and managers.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part of question that needs correction.

Câu 31: The outcome of our meeting with the board of director will determine the course of action we will take this year.

Câu 32: Please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience this delay causing the passengers here at Pearson international airport. 

Câu 33: Because many of the warehouse workers were out sick today, Mr. Miller had to stock the good on the shelves.

Câu 34: The Majority of the contract negotiations were handled with lawyers from a local firm.

Câu 35: It will be next to impossible to return the product again to the shop once you have used it. 

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined sound that is pronounced differently from the other words in each of questions.

Câu 36:

Câu 37:

Câu 38:

Câu 39:

Câu 40:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the questions.

Câu 41: Due to popular demand by the staff members, the talk by Mr. Smith will now take place in a bigger room.

Câu 42: A new booklet is available to any strident interested in receiving help.

Câu 43: Even if the job market is not stable, those who persist will be able to land jobs eventually.

Câu 44: Advances in computer technology are allowing users to reach into any part of the world by just clicking a mouse. 

Câu 45: We prefer cycling to driving since cycling is cheaper.

Câu 46: It's easy to read Sam because he often squints when he is unhappy. 

Câu 47: Sushi was upset as her job application was turned down.

Câu 48: They would be a bit happier with more guests.

Câu 49: It's not impossible to undo what is done with computers.

Câu 50: Children make good observers.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks. 

The great white shark is larger, faster, and more dangerous than most. It can (51)______ a length of 20 feet and weigh 70,000 pounds. Though its preferred diet is seals and dolphins, (52)____ this fearsome fish regularly attacks almost any type of warm-blooded animal. In its snout are small holes that lead to receptors. These receptors (53)_____ electrical nerve signals in the prey. The shark also has other sensors that detect blood in the water. Very rare in tropical or polar regions, great whites patrol mainl. temperate ocean coastlines. The body is designed for efficiency in the water It is broad in the middle and tapered (54)______ the ends for streamlined movement. Winglike pectoral fins provide lift and stability. Oil stored in the liver adds goyancy. The tail fins are vertical and (55)________ as a rudda Amazingly it never (56)______ swimming.

All sharks are fish and most are carnivores. The great while is Esc world's largest predatory shark. The whale shark is nearly twice as big, but like a baleen whale, eats mainly plankton. The blue whale is the largzst known mammal to ever (57)________. Its size ranges from 70 to 100 feet in length and up to 125 tons in weight (250,000 pounds). (58)________its enormity, the blue whale lives on hill, a tiny crustacean, and other plank tonic organisms. An adult ingests 3-4 tons of krill per day. This is done by scooping up large quantities of water containing hill with its huge mouth. In its mouth are not teeth, but rather a series of sheets, similar in consistency to our fingernails, (59)_______that serve as a filtering system. These sheets, or baleen, grow from the roof of the mouth, ranging from smooth to brushlike. Blue whales have been hunted relentlessly in the past for their blubber and oil. As a result they were nearly hunted to (60)____and still remain on the endangered animal list.

Câu 51: _________(51)

Câu 52: ________(52)

Câu 53: ______(53)

Câu 54: _________(54)

Câu 55: ___________(55)

Câu 56: _____(56)

Câu 57: ______(57)

Câu 58: ________(58)

Câu 59: _______(59)

Câu 60: ________(60)

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

In the United States and other developed countries, air-conditioning is so common that it is difficult to remember what life was like before it existed. First invented in 1902 in Buffalo, New York, air-conditioning keeps homes, cars, offices, and shopping centers cool and dry, all at the push of a button. While many may consider air-conditioning one of life's necessary luxuries, few are aware of how air-conditioning has changed many aspects of the way we now live. One of the first areas where air-conditioning had an impact was in industry. In the early 1900s factory owners began tc use air-conditioning to create better conditions for the storage of supplies. Before long,- however, they realized that air-conditioning was also useful on the factory floor, as it resulted in higher production levels. Air-conditioning has undoubtedly been an important factor in the growth of industry, since it allows ma cturing to continue at the same pace year round even in the warmest climates.

Air-conditioning next became common in movie theaters, offices. and stores. Then, after the end of the Second World War, smaller, less expensive air-conditioning units became available, and this made air-conditioning affordable for private homes. Many of the returning soldiers and their new families moved to the suburbs outside America's major cities with a desire to put the war behind them and live the good life. Air-condi "oned homes were part of that life, and this led to a number of li imporn t changes in American society. One big change was in architecture Form ly, homes were built with high ceilings and second stories so that hot air could rise away from main living areas in the summer. With air-conditioning, inexpensive one-level homes could be kept cool in the hottest weather. Additionally, many homes once had front porches where American families gathered in the evening to escape the heat. Family members could talk to each other and to neighbors or passersby. With air-conditioning. however, porches disappeared from new houses and people moved indoors instead. Along with other factors, such as the invention of television, this led to a weakening of Americans' sense of community.

The rise of air-conditioning also allowed the creation of large mall with shops, walkways, movie theaters, and restaurants that are comfortable the year round. In suburban America in the second half of the twentieth century, the air-conditioned mall became the preferred place to go for shopping or for an afternoon's entertainment. Shoppers stopped going to tit; town and city centers, which led to the closing of many small family-owned businesses, and to the general decline of downtown areas.

Câu 61: In developed countries, air-conditioning is__________.

Câu 62: Air-conditioning first had a great influence on__________.

Câu 63: Air-conditioning was found useful in factories as it__________.

Câu 64: The word "undoubtedly" in line 12 of the first paragraph can be best replaced by_______.

Câu 65: The word "pace" in line 13 of the first paragraph is closest in meaning to________.

Câu 66: During the 2nd World War air-conditioning was_______.

Câu 67: After the 2nd World War, air-conditioning was considered as an aspect of________.

Câu 68: The popularity of air-conditioning encouraged the formation of_________.

Câu 69: It can be inferred from the passage that in the other half of the 20th century, family-owned shops were__________.

Câu 70: The best title of the passage is___________.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

Cell Phones in Africa

Starting time the African continent is home to some of the poorest countries on earth, where people struggle to feed their families on less than $2.00 a day. Nevertheless, Africa is also the world's fastest growing market for cell phones. Cell phones have brought twenty-first century technology to villages where people light their huts with candles and walk hours to find drinking water. Some experts think cell phones will improve life for the 680 million Africans more than any other invention of our time. Why are cell phones spreading so rapidly in Africa?

One reason is simply that other forms of communication are difficult. The roads are terrible in many countries, making travel lengthy and expensive. Regular phones require lines to be laid across Africa's vast - jungles and deserts. Cell phones, however, send their signals from towers, which can easily be constructed by hand, sometimes out of leftover pieces of metal. Furthermore, with the difficult economic situation in many African countries, cell phones can be extremely useful. Many Africans have had to move far from their home villages to look for work. With a cell phone, they can call hregularly and keep in touch or even send money. It is also possible in some countries to make purchases or bank deposits with cell phones. People who run small businesses can use the phones to send in orders or keep in touch with customers. Others can make money selling phone time to those who don't have a cell phone of their own.

Recent studies have shown that where cell phone use has increased in Africa, the economy has been strengthened and the people are better off. In Uganda, for example, a charity group has started a new program with Uganda's largest cell phone company. The program, called villagePhone, helps village women get started as phone owners. The women borrow small amounts of money from banks connected to villagePhone and then use that loan money to buy a phone and some calling minutes. Then they can sell phone time in the village to people without phones. In very little time, these women are usually able to repay the money they have borrowed. A • 0 such woman named Fatima had a small shop in her Ugandan village whe she sold household goods and food to support her four children. In the p Fatima rarely had enough money to buy things to sell in her store and so s made very little money from her business. B • However, she realized there was a need for a telephone in her village, since the closest phone was 6.7 miles (4 km) away. She bought a phone with a loan from villagePhone and ran it off an automobile battery. Since starting her villagePhone business, Fatima's income has grown. What's more, her store is now a center of village life. Fatima's story is like many throughout Uganda. C • And for each woman with a phone, a whole village has access to new services new economic possibilities. A similar program has started in neighboring Rwanda. Soon women there will be using cell phones to raise their income level and improve their lives. D •

Câu 71: What can be inferred about the life of African countries?

Câu 72: Which of the following is NOT True about the Afric continent?

Câu 73: What is the main reason for the popularity of mobile phon in Africa?

Câu 74: For which of the following are mobile phones NOT often used by Africans working far from home? 

Câu 75: What can be inferred about the use of mobile phones in thee life of Africans? 

Câu 76: What is villagePhone? 

Câu 77: What do women do with the money they borrow from the bank?

Câu 78: What is NOT True about Fatima?

Câu 79: Which of the following best summarizes the sentence in italics in the final paragraph?

Câu 80: Look the gaps [•] in the final paragraph. Where does the following sentence best fit? "Her villagePhone business is one of about 2.000 such success stories, with more women joining every day" 

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Xếp hạng Thành viên Đúng Làm Đạt Phút
1 bui an hoa 57 80 71% 77.2
2 Le Hoa 48 80 60% 83.73
3 Trinh Sky 30 50 60% 43.55
4 Nguyễn Thị Hà 26 50 52% 48.2
5 sallymymy 9 17 53% 6.2
6 dang thi xuan nhan 19 50 38% 58.05
7 Lê Hải 2 5 40% 1.4
8 Ngô Thị Hồng Ngọc 46 80 58% 11.42
9 Thái Pip 38 80 48% 52.88
10 Phan Vũ 27 50 54% 12.47
11 Thanh Thanh Lanh Chanh 29 80 36% 8.88
12 Trần Ngọc Khoa 0 0 0% 0.32
13 Marcky Katt 0 0 0% 0.07
14 PÉ TÝ 2 8 25% 18.47
15 Tôn Nữ Thủ 68 80 85% 19.97
16 Nam Dạ Tước 52 66 79% 90.35
17 Nguyễn Ngọc 2 2 100% 0.52
18 Nguyễn Hương Giang 0 0 0% 0.13
19 Sheh Tang 0 0 0% 0.12
20 Nguyễn Thị Dinh 50 80 63% 16.95
21 Nguyễn Quỳnh Anh 23 80 29% 2.67
22 nguyen thi ngoc diep 28 79 35% 45.33
23 luu hoang minh 34 49 69% 48.82
24 Lực Hồ 2 8 25% 0.68

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