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Thời gian thi : 60 phút - Số câu hỏi : 50 câu - Số lượt thi : 514

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Một số câu hỏi trong đề thi

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that other rest in each of the following.

Câu 1:

Câu 2:

Câu 3:

Câu 4:

Câu 5:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct option to fill each of the following blanks.

Câu 6: Huong is keen on the English club.

Câu 7:

There is no point in______the child now. What is done cannot be undone.

Câu 8:

I don’t remember ____________________________  of your decision to change our

vocation plant.

Câu 9: Lan and Huong are going for_______on the beach.

Câu 10:

The child was______________________ by a lorry on the safety Crossing in the main


Câu 11: We were so late that we_________had time to catch the train.

Câu 12: If I had enough money, I_________a good dictionary.

Câu 13: If you wish to learn a new language, you must__________classes.

Câu 14: Please don’t enter________knocking

Câu 15: Has Hoa ______ her decision yet?

Câu 16: Do you think he is_______of doing the job?

Câu 17: He has finished reading the book,__________he?

Câu 18: He worked hard_____________ everything would be ready at 8 p.m.

Câu 19: Her motorbike has broken down._______is to ring her friend for help.

Câu 20: He hasn't been playing the guitar________two years now.

Câu 21:

No matter __________________ hard she tried. she couldn’t find the way out.

Câu 22:

It___________________ that to be a good musician, you have to learn to play when

you are very young.

Câu 23: Yesterday I met_________who said he knew you.

Câu 24:

When we were in primary school, our teachers didn’t let us____________ games which were not educational.

Câu 25: The students seem to be very happy because they are__________.

Câu 26: The woman______bag is here has entered the room.

Câu 27: We took________of the fine weather and spent the day on the beach.

Câu 28:

When I saw Minh. I stopped and smiled. but he______________________ me and walked on.

Câu 29: Her parents were very____ because she was out so late that night.

Câu 30: Toan has worked in Japan for three years and speaks Japanese_________.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct word to each of the blanks from 31 to 35.

I don't want to alarm you. There is still enough sand left in the world to satisify most holiday makers, but in many parts of the world beaches are literally being (31)_______away and have to be regularly (32)________.

First, much of the sand for beaches (33)____________from cliffs which crumble away as they are pounded by the waves. To (34)_____________ them. sea walls are often erected. With cliffs no (35)_____________ crumbling, the beaches are robbed of the material which would normally feed them.

Câu 31: ______(31)

Câu 32: _________(32)

Câu 33: ________(33)

Câu 34: ________________(34)

Câu 35: _____________(35)

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 36 to 40.

When we were in England last year I went fishing with my friend, Peter. Early on the morning, we were sitting quietly by the side of a lake when we had an unpleasant suprise. We saw a duck come along with three ducklings paddling cheerfully behind her. As we watched them, there was a sudden swirl in the water. We caught a glimpse of the vicious jaws of a pike — a fish which is rather like a fresh water shark and One of the ducklings was dragged below the surface.

This accident made Peter furious. He vowed to catch the pike. On three successive mornings we returned to the vicinity and used several different kinds of bait. On the third day Peter was lucky. Using an artificial frog as bait. he managed to hook the monster. There was a desperate fight but Peter was determined to capture the pike and he succeeded. When he had got it ashore and killed it, he weighed the fish and found that it scaled nearly thirty pounds - a record for that district.

Câu 36:

Why do you think Peter was sitling quietly by the lake?

Câu 37: To what does the word “surprise” in the passage refer?

Câu 38:

Which word in the third sentence suggests that the ducklings were unaware of the danger below them?

Câu 39:

What was Peters feeling about the incident two days later?

Câu 40:

How much was the pike worth?

Mark the letter A, B, c, or D to show the underline part that needs correction.

Câu 41: The police has not decided whether or not to charge the young man with possession of illegal drugs.

Câu 42: As soon as we’ve finished supper, we'll all go to downtown to see “The Sound of Music”.

Câu 43:  It’s claimed that all things come at last to he who is patient and waits for them.

Câu 44: The six-year-old boy resembles to his mother somewhat more than does his elder brother.

Câu 45: There is the very real possibility that these animals could panic and frightened, should there be a sudden loud noise.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the sentence which is closest in meaning to the given one.

Câu 46:

He decided to go to Paris on the last day.

Câu 47: Hoa doesn’t play the guitar as well as Minh.

Câu 48:

There is not a single corner of Hanoi that my friends haven’t visited.

Câu 49:

The teams have hardly gotten under way with the game.

Câu 50: Alwright certainly got what was coming to him.

Bạn có đủ giỏi để vượt qua

Xếp hạng Thành viên Đúng Làm Đạt Phút
1 Nguyễn Thành Tâm 50 50 100% 1.88
2 Phương Quỳnh 35 50 70% 19.85
3 Ngoc Rua 28 35 80% 10.6
4 van hung 26 50 52% 20.78
5 Gem Điên 25 50 50% 12.82
6 Đoàn Xuân Lộc 4 6 67% 1.98
7 Mạnh Hùng 34 45 76% 38.98
8 Nguyễn Thu Thanh 39 50 78% 60.15
9 Vanhh Nguyễnn 0 0 0% 0.3
10 Đỗ Mai Trang 27 39 69% 13.52
11 Ngô Thị Hồng Ngọc 41 50 82% 5.33
12 Bùi Thanh Bình 21 50 42% 23.75
13 PÉ TÝ 3 8 38% 7.02
14 Nguyễn Thanh Vy 36 50 72% 17.18
15 Quỳnh Như 33 50 66% 14.68
16 HOÁ HỌC 0 0 0% 0.05
17 Thu Quyên 35 50 70% 31.62
18 Kiều Oanh 8 9 89% 2.08
19 Vũ Công Cường 0 0 0% 0.08
20 Vật Lý 6 50 12% 1.97
21 nguyen duy ngoc 0 2 0% 1.03
22 Nguyễn Thành Đồng 15 49 31% 23.08

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