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Giỏ hàng của tôi

Dạng bài Điền từ vào câu lớp 12

Bài 1:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions

Câu 1: By next year, my son will have                    his education at Cambridge  Universtiy.

A. realized                       

B. completed                           

C. graduated

D. terminated

Câu 2: "I thought you were too tired” – “                    I’ve decided to go. I feel I owe it to him”.

A. All the same                 

B. More of the same   

C. One and the same               

D. All the more

Câu 3: "Did you go sailing last weekend?” – “No. We would have gone, _________ nicer”.

A. had the weather been     

B. if the weather has been       

C. woud the weather be    

D. if the weather might be

Câu 4: Her excellent grades in college led                    a high – paying job after graduation.

A. to get her                       

B. in getting her 

C. to her getting           

D. her getting

Câu 5:                     had I left the hotel when I was surrounded by photographers

A. No sooner                   

B. Immediately                        

C.  Just

D. Hardly

Câu 6: I hope you won’t take                     if I tell you the truth.

A. annoyance                           

B. offence                                

C. resentment                          

D. irritation

Câu 7: The books says that the revolution was                   off by the assassination of the state governor.

A. launched                             

B. cropped                               

C. triggered                             

D. prompted

Câu 8: “Is Mary back from Italy?” – “                    . I haven’t spoken to her in months.”

A. I’ll never know     

B. I ought to know      

C. I haven’t known   

D. I haven’t know

Câu 9: GSTT GROUP are well                    students.

A. qualify                                

B. qualified                              

C. qualification                       

D. quality

Câu 10: The soldiers have made a lot of progress                   the country became independent.

A. for                                       

B. since                                    

C. before                                 

D. until

Câu 11: The survey                    that over 60 % student are using ATM cards issued by VIB bank.

A. points                                  

B. performance                        

C. indicates                             

D. composes

Câu 12: According to the global survey,                    400 million people speak English as their mother tongue.

A. exactly                                

B. almost                                 

C. approximately                     

D. relatively

Câu 13: I’m afraid I can’t add friend with you.” – “                    !”

A. What a shame                     

B. what a pity            

C. Patience                              

D. That’s shame

Câu 14: Which of the following is the function of this sentence: “I’d love to come, but I’m already going out that evening.”

A. Offering to do something 

B. Apologizing                        

C. Declining an invitation     

D. Giving advice

Câu 15: "Do you think she’ll get the good job?” - “I have my doubts. She’s inexperienced,                     very shy.” 

A. in addition              

B. as well              

C. let it alone            

D. not to mention

Câu 16: Sending friend requests to people you don't know personally is against Facebook’s terms and could be considered                    .

A. harassment                          

B. harass                                  

C. harassing                             

D. harasses

Câu 17: – “How do you say the following time? 2: 47

A. It’s nearly 3 o’clock                 

B. It’s just before 3 o’clock

C. It’s just coming up to 3 o’clock   

D. All are correct

Câu 18: “Jane didn’t look well today, did she? – “                     ”

A. I am afraid not    

B. No, she seemed ill

C. Yes, she seemed sick     

D. A and B

Câu 19: I can’t go with you today: I have                    of things to do.

A. a great deal     

B. many a great                  

C. great many    

D. a great many

Câu 20: This movie is really sad. I think                   .

A. I’m going to cry      

B. I cry           

C. I’ll cry                

D. I’m crying

Câu 21: Unfortunately, we lost the match                    one goal.

A. with                                     

B. by                                        

C. at                                         

D. from

Câu 22: I am                    of hearing your excuses.

A. tired                                    

B. keen                                    

C. proud                                  

D. pride

Câu 23: It is difficult to                    on the left.

A. get used to driving     

B. used to drive 

C. used to driving         

D. accustomed to driving

Câu 24: There is no toy on the floor,                    ?

A. is there

B. isn’t there       

C. isn’t toy 

D. is toy

Câu 25: Studies indicate                    collecting art today than ever before.

A. there more people                     

B. more people that are

C. that there are more people          

D. people there are more

Bài 2:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1: Thoughtlessness is one of my                              

A. mistakes                          

B. faults                                

C. character                          

D. behavior

Câu 2: They studied hard and                 they passed the entrance exam.

A. eventually                        

B. finally                              

C. at the end 

D. finish

Câu 3: Three of those we invited to the party didn’t               _.  

A. set off 

B. turn up  

C. see off      

D. set up

Câu 4: Realizing he got lost, he started to               help.  

A. call for     

B. call at  

C. ask after 

D. come over

Câu 5: He told everyone that he had flu, but in fact, he had just                a cold.

A. come up with    

B. come down with   

C. gone in for     

D. made up for

Câu 6: I shivered and sweated                .

A. continue                           

B. continual                          

C. continuously                    

D. continually

Câu 7: “You should stop working too hard                you’ll get sick”.

A. or else   

B. if

C. in case          

D. whereas

Câu 8: In order to avoid boredom, the most important thing is to keep oneself             _.

A. occupation                       

B. occupational                    

C. occupant                          

D. occupied

Câu 9: He carried a(n)                driving license.

A. artificial                           

B. unfaithful                         

C. untrue                              

D. false

Câu 10: As the drug took                , the patient became quieter.

A. effect                               

B. force                                

C. influence                          

D. action

Câu 11: Instead of doing their own painting, they hired a firm of                decorators.

A. inside                               

B. inward                             

C. internal                            

D. interior

Câu 12:               anything suspicious arise, please let me know at once.

A. Should                             

B. Would                              

C. If                                      

D. Did

Câu 13: In some countries, on moral                that education should not be taxed, there is no tax on books.

A. principle                          

B. idea                                  

C. concept                            

D. reason

Câu 14: Such                the play that the theater is likely to be full every night.

A. is the popularity of 

B. popular is     

C. the popularity is       

D. is popular

Câu 15: He traveled                for 20 years and then he decided to return home.

A. farther away       

B. farthest of all 

C. safe and sound

D. far and wide

Câu 16: I am driving instructor so I have to be very                as people get upset when you criticize them.

A. powerful                          

B. skillful                             

C. tactful                              

D. helpful

Câu 17: As they               richer, they invested more money in shares.

A. became  

B. got                                    

C. are                                    

D. grew

Câu 18: Every step                to improve the living conditions in these slums only attracts more migrants.

A. held                                 

B. hold                                 

C. taken                                

D. took

Câu 19: Never                her stand on the deserted station platform.  

A. I will forget to see            

B. I will forget seeing

C. will I forget seeing                

D. will I forgot seeing

Câu 20: She                the baby on the bed in order to change its nappy.

A. lay                                   

B. laid                                   

C. lied                                  

D. lain

Câu 21: If we want to live in harmony with other people, we should get rid of                .

A. ideas                                

B. thoughts                           

C. prejudices                        

D. opinions

Câu 22: We needn’t take a taxi because it’s only                 from here to your hotel.

A. walk ten minutes    

B. a ten minutes walk  

C. a ten-minutes walk

D. ten minutes’ walk

Câu 23: The project is now well               .  

A. in way              

B. up the way       

C. on way

D. under way

Câu 24: Aunt Ida has never really              from her nervous breakdown.

A. mended                            

B. cured                                

C. recovered                         

D. repaired

Câu 25: Jack: “I’ve got to go, Sarah. So long ”. Sarah: ”So long, Jack. And                            “.

A. be careful     

B. don’t hurry  

C. take care 

D. don’t take it seriously

Bài 3:

Find one word which can fit all following three sentences.

Câu 1: 1. The government today announced a new        to encourage reading among young people. 2. I’m not very satisfied with my new secretary as she refuses to use her own         and is always asking me to give her instructions. 3. The home team took the       early in the match, forcing the other side to play a defensive game

A. initiative                   

B. idea                              

C. action                           

D. policy

Câu 2: 1. This not necessary to queue up in the bank as you can      funds from the ATM 2. The UN leaders decided to        troops from the area 3. He was obliged to        his statement or face the threat of dismissal.

A. withdraw         

B. cancel                           

C. take                              

D. protect

Bài 4:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1: We _________for three hours and are very tired.

A. are walking   

B. have been walking

C. were walking

D. had been walking

Câu 2: The policeman explained to us_________get to the market.

A. how        

B. how could       

C. how we could 

D. how could we

Câu 3:  _________from Bill, all the students said they would go.

A. Except              

B. Only                         

C. Apart                     

D. Separate

Câu 4: Not until a monkey is several years old_________to exhibit signs of independence from its mother.

A. beginning          

B. does it begin

C. and begin  

D. it begins

Câu 5: At the election you must mark your paper, fold it and drop it in to the _________box    

A. voting                 

B. ballot    

C. selection                 

D. nomination

Câu 6: Had the drought not lowered, the reservoir of the ancient village__________.  

A. wouldn't be discovered     

B. wouldn't have been discovered

C. can't have been discovered      

D. can't be discovered

Câu 7: “Never say that again, _________?”

A. won’t you  

B. do you

C. don’t you

D. will you

Câu 8:  Mary: “ Do you think it will rain ? “ Jenny: “Oh ! ________”

A. I don’t hope.

B. I hope not.     

C. I don’t hope so

D. It’s hopeless

Câu 9: It is believed _________causes insomnia.

A. too much caffeine which        

B. that too much caffeine

C. it in too much caffeine 

D. too much caffeine that

Câu 10: The train accident has_________the other train’s departure for a few hours.

A. sent back    

B. called off      

C. delayed 

D. retained

Câu 11:  Not only_________much bigger than any other planets, but it is unlike the planets, it consists completely of gaseous material.

A. Sun is   

B. the Sun, which is

C. is the Sun

D. that the Sun

Câu 12: - “ How about some more coffee?” - “_________.”     

A. I don’t agree, I’m afraid         

B. No, thanks

C. Yes, please 

D. B&C

Câu 13: _________to the national park before, Sue was amazed to see the geyser.

A. Being not 

B. Not having been    

C. Have not been    

D. Having not been

Câu 14: She has to pass all her exams or _________she would have no holiday.

A. instead              

B. else                           

C. therefore                 

D. though

Câu 15: We have had the roof of our house _________.

A. to replace 

B. replace                     

C. replaced                  

D. been replaced

Câu 16:  From the hotel there is a good _________of the mountains.

A. vision                

B. view                         

C. sight                       

D. picture

Câu 17: If you require any more _________about the holiday, please telephone us.

A. description        

B. information              

C. news                       

D. fact

Câu 18: He __________me to believe that they had left the district.

A. made                 

B. led                            

C. assured                 

D. confirmed

Câu 19: He was completely_________by her tale of hardship.              

A. taken away

B. taken down

C. taken in

D. taken up

Câu 20: He lost his job_________no fault of his own.         

A. through 

B. by

C. with       

D. over

Câu 21: Sarah is a young girl with_________and a straight nose.      

A. almond-shaped eyes

B. almond-eyed shape

C. eyes shaped almond      

D. almond-shape eyed

Câu 22: You shouldn't _________to your teacher like that. It was very rude.    

A. have talked

B. talk                          

C. have be talked  

D. talked

Câu 23: Old houses have a_________to be draughty.

A. tendency           

B. habit                        

C. problem                  

D. characteristic

Câu 24: Oh, no! My wallet has been _________.

A. rob                    

B. picked                      

C. stolen                     

D. theft

Câu 25: There's someone at the door. _________them.

A. I'm answering

B. I answer

C. I'll answer   

D. I answered

Câu 26: Bill Gates is probably the best known and most successful_______in computer software.  

A. pioneer              

B. navigator                 

C. generator                

D. volunteer

Câu 27:  - “ Can I use your motorbike this evening?” - “_________.”

A. Of course, you can      

B. Of course, you might

C. It’s my pleasure    

D. Do it if you can

Câu 28: No one died in the accident,________?

A. didn’t they

B. did he     

C. didn’t he    

D. did they

Câu 29: The students got the librarian_________books for them.

A. buy                   

B. to buy 

C. bought                    

D. buying

Câu 30:

Bài 5:

Choose the best option to complete the following sentences.

Câu 1: Simon physics at all________.

A. was hardly not interested in

B. was hardly interested in

C. was hardly not interesting on                           

D. was not hardly interested in

Câu 2: If a student ________ it is very unlikely that he will receive a good education.    

A. behaves badly and who is lazy,                 

B. who behaves badly and was lazy,

C. who behaves badly and is lazy,

D. behaves badly and is lazy,

Câu 3: The audience, ________enjoyed the performance.

A. most of them were students,

B. most of whom were students,

C. they were mostly students,                             

D. they themselves were students

Câu 4: The tests in this book are arranged ________.            

A. in order of difficult        

B. in order of difficulty

C. in orderly difficult   

D. in the order of difficulty

Câu 5: The success of the play was due to ________.        

A. the actors and how it was produced

B. the acting and the production

C. the actors and its production   

D. how they acted and the production

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