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Dạng bài Tìm lỗi sai lớp 10

Lưu ý: Chức năng này hiện không còn dùng nữa, vui lòng chọn các khóa học để xem các bài giảng hoặc làm đề thi online!

Bài 71:

Each of the following sentences contains one error. Underline and correct it. (10 pts)

Câu hỏi số 1:

I do not know where could he go so early in the morning.

Câu hỏi: 24159

Câu hỏi số 2:

The food in my country is different than that in the United States

Câu hỏi: 24160

Câu hỏi số 3:

Some of the students seemed very nervously before the final exam.

Câu hỏi: 24161

Câu hỏi số 4:

The teacher told the students to sit down and not opening the booklets until he told them to do so.

Câu hỏi: 24162

Câu hỏi số 5:

In order to being a good salesgirl, you mustn't be rude to the customers.

Câu hỏi: 24163

Câu hỏi số 6:

The office was broken into but nothing were missing.

Câu hỏi: 24164

Câu hỏi số 7:

The effectiveness of learning with computers depend on some factors.

Câu hỏi: 24165

Câu hỏi số 8:

He usually spends half an hour walking with his son everyday.

Câu hỏi: 24166

Câu hỏi số 9:

She wondered how her friend looked like now, after so many years away.

Câu hỏi: 24167

Câu hỏi số 10:

Da Lat, where is located on High Land, is famous for its mild climate.

Câu hỏi: 24168

Bài 72:

Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in Standard English.

Câu hỏi số 1:

They hate listening to folk song and walk at night.

Câu hỏi: 23070

Câu hỏi số 2:

Repeat what I have just said, shall you?

Câu hỏi: 23071

Câu hỏi số 3:

Would you like going to the wedding party with me tonight?

Câu hỏi: 23072

Câu hỏi số 4:

Travel by air is more expensive than traveling by train.

Câu hỏi: 23073

Câu hỏi số 5:

Mr. Steve prefers watching football to playing football, does he?

Câu hỏi: 23074

Bài 73:

Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C, D) that needs correcting.

Câu hỏi số 1:

Peter wished that he has gone to the party last week.

Câu hỏi: 21910

Câu hỏi số 2:

I don't know where is Joe; he could be at home.

Câu hỏi: 21911

Câu hỏi số 3:

If I had a car, I will drive it to the seaside every day.

Câu hỏi: 21912

Câu hỏi số 4:

It was so a hot cake that I couldn't eat it.

Câu hỏi: 21913

Câu hỏi số 5:

John doesn't like rock music; nor like his friends.

Câu hỏi: 21914

Bài 74:

Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) that needs correcting.

Câu hỏi số 1:

They asked me how did I persuade him to give up smoking.

Câu hỏi: 21693

Câu hỏi số 2:

If you can't answer my questions, you have bad marks.

Câu hỏi: 21694

Câu hỏi số 3:

The trousers are very expensive, and they couldn't buy it.

Câu hỏi: 21695

Câu hỏi số 4:

The women have been unemployed in World War II.

Câu hỏi: 21696

Câu hỏi số 5:

Are the boys used to live without their parents' support?

Câu hỏi: 21697

Bài 75:

Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting.

Câu hỏi số 1:

1 feel very hot. Turn off the fan please!

Câu hỏi: 21410

Câu hỏi số 2:

The film is so very interesting that I have seen it for three times.

Câu hỏi: 21411

Câu hỏi số 3:

I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Câu hỏi: 21412

Câu hỏi số 4:

Does she get used to present topics in front of the class?

Câu hỏi: 21413

Câu hỏi số 5:

What did you say to the man whom helped us with homework?

Câu hỏi: 21414

Bài 76:

Choose the underlined word or phrase (A,B,C or D) that needs correcting.

Câu hỏi số 1:

Did you give the boy candies whom I bought this morning?

Câu hỏi: 21054

Câu hỏi số 2:

The doctor who my father visited is very kind to me.

Câu hỏi: 21055

Câu hỏi số 3:

In spite of they missed the last train, they got there on time.

Câu hỏi: 21056

Câu hỏi số 4:

Although it rained heavily, but they continued to work.

Câu hỏi: 21057

Câu hỏi số 5:

They are interested in read books, so they usually go to the bookstore.

Câu hỏi: 21058

Bài 77:

Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) that needs correcting. 

Câu hỏi số 1:

If you will get here before eight, we can catch the early train.

Câu hỏi: 20465

Câu hỏi số 2:

I was amazing that he was interested in our plan. 

Câu hỏi: 20466

Câu hỏi số 3:

Jim seemed quite happily this evening at the party.

Câu hỏi: 20467

Câu hỏi số 4:

Since it is raining hardly, you had better not go out now.

Câu hỏi: 20468

Câu hỏi số 5:

What about use public buses instead of motorbikes to reduce exhaust fume. 

Câu hỏi: 20469

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