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Dạng bài Điền từ vào câu lớp 12

Bài 11:

Chọn phương án đúng (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau.

Câu 1: Havy: “Thanks for your help, Judy.” Judy: “______.”

A. With all my heart         

B. Never remind me               

C. It’s my pleasure                 

D. Wish you

Câu 2: “Just think, ______ 2 years’ time, we’ll be 20 both.”

A. under          

B. in

C. after       

D. over

Câu 3: Anne: “Thanks for the nice gift!” John: “______”

A. I’m glad you like it.                                       

B. But do you know how much it costs?

C. In fact, I myself don’t like it.                        

D. You’re welcomed.

Câu 4: Anne persisted ______ her search for the truth about what had happened.

A. at      

B. about         

C. on  

D. in

Câu 5: If she ______ sick, she would have gone out with me to the party.

A. wasn’t       

B. hadn’t been                           

C. hasn’t been                    

D. weren’t

Câu 6: - “________ detective stories?” - “In my opinion, they are very good for teenagers.”

A. What do you think about                                     

B. Are you fond of

C. How about                                                         

D. What do people feel about

Câu 7: - “Would you mind lending me your bike?” - “ ______ .”

A. Yes. Here it is                   

B. Not at all               

C. Great

D. Yes, let’s

Câu 8: They would ______ go by air than travel by train.

A. always  

B. better    

C. prefer 

D. rather

Câu 9: Don’t worry. He’ll do the job as _______ as possible.

A. economizing    

B. economic    

C. uneconomically

D. economically

Câu 10: ______ entering the hall, he found everyone waiting for him.

A. With  

B. On     

C. At    

D. During

Câu 11: - “Has an announcement been made about the eight o’clock flight to Paris?” - “ _______.”

A. Not yet                              

B. Yes, it was              

C. I don’t think that  

D. Sorry, I don’t

Bài 12:

Chọn từ hoặc cụm từ thích hợp (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau.

Câu 1: From an early age, Wolfgang had a/an _______ for music.

A. interest

B. passion

C. involvement  

D. tendency

Câu 2: No sooner had we left the house _______ it started snowing.

A. and       

B. than      

C. when  

D. that

Câu 3: Larry never spoke to anyone, and kept himself  _______.

A. outside   

B. withdrawn     

C. superior   

D. aloof

Câu 4: Sarah delivered a/an  _______ appeal to the court and asked for mercy.

A. sensational        

B. sentimental        

C. emotional  

D. affectionate

Câu 5: What ever Jane _______ to do, she finishes.

A. gets on                    

B. sees to                     

C. sets out                   

D. looks for

Câu 6: Several cars, _______ owners had parked them under the trees, were damaged.

A. their       

B. of which                 

C. whom 

D. whose

Câu 7: It was very good  _______ you to give up so much of your time.

A. of   

B. for      

C. with 

D. to

Câu 8: The play was not  _______ what we had expected.

A. just

B. absolutely    

C. at all                       

D. very

Câu 9: We had to get a bank loan when the money finally  _______.

A. gave in                    

B. gave off                  

C. gave over                

D. gave out

Câu 10: The minister  _______ to say whether all the coal mines would be closed.

A. refused

B. avoided      

C. denied     

D. bothered

Câu 11: When Helen agreed to run the school play, she got more than she  _______.

A. came down to        

B. bargained for          

C. faced up to

D. got round to

Câu 12: At the end of the match the players were  _______ exhausted

A. solely    

B. utterly

C. actually  

D. merely

Câu 13: _______ you should do first is make a list of all the things you have to do.

A. That   

B. What 

C. As   

D. If

Câu 14: The smell of the kippers cooking _______ my breakfast.

A. put me off              

B. came up against        

C. gave off                  

D. held up

Câu 15: This conversation project looks promising, but it’s still _______.

A. in the early stages

B. in advance              

C. understress   

D. at first sight

Bài 13:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on our answer sheet to indicate the coned answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1: Now I am unemployed. I have too much time________ and don't know what to do with myself. 

A. in hand

B.  in my hands

C.  to hand

D. on my hands 

Câu 2: _________in the street yesterday was very friendly.

A. The mounted police whom I saw 

B. The mounted police, who I saw 

C. The mounted police I saw whom 

D. Who is the mounted police I saw

Câu 3: ________is a normal reaction to everyday stressful events.

A. To be nervous 

B. Feeling nervous

C. Feel nervous

D. Be nervous

Câu 4: There is no chance of you getting the promotion after only two months working here, _________the great work you have done. 

A. nevertheless 

B. regardless 

C. presuming

D. notwithstanding

Câu 5: All____ is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life.

A. for our needs

B.  the thing needed

C. that is needed

D. what is needed 

Câu 6: He manages to visit his parents ______ Saturday.

A. another every

B. other every 

C. every the other

D. every other

Câu 7: Research has shown that there is no difference at all between the brain of the average woman and _______of the average man.

A. one

B. which 

C. that 

D. what 

Câu 8: If that old vase is a __________one, it will cost a lot of money.

A. realistic 

B. sincere

C. genuine

D. truthful 

Câu 9: Andrew is known for always saying __________comes to his mind. 

A. whatever

B.  everything

C. anything 

D. something

Câu 10:  _______ in the atmosphere is the temperature falling below freezing.

A. What is frost produced

B. What produces frost

C.  Frost is produced

D. Frost produces 

Câu 11:  - "What do you think of football?" - " ________ " 

A. Well, it's beyond my expectation

B. It's none of my business

C. Of course, football players are excellent 

D. I am crazy about it. 

Câu 12:  After her illness, Lam had to work hard to__________ his classmates.

A. get in touch with 

B. keep pace with 

C. catch sight of 

D. make allowance for

Câu 13: It's a formal occasion so we'll have to_________ to the nines- no jeans and pullovers this time! 

A. get dressed up

B.  wear in

C. put on

D. bitch up 

Câu 14: So little__________ about mathematics that the lecture was completely beyond me

A. did I know 

B. do I know 

C. I have known 

D. I knew

Câu 15: The volcano which had been ________for years suddenly exploded. 

A.  passive 

B. immobile 

C. inactive 

D. idle 

Câu 16: - " You're already leaving? The ball is only starting." - " But it's very late, so______

A. take care 

B. goodbye for now

C. have a good day 

D.  it's great fun, thanks

Câu 17: He ________a big fortune when he was young, so he didn't have to work hard.

A.  came up 

B. came into

C. came round 

D.  came across 

Câu 18: Deborah is going to take extra lessons to _______what she missed while she was away. 

A. put up with

B. cut down on

C. catch up on 

D. take up with

Câu 19: I don't think anyone understood what I was saying at the meeting, did they? I totally failed to get my point __________ .

A. around

B. along 

C. across

D. about 

Câu 20: Something tells me that you _____  to a single word I_________  in the past ten minutes. 

A. haven't listened/ was saying

B. haven't listened/ said

C. didn't listen/ said 

D. haven't been listening/ have said 

Câu 21: There was nothing they could do_________  leave the car at the roadside where it had broken down.

A. unless 

B. but 

C. than 

D. instead of

Câu 22: I'm  ________my brother is

A. nothing near as ambitious as 

B. nowhere like so ambitious as

C. nowhere near as ambitious as

D. nothing as ambitious as 

Câu 23: Remember to appreciate what your friends do for you. You shouldn't take them _________

A. for granted 

B. as a rule

C. out of habit

D. as usual 

Câu 24: It's very kind of you to give me something on my birthday, but you ________such an expensive present like this. 

A. needn't have bought 

B.  haven't needed to buy 

C. needn't to buy 

D. didn't need to buy 

Câu 25:  - Would you mind if I shut the window?' -"________"

A. No, don't shut it

B. Yes, I wouldn't mind

C.  Yes, please shut 

D. No, please do 

Bài 14:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the best way to complete each of the following sentences.

Câu 1: It is the recommendation of many psychologists_________ to associate words and remember names

A.  that a learner must use mental images

B. mattal images are used

C. that a learner use mental images 

D. that a learner uses mental images 

Câu 2: ____________received law degrees as today. 

A. Women who have never

B. Never have so many women

C. Never so many women have

D. The women aren't ever

Câu 3: George would certainly have attended the meeting ________

A.  if the Ilat tire didn't happen 

B. if he didn't get a flat tire 

C. had he not had a flat tire

D. had the tire not flatten itself 

Câu 4: __________that I tore up the letter.

A. I was so annoying 

B.  I was such an annoyed 

C. Such was my annoyance

D. So was I annoyed 

Câu 5: While the language barrier was once an obstacle to trade________

A. the case doesn't longer exist 

B. the technical case is now no more 

C. which is no longer the case 

D. the technical hurdle is now the case.

Bài 15:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1: Mr. Smith suggested that Sara ________ for the job in the company. 

A. applying   

B. would apply   

C.  applied  

D. apply 

Câu 2: Our neighbours are normally very noisy, but they're being __________this evening.

A.  unusually quietly 

B. unusual quiet 

C. unusually quiet

D. unusual quietly 

Câu 3: No matter __________, Mozart was an accomplished composer while still a child. 

A. how it remarkable seems

B. how it seems remarkable 

C. how seems it remarkable 

D. how remarkable it seems 

Câu 4: -"Do you have a minute, Dr Keith?" - "_____________" 

A.  Sorry, I haven't got it here.  

B. Good, I hope so. 

C. Sure. What's the problem? 

D. Well. I'm not sure when. 

Câu 5: I was surprised to find my French was still ________ good. I could use it to speak during the meeting.

A. pretty 

B. hard  

C.  prettily   

D. hardly 

Câu 6: The manager ________ him for a minor mistake. 

A. complained    

B.  charged     

C. accused 

D. blamed

Câu 7: People who are out of work can receive the __________. 

A. pension 

B. scholarship 

C. allowance

D. unemployment benefit

Câu 8: Following the accident, he was officially accused of _________ driving. 

A. reckless 

B. careful  

C. hurry   

D. responsible 

Câu 9: Laura: "What a lovely house you have!" Maria: "_____________". 

A. Of course not, it's not costly 

B. Thank you. Hope you will drop in 

C. No problem  

D. I think so 

Câu 10: If you had taken my advice, you _________ in such difficulties now. 

A. wouldn't have been

B. wouldn't be   

C. won't be

D. hadn't been 

Câu 11: ________, we tried our best to complete it. 

A. Despite the homework was difficult 

B. Difficult as the homework was 

C. Thanks to the difficult homework 

D. As though the homework was difficult

Câu 12: Having a best friend to confide in can bring a positive effect on our ________ health. 

A. emotional 

B. emotionally     

C. emotion

D. emotionless 

Câu 13: ________ her fiction describes women in unhappy marriages. 

A. Many of

B. A large number of  

C. Much of  

D. A great variety of

Câu 14: Police believe that there is a _________ between two crimes.

A. chain

B. relation 

C. connector

D. link 

Câu 15: After I _________ finished working, I switched off the machine. 

A. had 

B. have  

C. to have  

D. having 

Câu 16: The players' protests ________ no difference to the referee's decision at all. 

A. caused

B. did 

C. made  

D. created 

Câu 17: I was wakened by the sound of someone ________ on the door. 

A. bumping 

B. crashing   

C. hitting 

D. knocking 

Câu 18: Tom. "I'm sorry. I won't be able to come". - Mary. "_____________". 

A. Oh, that's annoying 

B. Great 

C.  Sounds like fun 

D. Well, never mind

Câu 19: Nobody's got to stay late this evening, __________? 

A. have they

B. is it  

C. isn't it

D. don't they

Câu 20: After the flash flood, all the drains were overflowing ________ storm water. 

A. with 

B. by  

C. from 

D. for

Câu 21: - A: "Happy New Year!"       - B: "_____________!" 

A. The same to you  

B. Congratulation 

C.  Thanks  

D. Same for you 

Câu 22: I saw him hiding something in a __________bag. 

A. small plastic black

B. black small plastic  

C. small black plastic 

D. plastic small black 

Câu 23: The child was told to__________  for being rude to his uncle.

A. forgive

B. excuse  

C. confess 

D. apologize 

Câu 24: "If only I hadn't lent him all my money!"       -"_____________."

A. All right. You will be OK 

B. I'm afraid you will have to do it 

C. Sorry, I have no idea 

D. Well, you did, so it's no use crying over spilt milk 

Câu 25: _________ of the book, they get married and live happily ever after. 

A. End to end 

B. At the end  

C. By the end 

D. In the end

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