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Dạng bài Điền từ vào câu lớp 12

Bài 21:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1: Research has shown that there is no difference at all between the brain of the average woman and _______of the average man.

A. what 

B. which 

C. one 

D. that

Câu 2: “MD” is the abbreviation of _______.

A. Medical Development 

B. Doctor of Medicine 

C. Medium Density 

D. Management Director

Câu 3: - “That’s a very nice skirt you’re wearing.” -“ ___________”

A. How a compliment! 

B. That’s all right.

C. It’s nice of you to say so

D. I like you said so.

Câu 4: _______are the formal rules of correct or polite behavior among people using the Internet.

A. Traffic rules

B. Family rules

C. Codes of etiquettes 

D. Codes of netiquettes

Câu 5: -” ____________” - “Yes, of course.”

A. You won’t help me this time 

B. You’d better give me one hand

C. I don’t think I’ll need your help

D. Could you give me a hand?

Câu 6: UNICEF _______supports and funds for the most disadvantaged children all over the world.

A. presents 

B. assists

C. provides 

D. offers 

Câu 7: Is there anyone who _______ the plan put forward by the committee?

A. differs 

B. disagrees

C. objects

D. opposes

Câu 8: He would win the race if he _______his brother’s example and trained harder.

A. repeated 

B. set 

C. answered 

D. followed

Câu 9: Excuse me. Where is the ____________office of OXFAM located?”

A. leading 

B. head

C. central

D. summit

Câu 10: She neglected her study during the term, _______she couldn’t pass the exam.

A. although 

B. because 

C. so that 

D. so

Câu 11: The doctors know that it is very difficult to save the patient’s life, _______they will try their best.

A. but

B. although 

C. despite

D. however

Câu 12: I am sending you my curriculum vitae _______you will have a chance to study it before our interview.

A. so that 

B. because

C. for 

D. since

Câu 13: Unfortunately, your letter arrived after the final date for application. _______, we cannot consider you for the post.

A. As result 

B. That is because 

C. Consequently

D. To this

Câu 14: Everybody in the house woke up when the burglar alarm ______

A. went out 

B. went off 

C. came about 

D. rang off

Câu 15: – ” You’re already leaving? The ball is only starting.” - ” But it’s very late, so _______.”

A. take care 

B. have a good day

C. goodbye for now 

D. it’s great fun, thanks

Câu 16: Have a piece of chocolate,_ ______?

A. do you 

B. would you 

C. don’t you 

D. haven’t you

Câu 17: By the time you come here tomorrow, the work _______.

A. will have been finishing 

B. will be finishing

C. will have been finished 

D. will be finished

Câu 18: If you put your money in a bank now, you may get 12% _______annually.

A. interest 

B. profit

C. money

D. income

Câu 19: -” _______” - “Yes. I’d like to buy a computer.”

A. Do you look for something? 

B. Good morning. Can I help you?

C. Excuse me. Do you want to buy it? 

D. Can you help me buy something?

Câu 20: In making remarks, he _______to understatement.

A. declined

B. intended

C. aligned 

D. inclined

Câu 21: After her illness, Lam had to work hard to _______ his classmates.

A. catch sight of 

B. keep pace with 

C. get in touch with 

D. make allowance for

Câu 22: Some kinds of birds are on the _______of extinction.

A. brink

B. tip

C. side 

D. edge

Câu 23: _______of popular expressions in our language have interesting backgrounds.

A. A large number 

B. The large number

C. A great deal 

D. A sum

Câu 24: _______for farming purposes, soil must contain the minerals plants require.

A. To be good 

B. Being good 

C. Be good 

D. That’s good

Câu 25: Please _______your cigarette. I am going to get choked.

A. cut down 

B. blow out 

C. put aside

D. put out

Câu 26: The new laws have encouraged both domestic and foreign private _______.

A. savings

B. paying

C. investment 

D. economics

Câu 27: Since the reform, the country has undergone _______changes.

A. large 

B. sizeable

C. substantial

D. favourable

Câu 28: _ “ Do you like your new job?” - “Yes, but my employer insisted that I _______on time.”

A. was 

B. am 

C. have been 

D. be

Câu 29: Many companies know that attractive ____________can persuade customers to buy their goods.

A. packs

B. packets

C. package 

D. packaging

Câu 30: I think the company should inform its customers _______the improvements in their services.

A. on

B. about

C. to 

D. with

Bài 22:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions..(from 66 to 68).

Câu 1: The teacher gave some suggestions on what could come out for the examination.

A. effects

B. symptoms 

C. hints

D. demonstrations

Câu 2: Whenever problems come up, we discuss them frankly and find solutions quickly.

A. clean

B. encounter

C. arrive 

D. happen

Câu 3: Unselfishness is the very essence of friendship.

A. important part

B. difficult part

C. romantic part

D. interesting part

Bài 23:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer in each of the following questions.(from 6 to 30).

Câu 1: She should have been here but she’s...................flu.

A. gone through with

B. gone down with

C. come in for

D. come against

Câu 2: Jane decided not to.................the exam in November.

A. take on

B. go in for

C. get round to

D. make for

Câu 3: Floods have completely.................the farmer’s crops.

A. ruined

B. damaged 

C. harmed

D. injured

Câu 4: I gave the waiter a $50 notes and waited for my.............

A. change

B. supply

C. cash

D. cost

Câu 5: People can become very.....................when they are stuck in traffic for a long time.

A. nervous

B. bad-tempered

C. stressful

D. pressed

Câu 6: If you had taken my advice, such difficulties now.

A. wouldn’t have been

B. hadn’t been

C. wouldn’t be

D. won’t be

Câu 7: Susan wasn’t in when I arrived. I suppose she..................... I was coming.

A. must have forgotten

B. must forget

C. may forget

D. can’t have forgotten

Câu 8: There is ................... in my bedroom.

A. square wooden old table

B. an old square wooden table

C. a wooden old square table 

D. an old wooden square table

Câu 9: It’s essential that every student...................the exam before attending the course.

A. pass   

B. passes 

C. would pass

D. passed

Câu 10: We decided to go to the library as soon as we...................... .

A. finish what we did

B. would finish what we did

C. finished what we did   

D. finished what we were doing

Câu 11: Please cut my hair ................ the style in this magazine.

A. the same length as

B. the same length like

C. the same long like

D. he same long as

Câu 12: .................... in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge spans the channel at the entrance to San  Francisco Bay.

A. Completed 

B. Completing

C. Being completed

D. To be completed

Câu 13: The judge ........................ the murderer to a lifetime imprisonment.

A. sentenced

B. convicted

C. accused 

D. prosecuted

Câu 14: “Never say that again, ....................... ?”

A. won’t you

B. will you

C. do you

D. don’t you

Câu 15: .................... he would be there, I would have agreed to come.

A. Had I known

B. I had known

C. Had known I  

D. If I knew

Câu 16: That    the   committee   members      could    not  agree   with   each   other   about    solving   that problem........................ caused a serious problem.

A.  is

B. was

C. has

D. have

Câu 17: Nam has now........................... to the point where his English is almost fluent.

A. arrived

B. approached

C. reached

D. advanced

Câu 18: I must take this watch to be repaired as it....................... over 20 minutes a day.

A. accelerates

B. increases

C. progresses 

D. gains

Câu 19: The stolen jewels were ....................... a lot of money.

A. priced

B. worth

C. cost

D. valued

Câu 20: “Could I speak to Mai, please?” “ Yes, .................”.

A. answering 

B. talking

C. saying

D. speaking

Câu 21: “.................. .” – “Never mind, better luck next time.”

A. I’ve broken your precious vase 

B. I have a lot on my mind

C. I couldn’t keep my mind on work

D. I didn’t get the vacant position

Câu 22: “Wow! What a nice coat you are wearing!”

A. Certainly. Do you like it, too? 

B. I like you to say that.

C. Yes, of course. It’s expensive.

D. Thanks. My mother bought it for me.

Câu 23: - Peter:    “Do    you    think   that   we   should    use   public    transportation     to protect    our environment?”  - Mary: “.............................. .”

A. Of course not. You bet.

B. Well, that’s very surprising.

C. There is no doubt about it.

D. Yes, it’s an absurd idea.

Câu 24: I was angry when you saw me because I.......................with my sister.

A. have been arguing 

B. had been arguing  

C. argued 

D. would argue

Câu 25:  ........................the book, please return it to me .

A. Should you find 

B. Will you have found

C. Will you be finding

D. Will you find

Bài 24:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions

Câu 1: By next year, my son will have                    his education at Cambridge  Universtiy.

A. realized                       

B. completed                           

C. graduated

D. terminated

Câu 2: "I thought you were too tired” – “                    I’ve decided to go. I feel I owe it to him”.

A. All the same                 

B. More of the same   

C. One and the same               

D. All the more

Câu 3: "Did you go sailing last weekend?” – “No. We would have gone, _________ nicer”.

A. had the weather been     

B. if the weather has been       

C. woud the weather be    

D. if the weather might be

Câu 4: Her excellent grades in college led                    a high – paying job after graduation.

A. to get her                       

B. in getting her 

C. to her getting           

D. her getting

Câu 5:                     had I left the hotel when I was surrounded by photographers

A. No sooner                   

B. Immediately                        

C.  Just

D. Hardly

Câu 6: I hope you won’t take                     if I tell you the truth.

A. annoyance                           

B. offence                                

C. resentment                          

D. irritation

Câu 7: The books says that the revolution was                   off by the assassination of the state governor.

A. launched                             

B. cropped                               

C. triggered                             

D. prompted

Câu 8: “Is Mary back from Italy?” – “                    . I haven’t spoken to her in months.”

A. I’ll never know     

B. I ought to know      

C. I haven’t known   

D. I haven’t know

Câu 9: GSTT GROUP are well                    students.

A. qualify                                

B. qualified                              

C. qualification                       

D. quality

Câu 10: The soldiers have made a lot of progress                   the country became independent.

A. for                                       

B. since                                    

C. before                                 

D. until

Câu 11: The survey                    that over 60 % student are using ATM cards issued by VIB bank.

A. points                                  

B. performance                        

C. indicates                             

D. composes

Câu 12: According to the global survey,                    400 million people speak English as their mother tongue.

A. exactly                                

B. almost                                 

C. approximately                     

D. relatively

Câu 13: I’m afraid I can’t add friend with you.” – “                    !”

A. What a shame                     

B. what a pity            

C. Patience                              

D. That’s shame

Câu 14: Which of the following is the function of this sentence: “I’d love to come, but I’m already going out that evening.”

A. Offering to do something 

B. Apologizing                        

C. Declining an invitation     

D. Giving advice

Câu 15: "Do you think she’ll get the good job?” - “I have my doubts. She’s inexperienced,                     very shy.” 

A. in addition              

B. as well              

C. let it alone            

D. not to mention

Câu 16: Sending friend requests to people you don't know personally is against Facebook’s terms and could be considered                    .

A. harassment                          

B. harass                                  

C. harassing                             

D. harasses

Câu 17: – “How do you say the following time? 2: 47

A. It’s nearly 3 o’clock                 

B. It’s just before 3 o’clock

C. It’s just coming up to 3 o’clock   

D. All are correct

Câu 18: “Jane didn’t look well today, did she? – “                     ”

A. I am afraid not    

B. No, she seemed ill

C. Yes, she seemed sick     

D. A and B

Câu 19: I can’t go with you today: I have                    of things to do.

A. a great deal     

B. many a great                  

C. great many    

D. a great many

Câu 20: This movie is really sad. I think                   .

A. I’m going to cry      

B. I cry           

C. I’ll cry                

D. I’m crying

Câu 21: Unfortunately, we lost the match                    one goal.

A. with                                     

B. by                                        

C. at                                         

D. from

Câu 22: I am                    of hearing your excuses.

A. tired                                    

B. keen                                    

C. proud                                  

D. pride

Câu 23: It is difficult to                    on the left.

A. get used to driving     

B. used to drive 

C. used to driving         

D. accustomed to driving

Câu 24: There is no toy on the floor,                    ?

A. is there

B. isn’t there       

C. isn’t toy 

D. is toy

Câu 25: Studies indicate                    collecting art today than ever before.

A. there more people                     

B. more people that are

C. that there are more people          

D. people there are more

Bài 25:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1: Thoughtlessness is one of my                              

A. mistakes                          

B. faults                                

C. character                          

D. behavior

Câu 2: They studied hard and                 they passed the entrance exam.

A. eventually                        

B. finally                              

C. at the end 

D. finish

Câu 3: Three of those we invited to the party didn’t               _.  

A. set off 

B. turn up  

C. see off      

D. set up

Câu 4: Realizing he got lost, he started to               help.  

A. call for     

B. call at  

C. ask after 

D. come over

Câu 5: He told everyone that he had flu, but in fact, he had just                a cold.

A. come up with    

B. come down with   

C. gone in for     

D. made up for

Câu 6: I shivered and sweated                .

A. continue                           

B. continual                          

C. continuously                    

D. continually

Câu 7: “You should stop working too hard                you’ll get sick”.

A. or else   

B. if

C. in case          

D. whereas

Câu 8: In order to avoid boredom, the most important thing is to keep oneself             _.

A. occupation                       

B. occupational                    

C. occupant                          

D. occupied

Câu 9: He carried a(n)                driving license.

A. artificial                           

B. unfaithful                         

C. untrue                              

D. false

Câu 10: As the drug took                , the patient became quieter.

A. effect                               

B. force                                

C. influence                          

D. action

Câu 11: Instead of doing their own painting, they hired a firm of                decorators.

A. inside                               

B. inward                             

C. internal                            

D. interior

Câu 12:               anything suspicious arise, please let me know at once.

A. Should                             

B. Would                              

C. If                                      

D. Did

Câu 13: In some countries, on moral                that education should not be taxed, there is no tax on books.

A. principle                          

B. idea                                  

C. concept                            

D. reason

Câu 14: Such                the play that the theater is likely to be full every night.

A. is the popularity of 

B. popular is     

C. the popularity is       

D. is popular

Câu 15: He traveled                for 20 years and then he decided to return home.

A. farther away       

B. farthest of all 

C. safe and sound

D. far and wide

Câu 16: I am driving instructor so I have to be very                as people get upset when you criticize them.

A. powerful                          

B. skillful                             

C. tactful                              

D. helpful

Câu 17: As they               richer, they invested more money in shares.

A. became  

B. got                                    

C. are                                    

D. grew

Câu 18: Every step                to improve the living conditions in these slums only attracts more migrants.

A. held                                 

B. hold                                 

C. taken                                

D. took

Câu 19: Never                her stand on the deserted station platform.  

A. I will forget to see            

B. I will forget seeing

C. will I forget seeing                

D. will I forgot seeing

Câu 20: She                the baby on the bed in order to change its nappy.

A. lay                                   

B. laid                                   

C. lied                                  

D. lain

Câu 21: If we want to live in harmony with other people, we should get rid of                .

A. ideas                                

B. thoughts                           

C. prejudices                        

D. opinions

Câu 22: We needn’t take a taxi because it’s only                 from here to your hotel.

A. walk ten minutes    

B. a ten minutes walk  

C. a ten-minutes walk

D. ten minutes’ walk

Câu 23: The project is now well               .  

A. in way              

B. up the way       

C. on way

D. under way

Câu 24: Aunt Ida has never really              from her nervous breakdown.

A. mended                            

B. cured                                

C. recovered                         

D. repaired

Câu 25: Jack: “I’ve got to go, Sarah. So long ”. Sarah: ”So long, Jack. And                            “.

A. be careful     

B. don’t hurry  

C. take care 

D. don’t take it seriously

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