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Dạng bài Điền từ vào câu lớp 12

Bài 26:

Find one word which can fit all following three sentences.

Câu 1: 1. The government today announced a new        to encourage reading among young people. 2. I’m not very satisfied with my new secretary as she refuses to use her own         and is always asking me to give her instructions. 3. The home team took the       early in the match, forcing the other side to play a defensive game

A. initiative                   

B. idea                              

C. action                           

D. policy

Câu 2: 1. This not necessary to queue up in the bank as you can      funds from the ATM 2. The UN leaders decided to        troops from the area 3. He was obliged to        his statement or face the threat of dismissal.

A. withdraw         

B. cancel                           

C. take                              

D. protect

Bài 27:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct one to complete each of the following sentences.

Câu 1: Some great men have had ________ school records.

A. indistinct     

B. extinguished       

C. indistinguishable

D. undistinguished

Câu 2: He has been in ________ ever since he was convicted of taking bribes.

A. shame      

B. disregard      

C. disgrace       

D.  reproach

Câu 3: Now that they have read it in ________, they believe me.

A. black and white 

B. red and blue         

C.  blue and red            

D. white and black

Câu 4: The number of learners of English________in recent years.

A. have increased rapidly         

B. has been increased rapidly

C. have been increased rapidly      

D. has increased rapidly

Câu 5: When you have a small child in the house, you ________ leave small objects lying around. Such objects ________ be swallowed, causing serious injury or even death.  

A. needn't / may   

B. should not / might  

C. should / must            

D. mustn't / can't

Câu 6: Mike: “Do I still have to change my clothes?”  Bate: “________ .”

A. The party begins at 2 pomp       

B. Don’t change your mind, please

C. Let’s discuss that some time

D. Sure, take your time

Câu 7: The rumors go that Jason will be arrested. He is said ________ a bloody robbery.

A. to have taken part in 

B. to have joined in      

C. to join in     

D. to take part in

Câu 8: It was the job of the security guard to ________ anyone suspicious hanging around the restaurant while the president was dining inside.  

A. kick out of     

B.  look out for 

C. get away with  

D. check out of

Câu 9: Nuance: “Is there anything I can do for you, sir?” Rue: “________ .”

A. Sure, go ahead, please   

B. Ok, your time

C. Not now. Thanks anyway 

D. Yes, you’re welcome

Câu 10: Sarah is a young girl with ________ and a straight nose.

A. almond-shape eyed  

B. almond-eyed shape     

C. eyes shaped almond

D. almond-shaped eyes

Câu 11: In the ________of security, personnel must wear their identity badges at all time.

A. requirement      

B. demands    

C. interests    

D. assistance

Câu 12: By 2050, medical technology ________ many diseases.

A. will have conquered  

B.  is conquering 

C. has conquered   

D.  will conquer

Câu 13: Lindy: “Do you mind the window being open?” Maya: “________, it’s much too cold.”

A. Yes, please       

B. I’m afraid I don’t 

C. Yes, I do mind     

D. No, I don’t

Câu 14: He has been waiting for this letter for days, and at ________ it has come.

A. the moment        

B. last    

C. present 

D. the end

Câu 15: Neither of them will be treated preferentially, ________?

A. won’t they  

B. will them  

C. will they    

D. won’t them

Câu 16: The salary of a computer programmer is ________ a teacher.

A. as twice much as              

B. as much as twice of

C.  twice as higher as that           

D. twice as high as that of

Câu 17: By the gate________ .

A.  a little girl stood     

B. stood a little girl 

C. did a little girl stand

D. a little girl did stand

Câu 18: ________, he can never follow me.

A.  Fast as does he run

B. As does he run fast   

C.  As he runs fast 

D.  Fast as he runs

Câu 19: ________, John that she talked about him all the time.

A. Did so much she adore   

B. Did she adored so much

C.  So much he adored  

D. So much did she adore

Câu 20: The smell was so bad that it completely ________ us off our food.

A. got        

B. took

C.  put     

D.  set

Câu 21: Mohandas K. Gandhi, ________ Mahatma, lived a noble life of poverty to work for independence.  

A. called    

B.  that was called 

C. was called  

D. calling

Câu 22: ________ his assistance in those days, I would not be so successful now.

A. If there were not   

B. Unless I had 

C. Had it not been for 

D. If it had not for

Câu 23: There is no chance of you getting the promotion after only two months working here, ________ the great work you have done.  

A. presuming  

B. notwithstanding 

C. nevertheless   

D. regardless

Câu 24: I tried to talk to her, but she was as high as a ________ .

A. sky  

B. house

C. wall      

D.  kite

Câu 25: Vietnam’s Got Talent is the game show that has taken audiences ________ .

A. by heart 

B.  by wind 

C. by night 

D.  by storm

Bài 28:

Read the passage and choose the correct answer from A, B, C, D  to complete each sentence

Câu 1: Are they _______ -grown guavas or did you buy them on the market?

A. domestic 

B. homely     

C. home      

D. house

Câu 2: “________” “Your compliment makes me confident, thanks”

A. How stylish you are!  

B. How do I look like?

C. What an obsolete you are !  

D. How out date you are!

Câu 3: “Your phone call is too long, you know?” “________”

A.  It’s a hand exercise, mum, I’m sorry.        

B. I haven’t got such a long call for ages.

C. I’m not responsible for the bill, dad.

D. As long as I can afford to pay mother.

Câu 4: Some farmers have been ________ in the good years but others were ruined by the bad  

A. provident     

B. provided     

C. provision

D.  providing

Câu 5: The foreign visitor group wanted to pay their last respect to ________ Mr Vo Nguyen Giap used to live, so they waited hours to take the chance.  

A. him and the place where      

B. him and which

C.  the place where and him    

D. that he

Câu 6: “Do you want beer or wine?” “________”

A.  I’d prefer beer, please  

B. I like beer

C. I’d rather beer please  

D.  I hate wine

Câu 7: Only after this university competition _________.

A. could be recognized and cultivated his talent.

B.  could his talent be recognized and cultivated.

C. could be his talent recognized and cultivated. 

D. his talent could be recognized and cultivated.

Câu 8: He said if he had not answered the phone at the petroleum station then, he _______ a fine.  

A. would pay    

B. hadn’t paid

C. had been paid

D. wouldn’t have had to pay

Câu 9: _______ the teacher’s criticism years ago, what would he be like now?

A. Notwithstanding 

B. With         

C. But for      

D. In case

Câu 10: I’ve left the office ________ Bill’s very efficient hands.

A. in    

B. at      

C. by

D. off

Câu 11: You can not request for an exchange if you don’t bring the _________.

A. insurance    

B. assumption   

C.  guarantee      

D.  assurance

Câu 12: If you go swimming as an exercise, it ________ your physical health in all aspects.

A. will improve   

B. improved  

C. would improve 

D. improves

Câu 13: I don’t think such ________ fine can prohibit the illegal trade in the country.

A. just      

B. slightly  

C. light   

D. heavily

Câu 14: The headmaster said the students had well performed in the test __________ .

A. yesterday   

B. last day 

C. the day before 

D.  the previous

Câu 15: As far as I know, _______ every member in the group had got in her way, she would have felt appreciated. She was very furious then.  

A. for    

B. in case   

C. unless 

D.  if

Câu 16: Huong _______ us for not having told her the latest news in advance.

A. praised    

B. apologized    

C. reproached

D.  admitted

Câu 17: Although I was told about it only once, I still remember it _______.

A. extremely       

B.  hard   

C. clearly 

D. high

Câu 18: She must have been sleepless last night. Otherwise, her eyes _______ so bloody now.  

A. wouldn’t look     

B. looked

C. won’t look 

D. wouldn’t have looked

Câu 19: It was not until he had an accident that he recognized the importance of his old motorbike ________.  

A. under insurance

B. in insurance   

C. under guarantee 

D. out guarantee

Câu 20: Her spending surpasses making, which is against her moral words that one should _______ provision for his old age.  

A. take 

B. prepare   

C. make      

D. have

Câu 21: She had worked as one of my _____ before getting married to my uncle.

A. house-maids  

B. house-keeper 

C. house-holds   

D. house-husbands

Câu 22: The number of people and luggage _______ is excessive.

A. who needs to be uploaded 

B. needs uploading

C.  needing to uploaded 

D. that need uploading

Câu 23: The management board has ______ approved of who will take on the post, which was supported by a predictable roll proportion.  

A. supposedly        

B. allegedly      

C. admittedly        

D. decidedly

Câu 24: The teacher in change _________ we had finished the assignment or not.

A. inquired that  

B. inquired whether

C. said that

D. demanded

Câu 25: When he _______, his wallet had disappeared.

A. came over    

B. came round  

C. passed on 

D. passed out

Câu 26: He’s becoming so popular in the entertainment world that he has earned thousands of dollars’ contracts. He’s worn a ______ vest nowadays when he goes out, like some VIP.  

A.  neo-bullet        

B. bulletproof 

C. anti-fire        

D. fireproof

Câu 27: “SOS’s speaking.” “____________”

A. Nice to meet you. 

B. Nice to have you plan.

C. Please put me through to Mr Dean.  

D. Have you made an appointment before?

Câu 28: After we each had been assigned an installment part of the project, we came back to our _______ section.  

A. respective      

B.  respectively    

C. respectful    

D. irrespective

Câu 29: “Where do you suggest I stay?” “_________”

A. Let’s stay at the Hilton  

B. I suggest you to Hilton

C. I prefer the Hilton     

D. I recommend the Hilton

Câu 30: He looked as if he _______ a million dollars.

A. is going to win

B.  won 

C. had won               

D. wins

Bài 29:

Choose the answer A, B, C or D which best fits the space in each of the following sentences 

Câu 1: We can't sign this contract because we have got _________  information about the partner to base on.  

A.  too few

B.  so many

C. so little 

D. too little 

Câu 2: America, as well as Japan, England, and Germany_______.

A.  are developed countries  

B. are developing countries

C.  is a developed country   

D. is developing countries 

Câu 3: _________  greyhound, can achieve speeds of up to thirty-six miles per hour.

A. The

B. The fastest 

C. The fastest dog

D. The fastest dog, the 

Câu 4: Since they aren't answering the phone, they _______ their house.

A. need have left      

B. can't have left  

C.  must have left 

D. should have left 

Câu 5: Jim's ______ flu again. That's the third time this year.

A. led up to  

B. come up with

C. gone down with

D.  put up with 

Câu 6: Not everybody thinks the building is ugly. _________  some people say it looks marvelous.  

A. On the contrary 

B.  Because 

C. Although  

D. Since 

Câu 7: Jim: "What about going out for some drinks?"        Linda: "_________  Let's do that."  

A. I can't agree with you more.

B. I'm afraid I can't do.

C. Sorry, I don't like  

D. No, it's interesting, isn't it? 

Câu 8: A few animals sometimes fool their enemies ______ to be dead.

A.  to be appearing 

B. to appear  

C. by appearing  

D. have been appearing

Câu 9: _______ to his brother's graduation ceremony, George wouldn't have met Mary.

A. Had he not gone       

B. Hadn't he gone

C. If he has not gone 

D. If he shouldn't have gone 

Câu 10: Nowadays children would prefer history lessons _________  in more practical ways.

A. to be delivered 

B. delivered  

C. be delivered

D. to be delivering 

Câu 11: I studied English for four years in high school. _________  had trouble talking with people when I was traveling in the US .

A. Otherwise, I         

B. Therefore, I 

C. Although I  

D. However, I 

Câu 12: When he woke up, he realized that the things he had dreamt about could not _________  have happened.  

A. possibly       

B. likely         

C. certainly 

D. potentially 

Câu 13: - "Do you think the book is too expensive?         - "Yes, it's not ______ what we paid for it."  

A. worthy  

B.  worth of 

C. worth  

D. valuable 

Câu 14: Peter: "Hi, Michael. What's going on?" - Michael: "Nothing special, Peter. _____ with you?"  

A. What's up   

B. Have you got

C. Nothing new

D. Not much

Câu 15: The new political system didn't ______ the public's expectations.

A. catch up with  

B. bring about

C. come across

D.  come up to 

Câu 16: Before the meeting finished, they had arranged when ______ next.

A. they met      

B. they to meet 

C. to meet    

D. should they meet 

Câu 17: Pesticides aren't so effective as they used to be because insects have become ______ them.  

A. resistant to  

B. composed of

C.  included    

D. created 

Câu 18: Out _______ from its tiny cage.

A. does the bird fly   

B. fly the bird 

C. did the bird fly

D. flew the bird 

Câu 19: A:- How lovely your pets are!           B: _________

A. Thank you, it's nice of you to say so 

B. Really? They are so beautiful

C. can you say that again     

D.  I love them, too 

Câu 20: The Mayflower was bound for Virginia, but a hurricane _________  off the course.

A.  blew it       

B. to blow it 

C. it blew 

D. blowing it 

Câu 21: On no account _________ in the office be used for personal materials.

A.  the photocopy machines         

B. should the photocopy machines

C. the photocopy machines should  

D. does the photocopy machines

Câu 22: They 've made up their mind for ______ excursion participated by the whole class next month.  

A. a two-week   

B. two-weeks 

C. two weeks'

D. a two-week's 

Câu 23: The greenhouse effect occurs _________  heat radiating from the sun.

A. when does the Earth's atmostphere trap

B. when the Earth's atmostphere traps

C.  does the Earth's atmostphere trap    

D.  the Earth's atmostphere traps 

Câu 24: Ben: " _________  ".             Jane: "Never mind."

A.  Congratulations! How wonderful!

B. Sorry for staining your carpet. Let me have it cleaned.

C. Thank you for being honest with me.

D. Would you mind going to dinner next Sunday? 

Câu 25: Experiments _________  represent a giant step into the medicine of the future.

A. using gene therapy   

B. they use

C.  use gene therapy   

D. gene therapy uses 

Câu 26: _________  in scope, romanticism was a reaction against neoclassical principles.

A. Mainly literary

B. The main literature was

C. It was mainly literary

D. The literature was mainly. 

Câu 27: The Central Intelligent Agency( CIA) _________ came about as a result of the National Security Act of 1947.  

A. what    

B. it was  

C. was what

D. it was what 

Câu 28: You look exhausted. Why don't we ______ and have a good rest?

A.  call its name

B. call on   

C. call off  

D. call it a day 

Câu 29: The manager ______ him for a minor mistake.

A. accused   

B. charged   

C. complained

D. blamed 

Câu 30: _________  of all of us who are here tonight, I would like to thank Mr. Jones for his talk.  

A. On behalf  

B. On account

C. In person   

D. Instead 

Bài 30:

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 1: The polar bear is a(n) __________species.

A. endangered    

B. dangerous          

C. imprisoned   

D. preserved

Câu 2: I can’t make ________what it says. It’s a very old book.  

A. for     

B.  up   

C. out 

D.  of

Câu 3: During the course, you will be given a test __________other week and a  final exam at the end.  

A. every  

B.  some  

C. either      

D. several

Câu 4: _______where he tried to hide his favourite jacket, Mogie’s brother always managed to find it.

A. Much as      

B. However   

C. Even though

D. No matter

Câu 5: The maid ___________the beds every morning.

A. has   

B. does 

C.  takes  

D. makes

Câu 6: ___________the contestant before him, Kirby sang a song he had written especially for this competition. 

A. As

B. Either 

C. Even

D. Like

Câu 7: The _________light lit up the whole garden.

A. flash 

B. flesh 

C. flame 

D. flare

Câu 8: Our team was losing but we managed to _________the score.

A. get 

B. noticed   

C. even       

D. have

Câu 9: We all hope that the dispute _________by the end of the month.

A. was going to settle  

B. will have been settled

C. had been settled   

D. is supposed to settle

Câu 10: Gold, as well as silver, ________in price, he says.

A. Have fallen     

B. has fallen

C. fall 

D. are falling

Câu 11: “Who should go to see him?” “I suggest that Mary __________to see him”

A. go

B. goes    

C. would go 

D. went

Câu 12: ____migrate long distances is well documented.

A. That it is birds     

B. That birds

C. Birds that 

D. It is that birds

Câu 13: “Do you want to wait?” - “Two weeks _________too long for me to wait.”

A.  is     

B. are 

C. were  

D. was

Câu 14: We live in the ________on the corner.

A.  brick house old large 

B. large old brick house

C. old brick large house

D. brick large old house

Câu 15: No sooner _________the news than she fainted.

A. she heard   

B. had she heard

C. as she heard   

D. she had heard

Câu 16: She is a _________girl with ________

A. clear-eyes/black hair    

B. clear-eyed/ black hairs

C. clear-eye/ a black hair    

D. clear-eyed/black hair

Câu 17: I came __________this old book while I was tidying my room.

A. into   

B. up  

C. across

D.  out

Câu 18: At a moment everybody was busy looking for Father Francis, but the old man was __________.  

A. nowhere to be found

B. nowhere found 

C.  found nowhere 

D. being found nowhere

Câu 19: The boys we met on the train _________soldiers on leave. They were young, with very short haircuts.

A. could be

B. may be 

C. had had to be

D. may have been

Câu 20: ____ electricity you use, ____ your bill will be.

A. The most …the higher 

B. The more …. the high

C. More ….higher       

D. The more ….. the higher

Câu 21: Sam confessed ____ all the cookies.

A. eat 

B. eating 

C. to eating     

D. to eat

Câu 22: This one is prettier, but it costs ____ as the other one.

A. twice as many 

B. as many as     

C. twice as much     

D. as much as

Câu 23:  "How did you like the movie?" "______"

A. It lasted about two hours.

B.  I went there by taxi.

C. I thought it was boring.   

D. Yes, it was.

Câu 24:   "Could we picnic here?"  "______"

A. No, you may not.

B. I'm afraid so.

C.  Not, I think.        

D. I'm sorry. I'm afraid you can't.

Câu 25: “You have a wonderful garden!”  – “_______”

A. I can’t believe it!

B. It’s my pleasure

C. Yours is great too!       

D. Don’t mention it

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