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Dạng bài Điền từ vào đoạn văn lớp 12

Bài 16:

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. ( from 31 to 40).

Speech is one of the most important (31)........... of communicating. It consists of far more than just making noises. To talk and also (32).......... by other people, we have to speak a language, that is, we have to use combinations of (33)................that everyone agrees to stand for a particular object or idea.    Communication        would    be  impossible     if  everyone   made     up   their  own    language.    Learning    a language properly is very (34)............... . The basic (35)............... of English is not very large, and not only   about   2,000   words   are   needed   to   speak   it   quite   (36).................   .  But   the   more   idea   you   can (37)...............  the   more     precise    you    can    be   about     their   exact    meaning.      Words      are   the (38)................thing   we   use   in   communicating   what   we   want   to   say.   The   way   we   (39)................   the words is also very important. Our tone of voice can express many emotions and (40)............... whether we are pleased or angry, for instance.

Câu 1: _________(31)

A. reasons

B. tests 

C. ways  

D. rules

Câu 2: _________(32)

A. be spoken

B. be examined 

C. be understood

D. be talked

Câu 3: _________(33)

A. systems

B. sounds

C. languages

D. talks

Câu 4: _________(34)

A. easy

B. important

C. simple 

D. expensive

Câu 5: _________(35)

A. grammar

B. word 

C. vocabulary

D. structure

Câu 6: _________(36)

A. fluent

B. good

C. well

D. perfect

Câu 7: _________(37)

A. need

B. grow 

C. express

D. pass

Câu 8: _________(38)

A. main

B. certain

C. full

D. most

Câu 9: _________(39)

A. talk

B. say 

C. pass

D. send

Câu 10: _________(40)

A. show

B. ask 

C. understand

D. know

Bài 17:

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B,C or D on our answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the numbered blanks.

London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic and cultural center. London is an (71               city. It is more than twenty centuries old. The population of London (72)               the suburbs is nine million people.

London is one of the biggest cities of the world and it is also an important port. It is (73)               on the banks of the river Thames, which divides the city into two large parts – the West End and the East End.

London (74)               for 30 miles from north to south and for 30 miles from east to west. Its most important  sections  are  the  City,  the  West  End  and  the  East  End.  The  City  is  a  small  part  of  London, (75)               it is the financial and business center of the country. There are many big banks and various offices here. The West End is the part of London (76)_             the rich people live. The houses, streets and parks are the  finest  in  the  capital.  The  best  theaters,  cinemas,  concert  halls,  large  museums,  hotels  and  big  shops (77)               here. The most beautiful London park  - Clyde Park is in this district too.

The East End is the poorest part of London. The workers and the poorest people live here. There are no beautiful houses and parks here. The East End is unattractive in (78)               but it is very important in the country’s economy.

Most of the government buildings are in Westminster. The Westminster Palace is the (79)               of the British Parliament.

There are many architectural, art and historical monuments and museums in London such as the famous British Museum, the National Gallery, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Nelson Column and others. Thousands of tourists from all (80)               of the world come to see them.

Câu 1: _______(71)

A. old                    

B. ancient                     

C. antique                   

D. early

Câu 2: ________(72)

A. including        

B. consisting                 

C. containing              

D. composing

Câu 3: ____(73)

A. positioned      

B. placed                      

C. situated                  

D. put

Câu 4: ________(74)

A. lengthens          

B. extends                     

C. enlarges                 

D. stretches

Câu 5: _______(75)

A. but                  

B. although                   

C. whereas                  

D. while

Câu 6: ________(76)

A. for                

B. which                       

C. where                     

D. that

Câu 7: ________(77)

A. stand               

B. live                           

C. are founded

D. are hold

Câu 8: _______(78)

A. face           

B. surface                     

C. appearance             

D. figure

Câu 9: ________(79)

A. place                 

B. seat                           

C. head                       

D. office

Câu 10: _______(80)

A. areas                   

B. regions                     

C. sections                  

D. parts

Bài 18:

Read  the  following  passage  and  mark  the  letter  A,  B,  C  or  D  on  your  answer  sheet  to  indicate  the correct word for each of the blanks.

In  recent  years,  there  has  been  a  remarkable  increase  in  research  into  happiness.  The  researchers have (71) ............ a number of factors which contribute to a definition of happiness.

First  of  all,  there  is,  in  some  people,  a  moderate  genetic  predisposition  to  be  happy,  in  other  words, happiness (72) ............ in families. And happiness seems to correlate quite strongly with the main dimensions of personalities: extroverts are generally happier, neurotics are less so.

Second,  people  often (73)  ............ good social  relations  as  a  reason for their  happiness. In  particular, friends  are  a  great (74)  ............  of  joy,  partly  because  of  the  agreeable  things  they  do  together,  partly because  of  the  way  friends  use  positive  non-verbal  signals  such  as  caressing  and  touching,  to  affirm  their friendship. Marriage and similar (75) ............relationships can also form the basis of lasting happiness.

Third,  job  satisfaction  undoubtedly (76)  ............  overall  satisfaction,  and  vice  versa  –  perhaps  this  is why  some  people  are  happy  in  boring  jobs:  it  works  in  both  ways.  Job  satisfaction  is  caused  not  only  by  the essential  nature  of the  work,  but  also  by  social  interactions  with  co-workers.  Unemployment,  on the  contrary, can be a serious cause of unhappiness.

Fourth, leisure is important because it is more under individual (77)............than most other causes of happiness.  Activities (78)  ............  sport  and  music,  and participation  in  voluntary  work  and  social  clubs  of various  kinds,  can  give  great  joy.  This  is  partly  because  of  the (79)  ............  themselves,  but  also  because  of the social support of other group members – it is very strong (80)............ the case of religious groups.

Câu 1: ______(71)

A. fallen back down

B. got down to           

C. gone in for  

D. come up with

Câu 2: ______(72)

A. descends  

B. arrives         

C. goes    

D.  runs

Câu 3: ______(73)

A. prefer     

B. report

C. explain      

D. talk

Câu 4: ______(74)

A. source 

B. base  

C. meaning  

D. origin

Câu 5: ______(75)

A. near   

B. close  

C. tight       

D. heavy

Câu 6: ______(76)

A. applies to   

B. counts on 

C. contributes to 

D. consists of

Câu 7: ______(77)

A. control 

B. power        

C. check         

D. choice

Câu 8: ______(78)

A. so       

B.  thus          

C. such  

D.  like

Câu 9: ______(79)

A. activities 

B. exercises     

C. amenities 

D. facilities

Câu 10: ______(80)

A. by       

B. for    

C. in   

D. with

Bài 19:

Read the following passage and choose the most suitable option for each of the blanks.

Health is something we tend to (1) _____ when we have it. When our body is doing well, we are hardly (2) _____ of it. But illness can come, even (3) _____ we are young. In fact, childhood has been a very susceptible time. Many diseases attack children in particular, and people know very little (4) _____ to cure them once they struck. The result was that many children died. About a century ago, (5) _____, scientists found out about germs, and then everything changed. The (6) _____ of many diseases was found, and cures were developed. As this medical discovery spread, the world became (7) _____ safer for children. The result is that (8) _____ a hundred years ago, the average man lived for 35 years, nowadays, in many areas of the world, people can (9) _____ to live for 75 years. And what do we expect by the year 2020? Undoubtedly, medical science will continue to (10) _____. Some people will be able to avoid medical problems that are unavoidable today.

Câu 1: ______(1)

A. ignore 

B. throw away 

C. give up 

D. forget 

Câu 2: ______(2)

A. concerned 

B. awake 

C. keen 

D. aware 

Câu 3: ______(3)

A. while 

B. if 

C. when

D. so 

Câu 4: ______(4)

A. which 

B. what 

C. how 

D. when 

Câu 5: ______(5)

A. moreover 

B. however 

C. although 

D. therefore 

Câu 6: ______(6)

A. origin 

B. cause 

C. source 

D. reason 

Câu 7: ______(7)

A. much 

B. very

C. quite 

D. more 

Câu 8: ______(8)

A. why 

B. where 

C. when 

D. whereas 

Câu 9: ______(9)

A. desire 

B. want 

C. hope 

D. expect 

Câu 10: ______(10)

A. speed up 

B. advance 

C. run 

D. accelerate

Bài 20:

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 21 to 30 .


Television has changed the lifestyle of people in every industrialized country in the world. In theUnited States, where sociologists have studied the effects, some interesting observations have been made.

Television, although not essential, has become a(n) (21) _______ part of most people’s lives. It has become a baby-sitter, an initiator of conversations, a major transmitter of culture, and a keeper of traditions. Yet when what can be seen on TV in one day is critically analyzed, it becomes evident that television is not a teacher but a sustainer. The poor (22) _______ of programs does not elevate people into greater (23) _______ .

The (24) _______ reason for the lack of quality in American television is related to both the history of TV development and the economics of TV. Television inAmericabegan with the radio. Radio companies and their sponsors first experimented with television. Therefore, the close relationship, (25) _______ the advertisers had with radio programs, became the system for American TV. Sponsors not only paid money for time within programs, but many actually produced the programs. Thus, (26) _______ from the capitalistic, profit-oriented sector of American society, television is primarily (27) _______ with reflecting and attracting society (28) _______ than innovating and experimenting with new ideas. Advertisers want to attract the largest viewing audience possible; to do so requires that the programs be entertaining rather than challenging.

Television inAmericatoday remains, to a large (29) _______, with the same organization and standards as it had thirty years ago. The hope for some evolution and true achievement toward improving society will require a change in the (30) _______ system.

Câu 1: _______(21)

A. integral     

B. mixed

C. fractional  

D. superior

Câu 2: _______(22)

A. quantity      

B. quality   

C. effect  

D. product

Câu 3: _______(23)

A. preconception

B. knowledge    

C. understanding    

D. feeling

Câu 4: _______(24)

A. adequate     

B. unknown        

C. inexplicable

D. primary

Câu 5: _______(25)

A. which      

B. that     

C. where 

D. what

Câu 6: _______(26)

A. going  

B. leaving     

C. coming    

D. getting

Câu 7: _______(27)

A. interested     

B. concerned      

C. worried   

D. connected

Câu 8: _______(28)

A. more     

B. rather       

C. less   

D. better

Câu 9: _______(29)

A. extent     

B. degree       

C. size     

D. amount

Câu 10: _______(30)

A. total  

B. full   

C. entire 

D. complete

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